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BF's Mustang Project

Update 10/13/14 – With only an hour left, bidding has stalled at $4,450. Do you think that is the end, or are we going to some last minute action?

From 10/8/14 – After announcing that our project Mustang was on the market, we received many emails from interested parties. The most serious ones were on the other side of the country though so transportation cost was a deterrent. That’s unfortunate too because a few of these potential buyers caught our vision for the car and even planned on entering it in a few rallies over in their neck of the woods. As I had mentioned before though, if we didn’t find a buyer among our readers within a week, I would go ahead and put the car up for auction. So, here it is on eBay with bidding starting at $200 and no reserve. The car will sell for whatever the market feels it is worth! This should be interesting…


There were some concerns about the exhaust, so I followed a few readers advice and paid a visit to Midas to see if they would warranty their shoddy work. Turns out that they had just let the technician go who had welded up our exhaust. They happily pulled the old one out and determined that the bend that goes over the axle was too low. They claimed that multiple poundings from the axle may have contributed to the huge hole that was blown through the top of our muffler. I think we might have just been running rich or had a misfire, but what do I know? I had originally assumed that the shock had heated up and allowed it to compress enough to hit the pipe and break a weld, but the guys there claimed that the shocks look okay. The car drives fine down the highway so it seems unlikely that they are completely shot. A new muffler and rear pipe went in so no more hot exhaust blowing into the cabin!


We had also mentioned that the transmission was acting up on the first half of the rally. The previous owner had claimed that it had been rebuilt not long before we bought the car, but he had also adjusted the clutch pedal throw himself. We set it closer to where it should have been before we left, but were still grinding gears on occasion. About half way through the rally we were able to get it dialed in better, but I think it could benefit from a visit to a transmission shop to see if the shift linkage needs adjusting too. If you take a look at the auction listing, I wrote a breakdown of all the work we did and everything that I would have liked to have done with the car. We have already purchased our next Barn Finds project car, so our fingers are crossed that this one sells for a fair amount. So, what do you guy think it will ultimately fetch?

Project Updates:


  1. jim s

    it is at $3150 already which is good. with muffler/exhaust fixed is it now a car that could be driven home? thar would make a great story. still looking for a hint or sneak peek photo of the new project, please

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Yeah it didn’t stay at $200 for long!

  2. Grantp

    This would be a sweet ride back to Ontario

  3. grantp

    Jesse – is this car up to a 2,100 mile trip driven? Just askin’

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We drove it over 1,800 miles when we did the rally so I don’t know why not. You would want to bring a tool box, extra fluids, and a AAA card just in case. Remember though, this is a fifty year old car so the journey will not be as comfortable as it would in a modern car. It would be quite an adventure though!

      • grantp

        Not worried about a cushy ride.Believe me. Just can’t make the purchase plus the ride work. All the best!

  4. grantp

    I do have a trailer…..would rather drive.

  5. Jimbosidecar

    It will probably reach $4800. Just my guess

  6. Chris A.

    How many hours drive at 60 is it from where the car is now to Pittsburgh? With the car’s history, patina and work done to date it is worth the $4,800 over here as rust ate a large percentage of the eastern rust belt cars.. But the transportation ocst to bring it east is a killer unless the trip back is a “vacation” drive. This would be welcome at our local car club, a Mustang with a genuine competition history.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      There was a lot of interest from potential buyers on the east coast, but as you mentioned, the shipping costs were too great to justify. I hope that everyone checks on shipping before bidding and that the eventual winner will keep us updated on what they end up doing with the car.

    • jim s

      at 60 MPH about 36 hours, all interstate, i think.

  7. Elliott Member

    Just a minor wording nit-pick: clutch “needs adjusted” should be “needs adjusting”. This is a common mistake that is irritating. “Needs restored” is the number one! Just my $0.02 worth!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for catching that Elliott! It should be all fixed now.

  8. Ricky M

    Good luck with the auction guys. Shame I am on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Recommend to the buyer that they keep the bullet hole !

  9. mcqueen

    Think it would pass California emissions? Sorely tempted :)

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Anything pre-75 car shouldn’t need to pass emissions.

  10. jim s

    $ 4350 with almost 4 days to go,

  11. Joe

    The Mustang could sell close to $6K and worth it. Not many left like this and good on the road. Thanks for letting us have the first shot at buying. Good work Jesse and Josh!

  12. Chris A.

    Well, riding the dog for three days from western Pa to Boise, ID is just short of $600. Sleep on bus and eat trail food another $150. Buy car, gas, temp tag, food for return, three motel nights and be well north of $6K if Joe is right. All in probably above $7K including Smith & Wesson one shot ventilation option. Almost, really almost worth it. Good luck with the auction and next project Jesse.

    • jim s

      i think it might be less costly, but not as much fun, to have it shipped in.

  13. jim s

    still at $4350 with less then 9 hours to go. is it all done or will there be a finale push? will the new owner be driving it or shipping it home? and when will we know more about the new BF project car?

  14. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Only an hour left! Josh and I predict that bidding won’t go over $5k, but you never know…

  15. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Well, we were right. The Mustang sold for $4,450 with 23 bids. Well bought!

    • jim s

      the new owner should be very very happy. i hope the new owner is someone on the site and that they will keep us updated.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        The new owner is very enthusiastic and is a faithful reader of the site! He is still trying to decide if he is going to drive it home or have it trailered. Either way, it will be terrorizing the streets of San Francisco very soon!

  16. jim s

    the miles at about 640 do not look bad with close to a 50/50 split of interstate/other types of roads. but the mountains and weather would need to be factored in. be better with a co-pilot, i think. not sure of the cost for either way. this was fun. thanks

  17. Chris A.

    Drive it home and enjoy it. Well done. So Jesse, what’s next?

  18. Law

    Here’s the update:
    Jesse got to hear me on the phone running around the house laughing yelling because I haven’t been 12 in 40 years. Like a crazy squirrel.
    I’d watched the project, but wasn’t in the market until Bam!
    This is my first car in 12 years. My mom had a ’68 in ’68, so, memories.
    I’m going to go through their checklist like, well, a checklist, and fix those things first, then get creative. First I have to remember which end of the wrench to hold.
    @Jim If you lived closer it would have been a fun roadtrip. My friends too busy, far or poor to do it.
    @ Chris That’s how I planned it!

    • jim s

      i hope you put lots of fun miles on the car. updates with photos, please.

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