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Barn Flipper: 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Many of us hate flippers. You know, the guys who pickup cars cheap and then turn around and sell them for a profit. Why do we dislike these lucky fellows so much though? Perhaps we are just jealous we didn’t get there first? Personally, I am a little envious of the person who uncovered this 1962 Corvette and is now selling it here on eBay. Bidding is already at $11,100, so we are sure he is going to make a nice return.

According to seller, this Corvette has sat in a barn for over 35 years. It was only a few miles from their house and many people had tried to pry it out the owner’s hands. The seller finally convinced them and here it is. Originally it was a very nicely optioned convertible with a white over red color scheme, V8 engine, and manual transmission.

Unfortunately, a previous owner decided that a metal flake paint job and hood scoop would spruce things up a bit. We would get rid of both immediately and respray the car in its original white. Also, on the list would be the task of sourcing a new engine and transmission because this one’s are long gone.

Once restored, this Vette will be a looker. We hope the corrosion underneath is minor though because this project is already going to take a large amount of time and money. The seller mentions in the comments at the bottom of the listing that they hope to get around $25k. That seems really high to me for a very rough Corvette. What do you think?


  1. Andrew Eason

    25k for a car this rough is way too much! I think even 11k is too much bc it is not a rare car and is in very rough shape!

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  2. Dolphin Member

    From the look of it, this car seems like a genuine barn find, which makes it interesting. But also from the look of it, it needs more than everything since it has no engine/transmission/drive shaft and the body needs major work, which given the poor condition will involve a lot of hours by a knowledgeable and skilled person since there are big breaks in body parts and what looks like deterioration of the resin.

    The seller wants “close to $25K”. Let’s see…..the SCM Price Guide lists a #2 condition at the low end of the range at $44K for the 250HP, which you have to assume this is without evidence to the contrary. So that leaves you $19K to work with, which doesn’t give you any chance of making this into a good driver, and when you’re done (over-budget) a lot of it will be repro parts, so the car will lose most of the value of its barn find status.

    There are/have been nice C1 drivers on eBay now and recently for less than $44K, which makes them no-brainers compared to this car.

    I think that with this car, to be polite about it, the flipper is a tad unrealistic…..

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  3. scot c

    ~ the crack appears to be on the P/S front, not D/S. what’s with the snow tire in the spare well? $25,000+? i don’t know.

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  4. Cathy M

    WOW, what a mess it is nothing is worth keeping on it. If that guy get’s the price he’s asking for it the buyer seriously need help!

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  5. Al Neri

    If you lived near Brookfield, CT in the 1970s and 80s, you may remember two similar Corvettes that were parked outside of a house on Stony Hill Road. It was sad to watch this cars sit for so many years. I heard that people used to stop at the house regularly to see if they were for sale, which annoyed the owner. It’s been 20 years since I’ve gone by there so I’ve always wondered if they were ever saved.

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  6. Gnrdude

    That Car is Worth About 5500$

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  7. gibbs connors

    i’d just make that car go again. throw in a motor, trans, sort the wiring, do the brakes, a fresh set of tires and wash that windshield with some newspaper. no restorartion nightmares or people telling you what’s not correct.

    on flippers: everyone hates flippers unless they are the guy flipping. having found and flipped plenty of cars i can tell you that after a while it becomes a job and has the downside of any lousy job out there, plus the bee stings, fire ant bites, poison ivy, cuts, bruises, and plenty of empty leads and empty trailers on the way home. i see it as using my resources, be it time, money, networking, knowledge, research and experience to get any particular car in the hands of someone who only has one of those items listed above.

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    • Doug M Member

      I second that! I have bought and sold many cars, and do it as a profitable way to relax in the evenings and weekends. I always spend time and money and make sure my finds are brought up to a better status before the go on to someone else who has those nice painted checkerboard squares on their garage floor and has just found the car they always wanted!

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      • scot c

        ~ @ Gibbs & Doug, plus 1 + to both of you. with the hostility towards ‘flippers’ that can be a bold admission. this example may be extreme but without those who find the cars, extract them from the hiding place, assess the condition and inform others of availability, all for just compensation, the ‘hobby’ would be quite a different thing.

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  8. paul

    25 grand, ha, he is kidding right? This car needs the 50 or 60 grand to get back up to the 50 or 60 grand that a none matching # Vette of this year is worth. Depending on how far it is to ship would depend if I would pay anything for it. Maybe a grand, max.

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  9. Pete Stout

    Good luck getting that kind of money. If this was a rare optioned car with it’s original drivetrain….maybe. I worked at a ‘Vette restoration shop for nearly 2 years, I have seen ‘vettes worth much more than this. In fact, we had a Marlbro Red ’62 that was #4 off the line and had it’s original Fuel Injected drivetrain with 4-speed.

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  10. Pete Stout

    Of course there are plenty of suckers out there, and it is only worth what someone wiull pay for it.

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  11. Justin Henderson

    Why would you go through all that work for a car that they are asking 25,000 for? Why don’t you get one that’s fully restored on ebay for 50,000.

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    • gibbs connors

      some people only have $25K. it’s a “starter car” which it may cost you more in the long run but if you don’t have the cash for a turn key car but have the skill or wanna pay out over a longer period then this is the place to start. it’s kinda like financing. it costs you more in the long run but you get in the door with not alot of cash up front. like i said. i’d just make it go.
      if the seller doesn’t get his money, he can lower his price or it can be a “barnfind” in another 35 years.

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  12. Tom Minch

    Well, having sold a few straight axles in better than barn shape but still needing everything to be presentable, this car is only worth what the serial number plate will bring and the frame if it is strong, which is about $8k.

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  13. slowcarfast

    This is a parts car, at best.

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  14. Horse Radish

    crack ? somebody’s on crack ?

    I think so too………..

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  15. David Barber

    Here is the only 25K he’ll get from me

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  16. Doug Shanley

    Finds like this excite me,if I can throw my 2 cents worth in.I paid $15g for a 59 Vette in 1994 in similar condition.If you can do all the resto work yourself its not a bad deal,as soon as you have to pay outsiders to get into shape you can get backward fast.Old Vettes are the simplist cars to work on,but if your not up to a challange,keep your check book in your pocket ! 15 to 20 would be realistic !

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  17. twwokc

    $25,000? Who knows. You’ll never get it if you don’t ask for it.

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  18. eric faley

    way way too much. unless it is a copo car or a one off. even i dont think so

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  19. Europa TC

    One can buy it and throw gobs of money its way…………..and you still have an over weight bad handling vehicle…….they just are. Did I mention the seating position is horrible?

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  20. Horse Radish

    sold for $18,561………….
    that should buy enough cr*ck for a while….

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  21. Mark Meadows

    Please let me see this when you are done. Hoping I’m still around I’m getting old.
    Thanks :)

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  22. wayne

    Wow! $18K Maybe labor of love?

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  23. jordan

    Theres an ass born for every seat and Corvettes ,especially barn finds are seats that people can’t try and sit on fast enough.Thats why Vettes are so cool.They bring that out in people.

    The guy that pays too much for the car will find a way to justify what he spent and justify why he’s ok losing money when he sells it .Hes in the classic Corvette game and that was the original goal.Everybodies happy !

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  24. Jose

    Hey all you car guys, I really do appreciate reading your experienced comments. Someone like me, I just like cars, would have surely fallen for this Vette for $11K. Glad you guys are out there with your observation/comments.

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  25. wayne

    11K right now with no engine or trans? Wait till you see what`s going on underneath! Nuts!

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