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Barn Found Ranger: 1958 Edsel Ranger

Edsels tend to fall into a few categories in the automotive realm. Unique, rare, different, strange, and named after the famous automotive tycoons’ son, Edsel Ford. Living up to all of the above, these uncommon Edsels are always a sight to see, and this 1958 Ranger appears to have been a recently discovered Barn Find. Complete, and original, this two door hardtop is offered at $4,200. Find it here on craigslist out of Wallingford, Connecticut.

Covered in surface rust, and dust, this 361 cubic inch “E400” engine is named after its massive 400 foot pounds of torque that is waiting at the slightest input of the throttle. Paired with a push button automatic, the condition of this drivetrain is unknown.

The interior is a bit like a back handed compliment. The interior components look nice, but the floor is a bit cringe worthy, although manageable. In obvious need of repair, the driver floor looks to be the most concerning of the floors in this Edsel. The passenger floor looks solid, although there is a fair amount of surface rust present. The bench seat has some wear, and a rip, and the horn button is missing also. Despite those concerns, the interior appears complete and in fair condition.

Pale green, with a dash or orange rust, this Edsel isn’t too shabby on the exterior. The body looks straight, with no obvious dents or dings. Surface rust is obviously present, but there appears to be little rot on the exterior. The bottom of the driver fender looks crispy, and the passenger side rocker and lower door area may be as well.  The glass looks undamaged, and the chrome and trim is nice, although the rear bumper is slightly tweaked. The iconic grill and front bumper have some surface rust, likely with some pitting, but they would clean up well enough for this Edsel if its current patina was maintained.  Perhaps an ambitious project, this Edsel seems well worth the effort to make into a road goer once more. Are you a fan of these interesting and rare Edsels?


  1. grant

    Complete, except for the missing pieces and in great shape, except what’s trashed. Huh?

  2. CaymanDave

    Has any won you know build a street rod out of one of these? Other than expensive might be fun?

    • z28th1s

      I have a friend that has a fully restored ’58 Edsel with several mods. It has the engine and trans out of a wrecked ’69 Fairlane Cobra (428 CJ and C6 auto).

      It is black and has Torque Thrust wheels. It is a bad ride and always draws a crowd when he brings it out.

  3. D

    I have Chevy blood and I like this car!

  4. GearHead Engineer

    I live ten minutes from this guy. Nice guy. He’s got quite a collection of cars. Seems to list new ones every now and then, although it seems like the others never sell. He must have a connection out west or something.

    I looked at a car he had for sale once maybe five years ago. Was a great project but needed full resto. Priced only about 15% below auction result for the same car in much better condition. This Edsel is cool, but same situation. You can buy a driver for similar money or slightly more so I don’t see why you’d buy this at $4,200.

    – John

  5. Rod

    I know where a complete 59 has been sitting since the 80’s. it was parked in a divorce dispute. The guy who owned it was seeing my buddies wife on the side. Out of chance he had left the car there when everything came out about the affair. He never came back to get it. I tried a couple of times to get it but my buddy left it there just to piss the other guy off. They aren’t worth enough to restore so it will likely continue to sit.

    • grant

      Why wouldn’t your buddy have it hauled off instead of leaving it there? Someone abandons a vehicle on my property, it won’t be there long.

      • Rod

        That is just the way he is. He has a farm and lots of room. Here is the sad part he also has a 63 Impala 4 door with what I think is a 327 and a 70 GMC Deluxe with a 350. They are both sitting there beside the Edsel. Several people have tried to purchase them but he won’t sell. At this point they may all be well past the point of putting back on the road and only good for parts.
        Is is sad to see.

  6. David G

    Original buyer must’ve heard about Edsel’s zany electronic ‘Dial-a-Temp’ heater design so he opted out. Later after freezing his arse off, went to Sears and had their goofy Allstate under-dash Heater-box setup installed, complete with manual push-pull knobs under-dash near the driver. Love it!

    Lots of the sheet-metal floor repair panels are out there to make repairs and since this is a 2drht Ranger, i’m hoping someone falls in love with it and saves it.

    The FE 361ci ‘E-400’ is a plenty spunky engine, only sold by Edsel in 4-bbl carb format, with very spunky Cam grind and a 10:1 (or was it 10.5:1?) compression ratio. Early ones even had machined combustion chambers instead of as-cast. And the Ranger trim-line is as ‘light’ of an Edsel as you could get in 1958. Loads of fun for someone who grabs this and sticks with it thru a driver-revival process. Hope it happens!

  7. stp

    Here’s a cheaper, higher trim-level Pacer in (apparently?) similar condition in Pennsylvania:

    Would love to own one. The styling is polarizing, and I can see how folks could think they’re ugly. They are kind of ugly. But I’ve loved the ’58 since first setting eyes on one in my youth. Had a friend in high school in the early ’90s who drove one every day. Her dad owned a shop. And her older sister drove a ’69 GTO ragtop!

  8. M/K

    I don’t think that the horn button is missing, the gear selector is in the center of the steering wheel(push button). Look close and you can see the rim blow ring for the horn. It’s quite possible this car was parked because thos shift buttons failed, was a common occurrence on these edsels.

  9. glenn

    any classic car is worth saving it jsut takes money and love for the restoration game

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  10. Ralph Terhune

    The horn button is not missing. The steering wheel hub houses the ‘Teletouch’ transmission shift selector buttons on these cars.

  11. kevin

    the engine would need a rebuild

  12. Mike Williams

    Looks like it was a radio and heater delete car and the owner added on after market units.

  13. Wayne S.K.

    I’m about to unsubscribe from this site because I’m fed up to the ever loving ROOF with the word “patina!” When I was in my heyday, my vehicles had to shine like a mirror. The first thing I would do upon purchase was pull them into my shop, strip them down, resurface them, and finish off with an Imron color of my choice. Oh well, I’m just a crippled old geezer now. To each their own…

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  14. Patrick Yell

    Funky looking,and that’s what I like about Edsels’

  15. Tommy Keller

    Type “Edselvira” in the Youtube search bar!

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