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Barn Full Of Brits


Someone just made this interesting discovery outside of Phoenix, Arizona. There was nothing exotic in the barn, but there are a couple of British cars that we are confident will go cheap. We are not sure, but they may even still be in the barn so you can have the pleasure of extracting them yourself. Thanks goes out to Jim S. for sending these in.


First, we have this 1960 Morris Minor. It is claimed to be straight with very little rust. Unfortunately, it is missing the engine and transmission and is going to need a complete restoration. Bidding is right at $1,000 here on eBay. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go much higher and that the exterior cleans up better than it looks in the photos.


Next, we have a 1960 Austin-Healey Sprite. They made a ton of these little Sprites, but everyone still wants them because of their bugeye charm and simplicity. This one has more rust than the Minor, but the engine and tranny are included in the sale.


The engine is actually sitting right in the passenger seat. We would probably source a 1275 for ours anyway, but it is nice to know it is there. Bidding is at $1,000 too, here on eBay.


There appears to be one or two other cars in the barn, but the seller has not listed them. We assume someone purchased these cars and is just reselling them to make a few bucks. Even if that is the case, they have listed the cars without reserve, so the market will decide what they are worth in project form. So, which one would you choose?


  1. Chris

    Morris Minor! My dad bought one when he immigrated from the UK to Canada back in the early 50’s. I guess he figured he knew how to work on it… Of course pop found out that it was even more unreliable in sub zero weather. He saved his money and bought a new Bel Air in 1955. Then onwards to a 1962 Pontiac Pariesienne.

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  2. Rick

    Looks like a Fiat 850 there in the upper left. You can see the nice shape of the rear and deck and the engine vent holes in the deck lid

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  3. MG Doc

    My first car was a 1951 Morris Minor Touring, (convrt.). I loved that car, but the hot rod bug bit and I spent big bucks on a 55 ford rag-top. I presently have in my possession a 1967 Morris Minor Traveler. (Woody Wagon), but it is so far gone I do not think there is more than a handful of useable parts on it. Keeping it for unknown reasons.

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  4. Robert J

    Here is a ’64 Bugeye Sprite with a British made Ferrari style nose on it for $1,000. Seems like a better find as there is less rust and you would have a rare front nose.


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    • Jeff Dahn

      No such thing as a 1964 Bugeye. “64’s were Mk II’s.

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      • Jesse

        You’re right Jeff. The bugeye bonnet could be fitted though. Take a look at the craigslist ad and you will see that the rear just doesn’t look right.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    The Minor seems to be fairly good under all that dirt, and worth saving, but rust-free-creep is going on here, wherein the seller claims “RUST FREE” in big letters, but there obvious surface rust showing in a number of the photos. Sorry, but “rust-free” means free of rust, not that “there’s some surface rust in places but no obvious holes in the places I have shown in the photos”. I would proceed carefully on this one to actually confirm that there’s no rust perforation underneath, of which no photos were shown.

    If there’s only surface rust, then it will probably be a great project for someone who likes small vintage Brit cars. Back when I first visited Victoria, British Columbia I used to see lots of these as everyday drivers, plus various other Morris(s), Austins, etc. Of course, Victoria, BC is more British than some places in….Britain!

    The Sprite unit body is too far gone with perforation, I’m afraid. Better to spring for one of the new-build Sprite unibodies or else find a truly rust-free (or nearly so) body that has mechanical needs and make one good car from it all.

    Better drive one first if you have never done that. These are *very* small and have modest power. I would not want to try to keep up with traffic in one on a typical Interstate with 80-MPH traffic and lots of 18-wheelers. Better to use it mainly for fun on warm summer evenings and Show ‘N Shines.

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  6. Bryan Cohn

    Too bad the SF MkII owner doesn’t know what he has, but I believe the nose is a copy of one of the many versions of Sebring Sprite’s.


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  7. J. Pickett

    I’m having enough to do with my Spitfire.

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  8. jim

    Mark 1 bugeye’s are my second favorite car of all time. Make mine Iris Blue. (#1 fav: boss 302 in grabber blue) :-)

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    • Robert J

      Jim – Why not combine the two? A grabber blue 302 Bugeye Sprite. :)

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  9. Cameron

    I love both the “Frogeye” and the “Minor” if I had the choice I would have both but the Minor probably does better MPB (that’s Miles per Bacon) as it has no engine so you’d have to push it for me though the convirtable frogeye takes it here

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  10. Jesse

    The Bugeye sold for $1,225 with 25 bids and the Minor went for $1,080 with 15 bids.

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