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Barn Full Of Jaguars


This building in New Jersey is full of eighties Jaguars. There appears to be a few XJ6s, a handful of XJSs, and who knows what else is in there. These might not be everyone’s favorite vintage of Jag, but you might just be able to pick up a great grand tourer on the cheap. Take a look at the list of the seller’s auctions and let us know which one you would go for. Thanks goes to Jim S. for sending these in.


  1. Clay B

    Four of the 87 and 88s have a total of about 500,000 miles put on them in the 4 years before they were stored for 20 years.These cars must have restrooms in them and the guy learned to “eat on the run”.

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  2. jean Lecointe

    The V12 Jaguar engine with injection needs to run everyday. It is much more interesting to find a V12 with 500000miles which has stopped the day before.
    20 years of storage has ruined all the rubber hoses which feed the injection system.
    Trying to start the engine might be very dangerous due to fuel leakages

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    • Hotrodelectric

      You have an excellent point, Jean. That’s a lot of rubber to be left just set and dry rot. Something else to consider- there are quite a lot of electro-mechanical devices to worry about sticking and making poor or no contact- relays, fuel pumps, air meter, switching solenoids, and so on. Whoever buys this will need to be very well versed in the basics of Lucas- and later, Magneti Marelli- injection systems. Fortunately, a lot of this stuff is Bosch clone.

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  3. Jeff

    Jaguar is pure class, from the insignificant chrome trim to the real wood touches & leather. These era Jag’s were plagued with electronic gremlins galore & that 5L V12 was a disaster. FORD came to its rescue in 89′ and by the mid 90’s the car peaked IMO. If someone wanted a restoring mini-challenge that ended underwater ($$$$$), of these I would pick one of the XJ6’s.

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  4. seth karpen

    Probalby parked because of no resale and having cheap storage. May have gotten sticker shock at fixing minor problems are just fed up with therm

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  5. paul

    well check off any of the 12’s, don’t want them,check off any that have been sitting too long,by this era just before the Ford rescue, they became too complicated & lost a lot of classic look with the addition of those fat bumpers & you have to deal with 2 gas tanks on those sedans that have been sitting along with above mentioned ( Hotrodelectrics)items.

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  6. Charles Pospisil

    I’ve been working on JAGS for over 40 years and agree that any that fuel injected car sitting for 20 will take some work to get running. As with any FI car the old fuel has turned into crap and all the switches,injectors,fuel lines,gas tanks,fuel regulators will be contaminated. I get these JAGS in the shop all the time. On a funny note all the V-12′ s that come to the shop that have been sitting for more then 1 year are prone to having the 2 leads coming off the dist base chewed in half by mice,they love the coating on the flexable leads. If anyone buys any of these JAGS contact me at my shop in CT. This is what we do and can bring them back to life you,if you take these older XJ6’s or XJS’s to the dealer they don’t fix them. britishmotorsltd.com website

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    • Jeff

      Your website has many locations, none in CT????????

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      • Dolphin Member

        Jeff, Copy and paste britishmotorsltd.com into Google, hit the little magnifying glass icon, then hit the ‘Start your engine’ text on the page that comes up, and you will see a garage for British cars in CT described in detail.

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    • Darel

      Ha! After I shop-vac’ed out the vee on my V12 XJ-S I had to redo the dizzy pickup wiring due to mice as well.

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  7. FRED


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  8. Kevin

    Expensive toys. My gf has one that she drives a lot. (with the V12). Beautiful, classy car that’s always in the shop.

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  9. Billy

    Skip the Jags and buy the Caddy. It will be cheaper in the long run.

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  10. Charlie F Member

    And I had a 1960 XK 150S, fixed head coupe, the 6, two carbs, and it ran one week of four. I also had a 50’s Corvette which always started and never died on the highway. But I loved the Jag more, it drove better, was faster, and was far more beautiful. You just had to see it as a toy, or a work of art, not a means of transportation.

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  11. Richard L Gugenberger

    find a good body and put a ford drive train in it !!!

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  12. EJ

    I’ll take any of those Chrysler’s in the pics…

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  13. Jamie Palmer tr6driver Staff

    I made the mistake once of resurrecting a 150k mile XJS that had been sitting in a forest for 10 years. Mushrooms growing on the steering wheel…no lie.

    Never again.

    Learned more about fuel injection systems than I ever wanted to. And Jag V12’s.

    Eventually succeeded and promptly sold the car. If you don’t count my labor, I actually made a profit. If you count my labor at $0.01/hour, I lost my shirt…

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  14. Tricky Dickie Member

    A barn full of 1980 Jags? A barn full of Headaches !! No THANKS !! Been there…….

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  15. jim

    buy the v12 or one of the 6’s, pull the engine to keep just to look at. put a glass tabletop on it. part the rest of the car out and you should/might be able to get all your money back.

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  16. Kurt

    No wonder the SmallBlock Chevy into a Jag swap is so popular..Elegant style & Roadmanners coupled with Performance and Reliability!

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  17. scot c

    ~ love XJ Coupes but not likely to find another i’ll be able to afford. this is similar to the most recent i sold. GM V8 and all.
    probably not prepared to tackle any of the auction cars.

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  18. william Robinson

    Wounder if a fella could make a mega squirt system or two work on one of those v12’s. Change some lines figure out how to.retrofit megasquirt ,clean make run(maybe) enjoy(maybe)……..

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  19. junkman Member

    if there are any wire wheels take them, and junk the rest ! they are worthless.

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  20. volvotechmikec

    I owned a white 82 xj6 that I bought with a hole in the engine from# 3 rod. Put a motor. In it and drove it for a long time, it always started, neverlet me down. I left sunroof and windows open one night and it shrank and hardened the seats …………traded it for a kz650 and 2days later the trans smoked on it. Thing I took away was exhaust was complicated and difficult to work on. The 6 was a work of art. Ill always miss that car.

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  21. Rancho Bella

    In my city………the sellers can’t give these things away. Not being a wrench or creative I have always wanted to have a v12 in early thirties chopped Ford.

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  22. Mark W

    Unless you plan on doing the SBC conversion thing, I see no reason whatsoever to look at these cars. Close the barn door

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