Barn Stored for 24 Years: 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle

This 1971 Chevelle appears to have spent all of its life within a stone’s throw of Chattanooga, but 24 of those years were spent hidden away in a bar. It has emerged and is back up and running in good health. The owner has decided that it’s time for the car to go to a new home, so he has listed it for sale here on Craigslist. The car is located in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, and has been listed with a clean title. The owner has set a price of $22,000 for the Chevelle. A big thanks must go out to Barn Finder Ricky M for spotting this one for us.

The Chevelle doesn’t look to have suffered unduly from its time in a barn. The owner does say that there is some surface rust, but the car generally looks quite good. There is a photo of the trunk floor in the ad, and it looks to be sound. There are few obvious signs of external rust, but there are a few minor marks on the paint. The choice to fit Rally Wheels to the car is a good one because they look right at home on the car.

I was going to say that the condition of the interior is a bit of a surprise, but the more I think about it, the less of a surprise it is. If the car spent 24 years in storage with little exposure to sunlight, and with the doors and windows tightly shut, then those are the sorts of conditions that should result in a reasonable level of preservation. This interior looks good right through. The only real giveaway to the vehicle’s age is a couple of cracks in the wheel rim. To be honest, I’m not sure whether it would really be worth addressing these unless you wanted a flawless interior.

Under the hood is a 307ci V8, which is backed by an automatic transmission. The first thing that I will say is that someone has been busy under there with the rattle cans. I can clearly see red overspray on the top radiator hose and black on the label on the air cleaner. Leaving that aside, the car is a numbers matching vehicle, and has recently benefited from the fitting of a new water pump, new fuel pump, new tires, and new brakes. The car also sports factory air conditioning and power disc brakes. The owner states that the car runs and drives well.

We know that the Chevelle is commanding healthy prices, and this is a situation that I don’t see changing any time soon. If anything, I believe that their values will continue to climb. With me, the only thing that I don’t like about the car is the rattle can work under the hood. From a personal perspective, I wish that this hadn’t been done. Ignoring that fact, this is a solid and very original car. The interior presents well, and the body and paint are more than acceptable for a car of this age. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this Chevelle sells pretty quickly.

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  1. Fred W

    I’d like to see a closer picture of the rear edge of the trunk lid.

    • Steve R

      It sure looks like rust.

      It’s a nice car but is significantly overpriced. There seem to be a fair number of dents and dings plus paint loss, better pictures of the passenger side and an in person inspection would be wise. The matching numbers 307 is nearly meaningless and doesn’t add to the value. With some work and patience, someone should be able to find a similar Chevelle in this condition in the low-teens.

      Steve R

  2. Rock On

    I think that we are still a long way off before anybody starts to demand that a 307 be matching numbers.

    • STM


  3. PatrickM

    Junky ol’ 307! Now, pull it, rebuild it, with a few nasty upgrades (LOL) and have yourself a little old 307 that could give a nice 350 ma run for its money. Trust me. I’ve seen it done.

  4. Chris

    Nice, clean Chevy, love the wheel and tire combo. I’d say it’s over priced considering the way it’s optioned but aren’t they all these days!

  5. Big Fun Member

    Refreshing to see this example not have a cowl hood added, along with the stripes and SS badging. Of course, the colors don’t exactly lend themselves to be cloned into an SS. That being said, just about any larger displacement Chevrolet small block could be transplanted for more power if so desired. Factory A/C is a big plus, also. One could drive as is and work on anything as you go. Lots of opportunity here. The price for a small block, relativity plain Jane model amazes me. Chevelle owners, let’s hear your thoughts.

  6. Chebby Member

    I am a beige-hater but it actually looks really good here. Hardtop body is nice, drive it as is for now and put a 5.3 LS in it. Seems like an $8k car to me.

  7. Redwagon

    I’d love to spend 24 years hidden away in a “bar.”

    • Jeffro

      I’m sure your liver loves you! Lol

    • Nick G

      To find yourself ” up and running in good health.” I’ll say ;-)

  8. Craig

    22k? Is this the market for a low option Chevelle these days? I have had several of these and looked for them back in the day because I didn’t feel bad about changing motors or anything else. Wow was I wrong!

  9. Malcontented Misanthrope

    I should go check it out just to be able to say I’ve been to Soddy Daisy

    • Daved

      Aka, Sodomy Daisy. Just make sure you leave before dark….

  10. Dan

    LIttle pricey for a 307 Malibu….someone has been watching Mecum or Barrett-Jackson…..

  11. Mountainwoodie

    I know …I know what you are all going to say…but…………since when does a garden variety beige slushbox, bench seat grocery getter Chevelle ask TWENTY- TWO THOUSAND dollars for chrissakes?
    Lay off the Jack Daniels! And what sort of person would pay even half that?
    Okay I feel better now.

  12. Nick

    Unrealistic price, but a nice original car. Too bad it’ll probably get ruined by some clown turning it into yet another hot rod, instead of enjoying it for what it is. The 307 is a durable and quite peppy engine, I know this from experience.

  13. LT1 Mike Member

    Pricey for that motor( that was originally Chevy orange, not red) but nevertheless, a very clean car that shows well.I love the originality, the color, and the interior. Good luck to the new owner.

  14. Gaspumpchas

    Hmm 22 large? Guess if he gets that much its worth it. Clean and genuine, who knows. Good luck to the new owner.


  15. 72 Chevy Super Cheyenne

    People are getting so far out of hand on these kind of cars it is crazy. I could start with a nice shell for 5 grand put in new 350/350 combo with new black paint, new black interior, wiring and new wheels and tires for 20 grand or I could spend 22 grand on this one with rust and a 200 hp 307 that’s been sitting up for 20 + years. Just doesn’t add up any way I figure it.

  16. Derald Rine

    22k, exactly what i had mine for sale before i pulled it. I guess i should ask 35

  17. Jim Shenay

    Nice project car for some high school kid… but $22,000!! Like the guy who posted… someone been watching way to many episodes of Mecum. Maybe at best a $5,000 – $6,000.

  18. diehardchevy

    My suggestion to the ones running this car and its 307 down…..dont buy it, you werent going to anyway!
    Now my opinion for the price, I wouldn’t buy it either, not for that price, it’s simply not that nice. Find this same car, 307 and all, 25,000 miles and NO rust,no issues and it could command such a price.
    I know many of you are ‘haters’ of the 307….but come on it wasn’t that bad,was it.😬 I did have a 67 Impala back when,had a bad motor, my dad found a decent running 307 for cheap so that’s what we used. A buddy had a nice 4 barrel/manifold and a set of headers that we gave $50. After all was said and done, it sounded great and ran decent. Never expected it burn the back tires off just give me some reliable transportation!

  19. DN

    Here’s the story on this Chevelle- hope everyone’s sitting down….

    The previous owner was a rather odd bird- he purchased another home/property across town and moved about 15 years ago, leaving the house abandoned where this Chevelle was kept at. Eventually, the city condemned the property and it had to be torn down. A good friend of mine was a neighbor down the street and found out a day or so too late that the owner basically gave this Chevelle away for FREE to someone random at the time of demolition.

    Not certain if that recipient is the person who currently has it advertised- but undoubtedly someone is looking to make a payday.

    Thankfully all of us on here are intelligent enough to not part with anywhere close to the asking price for this particular example- but as it has been said, a fool and his money…..

  20. DN

    That being said….. here’s a more reasonable and desirable barn find:

  21. Rustytech

    I this were an SS, or a 350ci with 4v carb. I might be interested at $22k, but for a plain Jane with a 307?

  22. Mark

    It would be a good everyday driver with A/C and power brakes. Add a different intake set up and a HEI distributor and drive it. Price seems too high. $8,000 – 10,000 range maybe.

  23. stillrunners

    DN….know of a few just like that abandon in the separate garage still….after the house was knocked down….never was brave enough to pull them out – but someone did….one pair was a 55 post and a 64 SS side by side….but that was not as bad as the early Vette’s at the drug guys house. There was also a sweet 64 post Impala….man it was so clean – but in that ragged old one car garage.

  24. Del

    These Chevelles werewell built and are sought after.

    I too did a double take on the price.

    But NADA guides says that this is close to what tbey are selling for.


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