Barn Stored Since ’78: 1965 Corvette

This 1965 4-speed small-block Corvette has recently been pulled from barn storage where it had rested since 1978. It’s now listed for sale here on craigslist and can be found in Neenah, Wisconsin. The price is given as $30,500 but I’m sure like most craigslist prices that is at least somewhat negotiable. Thanks go to Pat L for the tip!

The seller tells us that they purchased the car a few months ago and have added wheels and tires from one of their other cars to make it mobile (although the rear wheels are stuck). It’s only showing 54,526 miles. I’m sure this is the “arrival” picture. Originally the seller was going to keep this one “Barny” and sell a family Corvette “Old Blue” but the sentimental value of the family car has proven to outweigh the desire to restore Barny.

The car was repainted once and for some reason a 1964 hood was substituted for the original. The paint is obviously in poor shape, but after removing the glove box to view the “bird cage” and the spare wheel tub to view the frame, the seller feels it is a very solid car.

Since this picture was taken the seats have been removed and the car has been cleaned up. It does look very complete and being a four-speed car, it’s pretty desirable.

Pretty original under here too, although I’m surprised the seller hasn’t tried to turn the engine over at all. Of course, that means there’s more fun (?) for the buyer, right? What do you think about this vintage ‘Vette? Would it work in your future project plans?

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  1. Steve R

    It’s a great color and it’s nice that it’s a four speed.

    The first thing I thought when I saw it in a lift is, why are there no pictures showing the condition of the frame?

    Steve R

    • Chris

      As you’re well aware, that’s an often overlooked detail in these ads. One of the most important aspects one considers when in the vintage car market are the frame and floors. Yet sellers fail to share that make or break detail. Same goes for those “low milage claims.” Here’s a hint, ” supporting documentation builds value.”

  2. Robert Rossi

    Who in their right mind would store a car in that way??

    • Dovi65

      “Barny” was parked at 13 y/o, with likely 154K on the clock. Start with a thirsty, impractical [for Wisconsin winters] drafty drop top, combine with a tired, worn engine. mix in the 1978 gas crunch, and you’ve got the making of a future barn-find

  3. Jbones

    Remember seeing this on a Facebook page beginning of the summer. Wouldn’t reveal his price he bought it for, said he wasn’t a flipper……..

  4. Wrong Way

    He shows it on a lift, but can’t take any photos underneath the car! How dumb is that?

    • MB

      Because he doesn’t want to advertise the condition until someone decided they are already interested enough to show up in person. It’s a base car it appears, so restored value is 50-65K, getting it roadworthy will most likely cost 20k, and that’s not showroom condition.
      For 20K it might be worth the effort and expense, for 30K it’s likely a poor investment. There are better cars out there that don’t need 1/2 the work this poor car does. Shame what some people let cars become.

  5. Joe Haska

    I think the reality is, everyone is a flipper. However,this one presents, as an honest flipper, if you believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. As for your question ,I wish it did fit my plan for another restoration, it would be a great project.

    • JBones

      Nope! Bought a complete rust free original 1957 Thunderbird loaded with options for $1,000 earlier this summer. I have no intention of flipping it.

  6. Jay M

    Take a pic of how you found it if you really believe an abandoned/forgotten/neglected car is somehow worth more than one that has been carefully maintained and cherished over the years.
    But, to not get it running or at least clean it up, is rather suspect. They are asking way too much money for an unproven car.
    There is usually a reason a flipper won’t put any more time or money into a car.

  7. Alan Dempsey

    “The only reason I’m not a Flipper is that I’m not a dolphin. The other reason is that I haven’t found a dirt cheap barnfind ‘Vette “… Smokey The Bear

  8. Boss351

    Need more pictures of underside before any further discussions with seller. Why put it on the lift and not take at least one picture of the underside. Anything driven in Wisconsin for 10 plus years would be suspect. Where’s the documentation for the low miles? I think this is way too much work for the $30,500 asking price. If the seller cut the price in half it would be tempting with the 4 speed.

  9. SeaKnight

    Too much money….for another $10K you can buy a nice running C2. Be my preference anyway. This car also is too rough to get $30K, but I don’t blame the seller for trying.

  10. FISHER

    Did everyone miss the (but the back wheels are stuck) comment? That tells me that not only is the clutch fast probably the motor also.

  11. stillrunners

    Sooo at that price the motor hasn’t even been checked for free rotation ? Pass at that price….


    Yea right, no BS here. Check out the guys shop, has a hoist and can’t take the time to take underside pics or try to get it running! More like bought it cheap got it home discovered motor, trani and brakes locked up from sitting so long. Frame and birdcage in poor shape. Hood was changed for some mysterious reason, possibly front end collision and lousy paint job hiding what else. Sell it now and move on to next project. Way overpriced!!

  13. Lucky strike

    Well for starters you’ll definitely need a new motor exhaust and whatever little things you can find like shocks and brakes $80,000 project car when done

  14. David

    Just seems to be a endless supply of barn find corvettes. Every day more and more of them are found and listed.


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