Basement Find: 1972 Dodge Demon 340/4-Speed

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The Demon was Dodge’s version of the successful Plymouth Duster fastback compact. The latter car was so well-received that Dodge lobbied for one of its own and the Demon was born in 1971. Like the Duster, it could be had in performance trim with the famous 340 small-block V8. Such is the case with the seller’s 1972 Demon, a project car that hasn’t run in several years. The seller has determined he’s never going to get around to fixing it up, so offers are being accepted. Located in Webster City, Iowa, the Dodge is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $12,000 OBO. Thanks, Troy U, for locking onto this tip for us!

Parked next to each other, the Demon and Duster were pretty much the same. The Demon used the Dart front clip and had different taillights but was otherwise the same. Dodge would use the Demon nameplate for only two years before renaming it Dart Sport. The Demon name got Dodge into hot water with some in the church community. Dodge sold fewer Demons than Plymouth did the Duster and, in 1972, 8,773 Demons were built with the 340 powerplant.

From the looks of things, this Demon 340 hasn’t seen daylight in a while. It’s been stored in what looks to be a basement garage, so the body is likely pretty solid. There is no glaring evidence of corrosion – though there is some surface rust – with more dust on it than anything else. The paint is well faded at this point, although you could try some rubbing compound to see what would happen. And the matching vinyl top is cracking and will have to be replaced (or eliminated if the car is repainted).

The seller doesn’t know if the car is original, which suggests he’s not sure if the drivetrain is born with or not. The 340 is paired with a 4-speed manual and he has an extra 340 block that he’ll throw in with the deal. We don’t know if getting it running again will be a small effort or a ton of work. Some serious attention is needed in the interior as the fuzzy aftermarket seat covers look just plain bad and are probably there because what’s underneath might be worse. NADA says these cars in great shape are twice what the seller is asking for this one as a project. Is there enough room to accommodate restoration?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    The shot of the RT rear quarter looks suspiciously Bondo. I’d be taking a magnacard to it to see if it falls off….

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  2. TRJ

    Yes, thoroughly inspect that body, uni-body, floors etc.

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  3. DON

    The 1972 block should be blue, so the engine likely has been swapped out

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    • Chris M.

      With any luck you’re right and it’s a ’70 340.

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    • Jack Lattie

      Yes, it looks like an earlier 340 or a 273, it has a Holley carb as well.

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  4. Dave

    It’s a project car with extra parts for 12 grand. Considering the prices for engineless rotboxes we see, this might not be too bad of a starting point.

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  5. jerry z

    If this is really a clean car, would buy in a heartbeat! Like the color combo too.

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  6. Gary

    Used and abused by some delinquent teenager. Pass. Maybe if it was 1/10 of the price, but even then, only maybe. Must be getting old and crotchety. .

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    • Steve R

      As a parts car it’s been worth more than $1,200 for a couple of decades.

      Steve R

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      • Gary

        I am not saying what it is worth, I am saying what I would be willing to pay. Maybe if more people thought like me, then maybe prices would come back to Earth. The hobby is getting to be like the Dutch Tulip Fever, and we all know how that turned out.

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      • Curt Lemay

        Parts? All I see is cheap JC Whitney junk and the rest is toasted. How did this not get turned into a Kia years ago is beyond me.

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  7. Luke

    When we stop paying stupid prices for what is nearly basket cases the prices will come down. There is some things I simply cannot do and paying the “price” for this bucket is one of them! Enough said.

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  8. Jay Reynolds

    I thought the 340 Demons had a double hoodscoop and a rear spoiler

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  9. GCSMember

    Has bondo popping off the drivers side rear quarter but they usually rusted there. It has the 340 and 4 spd so it got the right boxes checked…

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