Basement Find: 1975 Triumph TR-6

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The seller of this 1975 Triumph TR-6 claims that it is probably one of the best surviving originals left. We were doubtful of such a bold claim until we read that they have kept the car in their house since they purchased it from the original owner in 1989. That is right, in their house. Not to worry though, it has been started up and exercised around the house regularly… Find it here on eBay.

You have to really love a car to let it live in your home. This guy obviously does and hopes to be well compensated for letting it go. The $21k BIN price is optimistic, but not totally outrageous if it really is the time capsule it appears to be. There are only 19,500 miles on the odometer and everything looks original, right down to the Micheline redline tires. Supposedly even the hardtop has never been removed from the body.

The interior looks just as it would from the factory. The wood has been replaced though because of some cracking veneer. This doesn’t make us too nervous because this is a common problem. We would be more concerned with what we can’t see here. A low mileage car is great thing, but all that sitting can wreck havoc on the innards.

Looks clean under the hood. Just be sure to check for leaks around the seals. It might be a good idea to have a mechanic check things out to make sure there are no major issues hiding around the corner. Then, replace all the fluids for good measure. You may want to stick a new clutch in there too while you are at it as this was one of the weak points in these otherwise robust British sports cars.

The bulky bumper guards and power robbing emissions controls are negatives, but it is hard to find true fault with this Topaz Yellow TR-6. We love the fact that it is all original, but therein lies the dilemma. Can we feel good about driving it? Or would we feel better after we pushed it into our living room? There is would sit for another 30 years until our wives made us drag it back out and list it on eBay…

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  1. Barn Finds

    I wouldn’t mind owning the AH in the background either…

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  2. Steve

    Tasty car and color!

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  3. maxemmanana

    had an orange TR4A ragtop in 1969…..beautuful car.

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  4. Greg

    What is that white car sitting next to it?

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  5. Anonymous

    Greg, that is an Austin Healey, I believe.

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  6. J. Pickett

    As the owner of a somewhat less pristine Triumph, ( 1975 Spitfire 1500). I would love to have this car. 21 large is a bit optimistic, but these TR6″s have been going up a lot recently and this is a very clean one indeed. Parts are easily available and forums and clubs are everywhere. This is perhaps a slightly less sexy alternative to the increasingly rare and valuable AH3000, but 6 cyl grunt and Michelotti styling in a traditional English sportscar which runs rings around an MG. Well, it is desirable. perhaps not as up to date as the concurrent Datsun, but better supported and wind in the bald spot.

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    • Todd T.

      As a fan and former owner of a TR6, I believe that Michelotti designed all the Triumphs UNTIL the TR6 including it’s predecessor, the TR250 (which is very similar but “softer” in bodylines). The TR6 gained its “square-shouldered” look from a redesign of the TR250 by German design house Karmann. The TR7 was by yet another designer. These are QUIBBLES. I owned a 1976 TR6 in Topaz yellow and the list of things I would not do to own the pictured car is tragically short.

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  7. J. Pickett

    The white car next to it is an early Austin Healy.

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  8. Kman4

    You better be short to drive this. I had a TR3 and a TR4, both of which I had to alter by taking out the seat rails and moving them back 3 inches, (I’m 6’4″). When it came time to buy a new car, went to the dealer for a TR6 only to find the seat was already agains the rear wheel well. I suspect the extra two cylinders up front moved everything else back.

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  9. Rik

    Boggles the mind to imagine what’s under all those other covers!

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  10. Gnrdude

    I’m not REALLY into TR-6’s But i’d buy this one it’s so Nice.

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  11. Catfishphil

    Lovely car, and so difficult to find in such original condition. My ’75 Spitfire is also Topaz! I recognized the color immediately. People often comment on the color, saying, “That is soooo Seventies!”

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  12. victor gonzalez

    The white car is a 100/4 Austin Healey,1953-1955

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  13. w lyons

    found an identical vehicle 12 years ago
    similar situation – single owner, lightly driven – mine had 4300 miles on the original tires
    all original – tires, interior, paint etc, and the top had never been removed
    also have the original bill of sale when the vehicle was purchased
    topaz is an unusual color to find in the US as BLMC claimed this was only sold in Canada (where mine came from) and the UK

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