Basket Case: 1972 Maserati Indy Base 4.9L


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Listed here on ebay and located in Miami, Florida is this rare 1972 Maserati 4.9 Indy Base, zero bids, starting is $15K. This car has seen better days and is available for your viewing and/or questions for the owner. It appears there was a total of 1104 Indy models produced from 1969-74. We have seen restored models well over six figures. What do you think a 4.9 Indy in this condition is worth?

The owner purchased this car from Gullwing Motors in May of 2013.  It’s not clear who is listing this vehicle: “I had the car stored for 2 and half years and the customer decided to sell here and not do the restoration overseas.”  The car is in rough shape, as you can see. We don’t know the history and what’s the story with the roof, did someone light it on fire?

The rear has been damaged, some of the pieces are in the back seat of the car.

The driver’s door card may also be in the back.  The seats and the passenger door card will need attention as well.

The 4.9 V8 is not running as per the listing agent.  He will get you a shipping quote and he can be contacted if you wish to inspect it yourself, which we would recommend. It’s going to take lots of work to even get this to driver status, but it might be worth the work.


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  1. DolphinMember

    These aren’t the most appealing or desirable Masers of their time. They took a back seat to the mid-engined Bora for exotic appeal and seemed almost ordinary in comparison. They outsold the Bora but all the sales numbers were modest and these Indys don’t seem to have caught the fire of the other exotics from that era like the Ferrari Daytona and the Lamborghini Miura. Top Daytonas are most of a $million and Miuras are over a $million now, but the 2015 SCM Guide has the Indy at just $22K to $65K in excellent condition. That might be a bit low now, but not by much. You would have no chance of doing much with this car with that kind of money. Maybe these will be worth restoring to top condition down the road, but not right now.

    The seller has the engine of this car as 4.9 in one place and 4.7 in another place. Indys came with both sizes but you’d probably have to consult factory records to know which one this car has.

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  2. Kevin Harper

    I have one of these that I purchased about a half dozen years ago. It is a restoration project but it is in better shape than this. This one is a manual where mine is an automatic, but I also have the correct manual to change it.
    I have been collecting parts over the year in preparation and prices are outrageous.
    Oh I paid 4 k for mine

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  3. Martin

    This guy seems to be the home for wayward automobiles, with a Lagonda that doesn’t seem to be in much better shape sitting beside the Maser. Seems to me if he’s asking this much for that car, he’s embraced the phrase that I heard Jay Leno utter the other night “You never paid too much, you just bought too soon”.

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  4. Imperialist1960

    Purchase price + restoration expense + time required = “all in” on this car.

    Buying a much better example may cost far less than going “all-in” on a rough car.

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  5. cremated

    While living on Sanibel Island Florida I would occasionally see cars parked along the shore ignored for years by Asian or snowbird owners. Relentless sun and salted onshore winds produce exactly that effect on the paint. Always high end cars. I now live 5 minutes from The Guild (Restoration Garage) and am there often. I can assure you that to return that car to number two driver status would require high five figures here in Canada.

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  6. John

    Way too expensive. This is an opportunity to spend $75,000 to restore a car worth $50. And so many Maserati fluctuations in build might make it a nightmare just to find parts. I don’t think this will ever see the road again. That may just be a good thing.

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  7. Imperialist1960

    How about do the unthinkable and put a SBC inside and a $1200 Maaco paint job outside and then drive it? Hold the metal flake paint….

    Wait, it’s $15k to get in.

    Maybe it’s worth it if price came down to $3500?

    Could be a fun kick-around car if it ever gets un-hoarded.

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  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    I’m feeling sick again

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  9. Fiete T.

    Beggin’ to be bought cheap, LS drivetrain, re-do to the level you want and just drive it into the ground…and enjoy.
    There is no joy in museum piece, trailer queen. That to me is a waste of life-“I own a beautiful, as close to perfect so & so…don’t dare drive it. Have it insured, special fire suppression system in my garage.”
    Sounds like a miserable paperweight

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