Bataromeo? Modified 1977 Alfa Spider


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No, I don’t get it either. The seller of this modified 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider says it was their father’s car and that now that he has passed on, they have no need for it. It’s located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is offered here on craigslist for $1,000. Thanks to reader Marc N., who comments “I love the dual motorcycle windshields and fins.


The seller tells us that the fins are from a Cadillac and that they still have the original windshield. There’s some rust in the floorboards, but that it runs very well and that the engine was rebuilt 4 years ago. Perhaps that alone is worth the price, but part of me would love to clean this up and use it to drive around Monterey and Pebble Beach during show week out there! What would you do with this unusual find?

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  1. Healeydays

    There are definitely some strange projects out there. I’m guessing the person who thought this was a good idea was drinking heavily when they drew this one up. It also makes me wonder if this was the same guy that came up with the franken-spider that was shown on the site back in 2011

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  2. That Guy

    I’m thinking this is the long-lost Bertone “BAT 9 3/4” concept car. Due to budget cuts, the project was assigned to the night janitor. It was somewhat less successful than BAT 5, 7, and 9, and was quietly shelved after its debut in the far southeastern corner of the third level of the parking garage at the 1977 Turin Auto Show.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      I love it! You know, if I had the car I’d have to print up signs based on that for display :-)

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  3. Van

    Add le Mans headrest to drivers side, remove other side fin.
    Hell of a price, Scam?

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  4. wagon master

    And don’t forget … it can’t be found on BAT …. ARGH. Agreed, festival de lemons candidate

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  5. hardtuned

    Duh, the 24 Hours of LeMons ‘racing series’ needs more modified Alfa Spiders!

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    • Healeydays

      You know, I didn’t even think of it. It’s definitely a class winner for the Concours d’LeMons, celebrating the Oddball, Mundane and truly Awful of the automotive world.

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  6. wagon master

    Is that a big rust hole on the trunk ?

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  7. Joe Howell

    He must have been a big Batman fan.

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  8. Jeff G

    That’s so disturbing I may have to have a conversation with my boys tonight. I’ll show them a picture of this car and tell them that if I ever do something like this to my spitfire, please feel no obligation to keep it after I die lol.

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  9. DolphinMember

    I thought that the depths of “customizing” had already been reached and that we were on the way back up, but I guess this shows that I was wrong. Very wrong.

    That Guy–best comment!
    But, if you are correct I’ll bet the janitor brought it in under budget.

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  10. wagon master

    More pics

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  11. wagon master


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  12. wagon master

    Even more

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  13. wagon master

    I love a good prank. So concourse DE lemons here I come. $750 to Socal from NM. I still believe that engine pic shows less than 4k miles rebuild on it. Talked with the guy.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Wagon master, if you end up with the car, please keep us filled in!

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  14. wagon master

    Oops typo. Do not believe miles on engine

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  15. Andrew

    What’s next, a type 2 VW bus with a Bell 47 bubble front? Where do people get the time and energy from to create all that work?

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    • jimmuh

      I like the way you think!! Maybe on a DOKA?

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  16. Steven C

    Looks like something from Death Race 2000! They should have had Stallone driving that thing.

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  17. John

    How far is it from Santa Fe to Roswell NM? I think we’ve found the “Earth Rover”. Take me to your leader…..

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  18. Doug Towsley

    If you ask me this is actually pictures of another Federal Land standoff in the making. The Malhuer land refuge standoff is over, many of the principles are in jail, Finnicum is dead, shot by a rogue FBI agent. But many more in the patriot movement still out there. Here we see the entrance to another Federal property being blocked by this unfortunate car.

    Based on condition, Im sure the Feds will assume its loaded with IED’s and will be targeted as such. The CL ad? Its just coded messages to others to bring snacks.

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