Beautiful In Blue: 1961 Ford Falcon

Hailing from Woodland Hills, California, this 1961 blue Ford Falcon two door looks surprisingly, well, normal for a car that’s still in driving but not restored condition. The seller has a new child and thinks it’s time to get sensible about cars. It’s listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy it now is $7,500 but you are welcome to submit lower offers.

Yes, it has black plates! The chrome looks pretty nice as well. And the car only has 64,000 miles according to the seller. I’m sure the paint isn’t original, but it doesn’t look bad. I love the color. And those are even the original wheel covers!

If you look closely, you’ll see that the paint has some orange peel, but on the other hand, the emblems look really nice. We’re told it runs well but that the transmission could use some help, and that a set of tires would be in order. On the bright side, even the original radio works!

Mel Burns Ford (look at the license plate frame) was located in Long Beach, California. I’m guessing those are the original frames as well as the plates. Isn’t that cool? An inline six engine and an automatic transmission provide the motivation.

Although this picture is poor quality, you can tell that the interior is nice, and we are told it is “beautiful.” Is it beautiful enough for you to take it home? The seller will provide a car cover and the original manual if you do!


  1. Ralph

    What’s with the breast feeding picture in the eBay ad?

    • jw454

      That should give the Ebay ad some hits!!! LOL

    • Dovi65

      Definitely an unusual set of photos

    • Metoo

      My first thought was “Hey lady, move the kid out of the way”.

    • half cab

      Looks like one suckin n one soakin?

  2. mario

    I”m all of a sudden thirsty

  3. OA5599

    Milking us for all he can get.

  4. Marvin Granger

    I hope this guy wakes up and realizes that the kid will grow up. He spend years regretting selling his Falcon. He will never have one as nice again. He needs something to drive, might as well be this.

  5. Rock On Member

    Sale could be a bust!

  6. JW

    Unusual ebay ad for selling a car, more like a California lifestyle ad for tourism.

  7. ThistleDew

    My very first car was a 1960 Falcon. I drove it to high school in 1973 in western Pennsylvania. There were some steep hills on the way. The kids waiting at the bus stop at the top of one especially long and steep hill used to applaud and cheer when the old Falcon finally crawled over the top!

  8. Neil Nagle

    This little car is just tits !

  9. Ron D.

    I like it a lot, just wish it wasn’t so far away. 😉

  10. Jerry Brentnell

    don’t want the falcon but I’ll sat this he has one beautiful wife and thats a fact! I want to thank the person that came up with leggings!

  11. Rustytech Member

    I like the car, and would have liked to see more of its parts, not the wife’s! The price seems a little high to me though.

  12. Mlaw

    What the hell,15 minutes of Fame? Some people’s kids…..

  13. CoolHluke

    OK a breastfeeding camel toe classic car pic ..that’s a new category

  14. Wrong Way

    If my pockets didn’t have holes in them, I would jump on this car in a half a heart beat! I have many memories of one just like this! Except, ours was a light blue!

  15. Cat

    This was my grandma’s car! She cherished it and always said she would be buried in it. We JUST found out that my [now convicted felon] mother sold this unbeknownst to our entire family and we are desperately trying to locate it! I know this post is 2+years old, but if ANYONE has information on what happened to this Falcon (CA plate PQX 611) myself and my family would be ETERNALLY grateful. This car is extremely sentimental and invaluable to all of us. Any information is helpful. Feel free to email or text me (Cat) at, 714-915-4600. Thank you!

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