Beautiful Brazilian Volkswagen SP-2

'75 SP 2

The great looking Volkswagen SP-2 was produced only in Brazil from 1972-1976. About 10K units were produced and only a small percentage were exported. This car is a 1975 model and is listed here on eBay with a BIN of $20K. The car is parked in Ivoti, RS, Brazil. Do you want to import this one?

'75 SP 2 tag

This two-owner car is powered by the stock VW 1678 engine. It certainly isn’t a powerhouse engine, but would get the job done and with all the VW tuning options out there, it could be a decent performer.

'75 SP 2 engine

According to the owner the odometer shows 35,800 KM. The current owner has owned the car for over 25 years.

'75 SP 2 int.

The owner states that all the sheet-metal is original with no rust or plastic filers. However, the owner states the “interior is quite toasted“. As you can see the seats need to be recovered and there are some cracks in the dash.

'75 SP 2

We really like the lines of this car and would love to own one. The owner states the car is a driver and all the gauges do work. It is sitting on 25 year old tires, so it is recommend that these be replaced. You are welcome to visit and see the car. I wish we could take that road trip! The owner, or the agent, can arrange shipping to the US & Europe at the buyer’s expense. Here you have an example of some very nice Brazilian/VW style in our opinion. Yes, we know it’s not for everyone, but that is OK!



  1. jaygryph

    Wow, never seen one of those before. That’s a slick looking car! I’d figured perhaps it was a kit car of some sort, but am pleased to see it’s not. Sure wouldn’t be another at any show in the US you’d take it to.

    • Dan Member

      What about the VW pickup in the background?

      • Mario Buzian


        It´s a VW Saveiro, made here and brand-new one, 2014 year model:

  2. RockabillyJay

    I’ve never seen one either! I bet you can trace the Porsche 924 back to this somehow

    • Rainman


  3. Richard Prokopchuk

    I’ve known of these for many years, but have never seen one in the flesh. They are, IMHO, the best looking car to ever be made with VW on the nose. Is this air cooled or water cooled? I’d think water, but that doesn’t mean I’m right.

    • Robert Member


      Air cooled standard issue VW.

    • Mario Buzian

      Richard, this is air-cooled, all original VW “pancake” engine, designed to be fit into the SP-2.
      It doesn´t have a brilliant performance, but using the right carburetors ans a EMPI-based strong lifter and polished ports, this one can be a great driver – if you mean FAST.

  4. Moparmann Member

    There is one that shows up regularly at our local Coffee & Chrome show. It is amazing just how low to the ground it is. :-)

  5. David C

    This is a very rare car and if you could ship it reasonably would be well worth the asking price. I would guess shipping would be about $1,500.00 to $2,000.00. These were powered by a type 4 aircooled engine (bullet proof) about 75 hp. These engines are easily modified to 100+hp. These are rarely seen in the US. I have seen 2 Puma’s and 1 SP-1. I’ve only seen pictures of these. Why do I always see cars I want but can’t afford. The value of this car in the US is North of $25,000.00 based on the information given.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      $25 000 is not indicative of the market. Even asking prices have very rarely been that high.

  6. bcavileer

    Nice car, but (0) feedback , brazilian car ?! What is involved with importation? Will the doors need to have crash bars added to pass muster in DMV’s books? To many questions with this transaction. Do a lot of research before spending $$$ on such a car. A good upholsterer can surely match, recreate the soft stuff but the plastic interior parts are gonna be unobtainium for sure. Can we even import from Brazil? Besides coffee that is….

    • David C

      You can import from Brazil just like you can from the UK. It is my understanding that because of the age of the car they are exempt from conforming to regulations except for seat belts. I think these came with seat belts (not sure).

      • Mario Buzian

        Yes, they have seat belts. David – and you´re absolutely right about the exempts on importation process, I am the announcer of this sale, the SP-2 belongs to a very-close friend of ours and it´s hard to find here a car with this style matching the originality and smooth great lines too.
        The purchaser won´t be disappointed, I guarantee.
        Unfortunately I don´t have feedback because this is the first car that I list on eBay, but I pretend to get more and more brazilian cool stuff to be shipped worldwide. I am on the selling business for over three decades and I live in a very special place where these gems are well-mantained, free-accident classic vehicles.

      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        Yes, it’s just like importing from the UK, I did so in the 80’s when I bought and brought a Jaguar MKII into the U.S.

        One thing, 1967-68 is the cut off year for emissions, after that it’s up to the person importing to make sure the car passes emissions and other safety requirements, like seat belts and safety glass and whatever else was required in the year of the car’s manufacture.

        They good news, back then you were allowed a one time exemption, but even I did not want to use that in case a Countach came way, very unlikely believe me, but still wanted to hold on to that “get out of jail free card” just in case.

        Horsepower on the Type 4 can be easily moved close to 225 or more with a Turbo, and they are inexpensive to build compared to most other marques.

        Too bad these didn’t make it to our shores, sharp car. Wonder what the parts situation is like?

  7. Dolphin Member

    25 or more years old is the age for not requiring retrofitting for cars imported into the US. Younger than that and you pretty much have to jump through lots of real tricky hoops, depending on the car.

    The body took a lot from the Porsche 911, plus bits from various other cars. Maybe it’s one of those cars that looks better in the flesh than in photos. Anyway, I prefer the Puma GTI from the other day to this car, especially the front. This car would show some serious aero lift at speed, so maybe it’s best that it has only 75 HP.

    • David C

      There is a big difference between the two, Sp’s were steel the Puma’s were fiberglass.
      Even though the limited numbers the SP’s are far superior. The SP was along the lines of a type 412 VW. It was a refined car.

  8. Mark W

    The engine is a Type 3, not a Type 4

    • David C

      Actually Mark all SP-2’s were type 4 1800cc aircooled engines.

      • Mario Buzian

        Here´s a cut scheme on the original VW SP-2 1700 cc. engine, scanned from the owner´s manual.

  9. Mario Buzian

    Robert, I am the announcer of this sale, and I go through your listings every day !
    I want to thank you A LOT for this post, very pleased to see one of our great cars on Barn Finds !!!
    This VW SP-2 is a great piece of machinery, and wherever it goes it crowds (even here in Brazil they are RARE nowadays – we believe that less than 5% of all production still remains alive & running), and as our country is experiencing serious trouble with the economics policy on the government, due to that problema de car owner decided to sell it – and we hope to get a good new garage to this babe sporty VW, even overseas !
    When you get time, you´re invited to come here and have a close look on our classic-car market, I work with them for a long time and we assure you won´t be disappointed !!
    If you may want any doubts or need any help, we are here, okay ?
    Big hug from the South of Brazil !!

    Mário Buzian – Traga o Guincho

    • Robert Member


      You are welcome and thank you for your comments and for reading BF everyday!
      We hope your great car finds a good new home. I wish it could be mine.



      • Mario Buzian

        Thanks, Robert !!
        Wish I could send this SP-2 to you as a gift (but unfortunately I can´t…)


  10. steve

    I checked out importing from Brazil to LA although I live in Seattle. My research was for a VW single cab pickup. Total costs were more like $5,000 US. I checked with the Brazilian export company. Their bid was about $2800. Importing through the port of LA was approximately another $2300.

  11. John

    The back view looks like a stretched out pacer?

  12. Jim Petersen

    Here’s an article for reference. Love these cars and will someday have one. I’ll patiently wait and may miss out but tan is not my color of choice.

  13. Mark W

    look closely at the drawing of the engine that Mario sent: The thermostat is in the position of a Type 3, Type 4 is totally different set-up. Also look at the picture of the engine in the car and compare it to the engine of a Square Back/Fast Back AKA 311 or Type 3 and you can see what I’m talking about. Type 4 engines were used in 411s,412s and earlier buses beginning in ’72.Don’t mean to sound like a ‘know-it-all’ but my shop has specialized in VWs for 34 years.

  14. David C

    Here is a link to Hemmings where you can read about them.

    The SP-2 is based on the 412. It is basically a 412 with a sporty body. All the suspension, front end and engine are type 4.

  15. Mark W

    Looked at the Hemmings article and apparently the Brazilian VW Variant that we know as the 411 and 412 wasn’t powered by the same engine that we got in the US market.

  16. Alex

    Hi from Brazil here…

    It is a cool car, made in Brazil. There is also another similar one called puma, it was originally made by a brazilian company, then bought by VW. also a rear engine, rwd. It is usual for people to put a 2l engine from golf on it. put the radiator in the front trunk. It makes a lot of power then. Cuz it is made of fiber glass too.

  17. Mark-A

    Another option if you want serious performance would be to retro-fit an air-cooled Porsche motor as well as the other multiple choices, for Subaru Turbo 4/6 with adaptor kits available from Australia among other places! Would make an absolute Flying Machine or better yet keep it Outwardly stock & Ultimate Sleeper!

  18. Bill

    Wow, a new one on me. Gorgeous lines. Probably impractical to import regrettably. Fun to dream though!

  19. Alex

    Check this video from a youtube channel from australia that I follow. Their bettle has a subaru engine, and it beats porches and other super cars on the drag strip!!! Does wheelies too!


    And this is how PORSCHE came up with the 928…

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