Beautiful Original Driver: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

Update 12/17/19 – After being bid up to $20k, this one has been relisted here on eBay with more photos and the option buy it now for $22,500.

From 12/1/19 – This beautiful Matador Red and Beige 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air is a nice quality driver that with a little TLC could be made into a show-stopper. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of  $17,400. Located in Leeds, Alabama, the car has been in the same family for the last couple of decades. Supposedly part of a larger collection, the car doesn’t have a title, but will be sold on a bill of sale with an up-to-date registration. Let’s take a closer look at this car and let us know what you think about it.

The engine appears original and is a 265 cubic inch V8 “Power Pack.” The transmission is an automatic Powerglide and is said to run and drive very well.

Like the rest of the car, the interior appears original and could use some freshening up to be perfect. There is one photo of the driver’s door in the ad where you can see some torn upholstery on the door panel. The great thing about these tri-five Chevy’s is the aftermarket has pretty much any part you may need. You can find New Old Stock (NOS) parts as well as high-quality reproductions.

The seller says this car is a 20-footer (meaning it looks good from 20 feet away), which based on the photos, I believe. The ad also states there are some bubbles coming up over the headlights and rockers, which means the Rust Monster is knocking at the door. The car had one repaint “years ago” and seems like a good fix-it-as-you-drive-it project. What do you think?


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  1. Doc

    Nice original car

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  2. TimM

    Sure it is!! Get in and drive!!

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  3. w9bag

    The first car I ever drove, at age 6 ! Crocus yellow over Laurel Green. Straight 6 and a 3 speed. No P/S or power brakes. It belonged to my Grandparents.

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  4. Tucker Callan

    I`m a Blue Oval guy (actually L-M) but this car is nice! I used to drive one when I was in eight grade, it only had 2nd, and reverse. What is that in the background?

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  5. TimM

    The one picture looks like a 56 Ford convertible!! But the first picture has a 65 ford pickup with a 69 or 70 ford pick up!! I’m getting the picture that this guy might be a blue oval guy too!! Seems like the 56 is his only Chevy from the pics!!

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  6. Patrick Geoege

    It is a 1959 ford convertible in the background

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    • Bob C.

      Definitely a 59, no mistaking the side of it. My dad had a 2 door hardtop when I was a kid.

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    • TimM

      Oh well I was off a couple years!! I stand corrected!!! Thanks George!!!

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  7. Del

    Very nice original

  8. Keefer Zeller

    Looks like a 59 or 60 chevy on the left of the picture of full front. I’m on top at the moment at 20k. Not going any higher.

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  9. Keefer Zeller

    Yeah I think it’s a 60 rear end there in front to the left of the 56.

  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Funny thing about the title after years of ownership – is that state a title state or what ?

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  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    Sure looks nicer than a 20-footer. But photos always make cars look better, too bad they don’t do the same for me!

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  12. Jay E.

    It sold for $20,000.00. Except for a 4 door, it wasn’t that long ago you couldn’t touch a nice tri-five driver like this for double that. They are becoming affordable to a lot more people and that is a good thing. Someone is going to have a ton of fun in this.

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  13. canadainmarkseh Member

    Of the tri fives this car would be my Favorite, two door hard top right year right colour and v8 what’s not to like. Best of luck to the new owner.

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  14. Stevieg

    Keefer was in @ $20,000 & it sold @ $20,000. I assume he won the bid. If so, congrats Keefer!

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  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Not sure what happened to Keefer’s bid…..maybe he will chime in….but it looks like they wanted more.

  16. PL

    Original? Looks like 55 door panels, not 56 Belair

  17. Hemidavey

    Cool, a real Route 66 cruiser!

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  18. Del

    Pretty funny, all the people stating it sold for 20.

    Guess he should have taken the 20 ?

  19. jimmy the orphan

    I talked about my black and white 56 post the other day and I had a friend who liked it and wanted me to help him find one. At the time [ 74 or 75] you could find tri5’s in the paper any day of one style or another. I found a 56 just like this one here. Donny didn’t know anything about cars period so I went to look at it with him. We drove up to a mobile home with the chevy sitting under a metal carport. Two guys came out to greet us. Turned out they were brothers lived together, never married. We looked the car over. 265 3spd.overdrive just like my post except mine was a 235. It was green an white with the inside green as well. Plastic on the seats like mine too. It was nice only 18yrs. old not 63 like this car. There was only one problem, the paint didn’t shine. It was flat like house paint. Matter of fact, it was house paint. The old boys in their wisdom had decided to paint her up one day. They just went down to coast to coast and grabbed a can of flat green and a can of flat white. They didn’t spray it on they used a brush. There were piece’s of brush stuck in the paint in many places. This was a 20 footer paint job for real. At 20 feet it just looked like it needed a buff and wax. The car was pin strait no rust anywhere, Mats still in the trunk. Open the hood the light comes on. They put that paint on thick to. I said something like ” oh, I see you guys painted it right ? with a brush I guess ? looks good real good.” the one that did all the talking said ” Yep real good.” Something real close to that. It was so crazy that it has stuck in my mind like it was last week all these years. I didn’t want to laugh and upset the bro’s. so I ask them how much. They said they wouldn’t say, that they were taking bids, high $ got the car. Donny had no clue. I said put $600 same as I paid for my post. He wrote it on a piece of paper with his phone # folded it over and the talking bro. put it in a envelope ,sealed it and said come back on such and a day and we’ll tell ya if ya got it. We showed up, they told Donny you got it. I’ve wondered over the years if they took anymore “bids” or other people laughed at the paint and asked how stupid they could be. Stuff like that. We were cool about the paint. If your going to laugh at a man’s car at least wait till your down the road and out of site. I prefer to think that because we were cool Donny got the car. But hey these cars were all over the place for that kind of $. No salt on our roads in Western Wa. St. most guys would of took one look at that paint and walked away. Donny didn’t care. Donny wasn’t a car guy. He drove it for quite a wile then moved to Seattle. He called acouple years later, said he sold it. Never got it painted. Donny wasn’t a car guy. ………………Later JIMMY.

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  20. Steve H.

    Got bidded up to $20k and didn’t sell. Would love to have it but don’t have the space or the wherewithal to buy it. Dang.

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