Beautiful Oval Window: 1956 VW Beetle

There is no way that this VW Beetle hasn’t already been restored. Yes, it supposedly only has 36k miles on it, but it is way too nice to be all original. The seller thinks it may have had one respray in its life and they are sure the seat covers are new. Even if that’s all that’s been done to it, it looks like a brand new Bug. Given that it’s an oval window car and how nice it looks, I have a feeling it’s going to go for more than the current high bid of $15,600. This beautiful Bug can be found here on eBay in Reno, Nevada.

I’ve had the opportunity to drive quite a few Bugs, all of which were rather worn out and tired. I’d actually love to experience a nice low mileage example to see if it feels any different. While you can buy every nut and bolt to restore a Beetle, a fully restored car doesn’t necessarily drive the same as the car did when it was brand new. If this one really is a low mileage survivor, it should be as close to brand new as you can get with a 61 year old Bug.

Given the newer paint job and new upholstery, it makes the mileage claim a bit difficult to believe. Looking at the steering wheel, I would guess it’s more like 136k miles. The odometers in these doesn’t go past 99,999, so unless the seller has paperwork to prove the mileage, I wouldn’t recommend basing your bidding off of what you can see here and what 100k+ mile oval window bugs typically go for. Don’t get me wrong, it looks to be a nice car, but without documentation to prove the mileage it’s just an unsubstantiated claim made to drive bidding.

At least the seller provides lots of great photos of the car, so you at least have an idea of what you are buying. And oval windows are quite sought after, so even if it isn’t a low mileage car it’s still desirable!

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  1. Steve R

    You are absolutely spot on, it’s up to the seller to back up their claims. If there isn’t any, it calls into question everything else they say about the car.

    Steve R

  2. doug

    The door panels should be orange not black. The seats should be orange also. It is 12 volt, should be 6, and has at least a 1300, probably a 1600 cc engine.. The hubcaps are wrong too. Nice looking Bug that has had a lot of work done to it.

    • funky jimbo

      It’s probably a 1300. 1600S came later 60s. That year would be a 6 volt. I had a 66 . last year for the 6 volt elec system.

  3. Jason

    Ovals never came with orange interior, no vw ever came with orange interior. The interior on that car should be red, it should have a 36hp engine, the wheels are painted wrong, and numerous other things. That car is a joke, it’s nowhere near a $15k+ car, I feel bad for the person that buys it not knowing what’s correct or incorrect.

    • Marshall

      Judging by the seats, the door panels, and the engine, I would say that that is one incorrect insect (albeit a nice one, but not a low mileage original).

  4. whippeteer

    Don’t overlook the lowered suspension…

    • Jeffro

      That was first thing I noticed.

  5. Howard A Member

    Doesn’t matter what the mileage is, it’s a ’56 bug for heavens sake. Sometimes, I feel we get caught up in the “mileage thing”, I’m to blame, as well, but sometimes, you have to look at the car being offered. Used to be, these were as common as headaches. When was the last time you saw a vintage bug? ANY BUG? I can’t even remember. Price is pretty close, as Hemmings featured a ’57 that was gone the day they posted it.
    It’s a warm climate car, with heater ducts blocked off, but just an exceptional find. Again, be advised, it’s a ’56 Bug and handles, performs and stops accordingly.

  6. John

    I bet he doesn’t own the house he photographed his Bug in front of.
    And he should have used a bikini clad blonde too, but may not have been able to find one..pity, she may also have contributed to higher bids!

  7. Rod

    Other than the justified arguments on whether or not its original ( I agree it’s not) this is a cool car and appears to be in great condition. I had a 57 when I was a young whippersnapper and it was one of my favourite all time cars. Next to no heat and a top end of 55mph just made it more memorable. To top it off I painted it orange with black insets on the hood and trunk. It was quite sharp and attracted lots of interest. Still miss it today.

  8. Harvey Peever

    Had a black 56 bug in 1970. Bought it for 55 bucks. Sold it for a bit more but lost money because I had to put a new 35 dollar clutch in it. Didn’t know much about cars back then. Took the old pressure plate to a vw mechanic and asked if it was worn out. He push down on it with his palm and flattened it right out. He smiled and said yes you need a new clutch.
    The old 36 hp engine was worn out-top speed 50 mph. If all passengers in the car rocked forward we could get another 5 mph.
    This thing always started, even in minus 30 weather but was also 30 below inside. No heater. Loved it anyway.

  9. American_Badaz

    Great looking car I would love to have it. Recover the seats, build a mild stroker motor, and have a sweet daily driver!


    The original color makes an appearance with the hood latch and you can even see a lil rubber trim…

  11. gene

    Can some one tell me, why is it every beetle or bus I see has a fuel filter sitting
    on top of distributor. Is in’t it a sure way to turn these cars into barbecues?
    I had buses in the past and always mounted fuel filters on the vacuum side of the
    fuel pump. Never had any problems.
    Also the original fuel filter was a screen inside the pump that you could remove and clean.

  12. bcavileer

    Gene is correct. Good pics, wrong story.

  13. TBAU Member

    ’56 body on a later chassis/pan hence the wheels and engine difference. I recently owned a ’63 ( Australian RHD ) body on a ’68 ( Australian RHD ) chassis/ pan. ( unable to load photo from iPad gallery)

  14. TBAU Member

    Trying again

    • Marshall

      It was a 1963 Australian RHD(Right-hand drive) bug that was the first car ever sent to Antarctica with the license plate “Antarctica 1”. It was brought back from Antarctica after a year, and then took a promotional tour to VW dealers in Australia. Unfortunately, it was lost to history. There is an interesting YouTube video about this (keyword “Antarctica 1”)

  15. Gunnar

    I had a 57 VW.It had no blinkers in front, only mechanical sideblinkers behind the door frame.

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