Best Offer Garage Find: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia

It’s rare to find a good deal anywhere in the vintage sports car marketplace, but this garage find 1967 Alfa Romeo Guilia may be one of the first we’ve seen in a while. The seller claims it belongs to his girlfriend’s parents who apparently parked it in their Los Angeles garage in 1993 following a leak in the braking system. The car hasn’t turned a wheel since then, and was last registered in 1995. The Alfa appears to be in very good condition considering, albeit sitting on flat tires. The paintwork still looks nice, the interior is all there, and the drivetrain is undisturbed. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace where the seller has it priced at $25,000 but is also requesting best and highest offers.

Now, I realize I said this Alfa was priced fairly, but at least $25,000 gives you a sense of where the seller’s head is at. The model of selling a car with a “highest and best” price tied to a deadline is one I can’t recommend; honestly, you could stretch this process out for two weeks and find out your highest offer is a total non-starter, tied to a deadbeat who doesn’t have enough cash but has no shortage of excuses. Do your research, come up with a fair price, and sell it to the guy or gal who has cash in hand and a trailer at their disposal. It’s just easier that way. Regardless of sale approach, the seller does have what looks like a very nice specimen of an Alfa on his hands, and it deserves a good price.

The Guilia in many ways is the quintessential Alfa Romeo, with willing engines, smart layouts, and a gear shift that falls perfectly into your hand. The Guilia came in a few different varieties in terms of performance capabilities, but they were largely in the same ballpark. The fact that the Alfa was parked due to what sounds like a bad master cylinder is of some comfort versus it being parked because of a major engine issue; that said, there’s no guarantee the motor isn’t locked up. What I can never fully grasp about garage finds like these is how you walk past a car every day for 25 years knowing it was running when you parked it, but you can’t be bothered to fix the one fairly minor issue that keeps it from seeing regular use – tow trucks aren’t a new concept, and LA is littered with specialist car shops.

The engine bay is surprisingly neat and clean for a car that hasn’t seen much love recently, and the familiar Alfa Romeo “Oilio” oil cap is a welcome sight. It looks like some of the factory decals and plates are still visible in the picture, which may suggest it hasn’t been extensively repainted. Between the straight body panels that aren’t peppered with rust blisters to the clean chrome bumpers to the still-presentable interior, this garage-find Guilia looks like a straightforward project for the next caretaker, who will hopefully hit the seller with the magic number needed to get this car home and its rebirth underway.


  1. alphasud Member

    Looks like a clean straight car with at least one respray in its close to original color. So many were changed to red it refreshing to see it was kept close to original. Checking to see if the engine is free and the missing air cleaner assembly would be first on my list besides the usual rust issues Alfa suffered from. Hopefully the owner is fair to deal with and if they saw your passion to the marquee they would work with you on a reasonable sale price. I learned the hard way that sellers can throw curve balls. One time I responded to a CL ad and when I showed with cash in hand he had set up several buyers at the same time to create a bidding war. I just walked away.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    If it’s been sitting there almost 30 years without the intake and exhaust system sealed you can bet that engine isn’t in great shape now. Neat cars with great power trains but this one is on the fine line between being neat and being nothing at that asking price.

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  3. On and On On and On Member

    I think you misspelled Italian for oil. How do I know, 3 Fiats in the family. Stared at that cap in my 124 coupe that said olio. Nice car here. These Alfas are iconic. Nice and honest write up Jeff, you’ve obviously researched these models.

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  4. Lawrence Smith

    I think the seller needs to tidy this up if he is looking for that asking price,eg blow the tires up or put new ones on it, clean the engine up & fix the intake.I have a Lancia Zagato in way better condition,which I would not even sell,Love those Itanlian cars.

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  5. Lowell Peterson

    Alfasud, alfastud? I have used that approach several times and found that the predators get weeded out early. Usually loballers and wanna be dealer types with a lame reason why they want to be the first to look it over. ” Oh.. my wife always wanted one!” Ahhh…right!

  6. t-bone BOB

    Located in Sherman Oaks, CA

  7. Philip A

    Hey everyone, I’m the seller. Appreciate Barnfinds posting an article about my listing. I have accepted a deposit on the car and it’s now pending sale.

    It wasn’t truly an “auction” I more so put that line in case I underpriced the car at 25k so if someone wanted it they could offer higher and it’ll go to the highest bid in the next few days after my listing. I’m a Porsche enthusiast by heart, although newer models so I did not know much about these older Alfa’s other than what I gathered online in helping my girlfriends family get a fair price for the car. I received multiple offers at my price and even above
    asking but I’m happy to report it’s going to someone who already owns a Alfa GTV and plans to restore this one as well.

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  8. Mike

    That top picture is so weird. looks like the car has no front end.

  9. Robt

    Jeff Lavery, this line works across the board.
    ‘Do your research, come up with a fair price, and sell it to the guy or gal who has cash in hand and a trailer at their disposal.’
    Love it.

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  10. chrlsful

    I don’t get the way you show difference in sales listings. I DO like auctions as a seller. I also like net sales (sorta as buyer but esp as seller). Y would what U rail against not happen in other sales too?

    These were the cars I bought decades ago (well, in worse shape so I could afford) to restore for sale but drive for free in the interim (till spotting the nxt gem). Lotta fun fora kid…

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