Beyond Hope? Wrecked 2006 Ford GT

Rear-wheel steering is one of the few features *not* included on the modern Ford GT from the factory, but it’s been added to this one! The 2006 Ford GT in Portland, Oregon clearly suffered an “Oh [explitive]!” event of monumental proportion, leaving it bashed and contorted from nearly every possible viewpoint. Listed here on copart, the no-doubt insurance-totaled specimen seeks a buyer with tremendous vision, vast fabrication resources, and limitless optimism, at least if the plan involves putting something that looks like a 2006 Ford GT back on the road. Other options include repurposing the drivetrain or blending this car with a front-wrecked GT of similar vintage to make a Franken-GT. Waiting in “Future” status, bidding has not yet opened on this item. Thanks to reader Desmond G. for spotting this forlorn Ford.

The 21st-century Ford GT pays homage to Ford’s Ferrari-killer GT-40 of the 1960s, a story told with great zeal in the 2019 film Ford v Ferrari, a must-see for any gearhead. The modern Ford GT saw production runs during 2004-2006 and again from 2017 to present, and the 2006 model represents the last modern GT that resembles the amazing LeMans-winning ’60s supercar.

Somewhere beneath that crumpled rear body panel sits a supercharged 5.4L V8 making 550 HP. With no description on this Salvage Title listing, bidding may never take flight. Replacing Ford’s elegant webbed wheels with a set robbed from a tricked-out ’74 Caprice may seem inexplicable, but incorrect wheels are the smallest concern for anyone taking ownership of this shunted GT.

Retro style meets modern muscle in the cockpit of this beast. The GT was not built as a Corvette alternative, but as a racing car for the street. This car’s capabilities can truly be explored only on a road course, and doing so without adequate training (or forgetting that while driving on public roads) can have dire consequences.

Rear-ending a post at 40+ MPH *might* explain the “V” shaped rear, but evidence suggests a spin and multiple impacts. Suffice to say it may NOT be repairable in the conventional sense. Perhaps the phrase “Hold my beer” was uttered just before other words of astonishment. All kidding aside, we hope that, whatever misfortune befell this modern American supercar, only automotive parts were damaged during the event. Even if you wanted to “do it right” with factory replacements, this $300,000+ car may contain well beyond $1 million in parts, with few available at your local junkyard. Still, it’s interesting to dream about snagging a supercar on the cheap. Do you know any stories with a similar starting point?


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  1. Howard A Member

    “Gee, daddy, I’m sorry”,,”No problem, sweetheart,, we’ll just get you another”,,,IDK, you’d think someone driving the most expensive car, would be a bit more careful,,unless of course, it was a Hollywood prop. They have deep pockets.

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    • Nate

      Stuff happens. Speaking from experience. Older low mileage cars with old/original tires often aren’t as grippy as they might appear…

      A momentary lapse in judgment can destroy ones happiness…

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    • Russ Ashley

      You can walk into a motorcycle dealer and ride away with a two wheel rocket that will go as fast or faster than this car, and get you killed even quicker than this car. All you have to have in Georgia is a drivers license that says that you have passed an easy driving test. Like you, I have also wondered why there isn’t some sort of qualification that is required to purchase something this fast.

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    Wonder if the wheel/tire choice had anything to do with the loss of traction…definitely not what I would have went with.

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    • sullivan504

      I would bet good money that the wheels were swapped out after the accident, and the owner (or a copart employee) now has a very valuable set of wheels in their garage for later sale.

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  3. flmikey

    …surprised the air bags didn’t go off…this story just breaks my heart…

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  4. sir_mike

    A bunch of good parts to list on Ebay….might make some money depending on purchase price.Those stupid wheels with no tyres probably help cause the accident.

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  5. Evan

    All I need is this car, a smart car, and a welder.

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    • Dickie F.

      Evan, I was thinking…
      What are the chances of swoping this drivetrain into a Superformance replica GT40 body ?
      Could be fun, with no fear of scratches at the shopping mall.

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  6. FastEddie/OldEddie: pick one

    It is amusing to note that Copart considers the 2006 FORD FOCUS ZX4, 2006 FORD EXPEDITION EDDIE BAUER, 2006 FORD ECONOLINE E350 SUPER DUTY WAGON, and the 2006 FORD FOCUS ZX5 to be “similar vehicles. That simply cannot be: they are all missing the stupid wheels with no tyres. Well said, sir_mike.

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  7. Sidney Member

    Just send it to “Gas Monkey”, they can fix anything! Owner didn’t understand that a vehicle such as this is a “Fine tuned” unit, all parts play a “Big” part in the safe and speedy operation of the car, and changing the wheels and tires just put the whole system out of wack, resulting in the Big Bang we see here!

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  8. Al

    I know of someone who parted out a vehicle in their backyard. The first sale was the wheels and tires. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! They could not move it around their yard after that, I still laugh ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!

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  9. Will Fox

    A wrecked Ford GT in Portland OR. of all places??! Oh the irony……

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  10. Douglas Barber

    Perfect example of more money than brains!

  11. Jcs


  12. MLM

    WOW! And I love these 2004-6 Ford GTs. Hopefully this one can be fixed,but if not it can be parted out to keep other GTs on the road.

  13. Redsresto

    Either it still runs or the gauges are frozen at point of impact. See the pics in the Copart link. I don’t see any dash lights (should be a Christmas tree with this much damage), but I thought the needles should go back to 0 when there is no power. Since it’s 2020 maybe it really is idling fine.

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  14. Jim C

    Was Richard Hammond driving?

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    • Skorzeny

      Low blow!

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  15. Dave

    “I can’t believe you’d lend me your car without telling me it had a blind spot…”

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  16. Billy1

    I figure some clown(as evidenced by choice of wheels) was messing around and lost it. More so it may have been someone on the highway in the rain, hydro-planed and that’s all she wrote.

    Some cars, people refuse to let them die-this is one of them. Someone will rescue this and put it back on the road.

    Afterall, if you can take a Ferrari Enzo that split in 2 on PCH Highway and put it back together-“this is cake!!!” As Bob Lutz would say.

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  17. T

    Oh…..that will buff right out.

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  18. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    Ran when parked…15 feet up the tree, in reverse.

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  19. Andy Mikesell

    Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

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  20. RallyAce

    Hmmm….no keys. Ran when stolen may be part of the equation here.

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    • Jonny_the_Boy

      There is a key hanging from the steering column.

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  21. Robert J Koceja

    High horsepower requires some intelligence and common sense.
    Might be on one of the car reality TV shows someday.

  22. Clipper

    Ford “Gee…Tree.”

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  23. Super Glide

    My 1964 GTO, which I had for 3 days, ended up this way. Who would have thought, three 19 year olds heading up to Lake Geneva for some Harvey Wallbangers would end up in a cornfield, after rolling twice. We all walked away.

    The moral of the story, after that the rest of the 64 Goats became more valuable (fewer Goats more valuable).

    The engine ended up in a 65 Lemans, but blew the timing chain 3 months later.

  24. Joseph Hoffman

    It is listed a Salvage.

  25. Chris M.

    Maybe so Ken Jennings, maybe so. But I doubt it.

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  26. angliagt angliagt Member

    ” My old man’s a TV repairman…..”

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Forgot to add that that was a quote from
      Jeff Spicoli.

  27. oilngas

    NFL player is written all over this car.

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  28. healeydays

    Gonna make a great go-cart

  29. grant

    Because ‘Merica

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  30. sullivan504

    Race car bed? Race car bed.

    Move over, Pottery Barn.

  31. Bill B

    Trailing throttle overseer?
    I say this is fixable.

  32. Madlad

    The chassis looks like it might be OK, do you think my Fiberfab Avenger GT fiberglass body would fit on there?

  33. George Mattar

    Gonna fix it some day. Happened in Portland. Ha ha. I agree with Will Fox

    • usmcfred

      Virtually every aluminum panel and its fiberglass hood are damaged and will require replacement. At the cost of what Ford charges for these, a rebuild is not economically feasible. As such, this car will be parted out … principally the drive train which is quite valuable and its interior soft parts and some glass. That’s it.

  34. Pau

    More money then driving skills, that is what I say

  35. ttroke Member

    This is for one of the bigger Youtube Channels. Great Build

  36. Al

    Friend owns two of these. Back when housing was booming in ’03-’05 in a burb of Boise, he owned a house painting co he started. Within months, he had a 3rd crew working under him, doing 900 homes per sq mile he was landing contracts. Long story short, used to tell me he always knew one day he’d own one but said never thought he’d own two. Both are ’05s , white w/ blue stripe & the blue w/ white stripe. Back in ’05, he paid $150k each for them.

  37. Okcphil

    Part it to people who are building man caves once all the good parts are gone and then hand the VIN down to your grand kids. Like all those hemi cudas …… I’d keep the seats though for office chairs.

  38. Frederic Hammerle

    This is a parts car, period. Every aluminum panel is crunched beyond repair, as its the fiberglass hood. The cost to source the panels from Ford would be 3 or 4 times what this GT with a salvage title would be worth when finished. Best to part out the Drivetrain which is likely still good, along with other suspension parts like shocks … along with the interior “soft” parts such as dash, gauges, seats, stereo, steering wheel, etc.

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