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BF AUCTION: 1977 Ford F150 Short Bed 4×4 With A 460!

The seller of this short bed Ford F150 4×4 has done the work to make this truck a good driver, but the time has come to move it along. It still needs some work to be an exceptional example, but the fact that you can jump into this truck and hit the trail is a huge plus. With 56k miles showing, a 4-inch lift, 38-inch wheels, a short bed, and the big 460 V8, this truck has a lot going for it. So, if you’d love to have it, you can find it in The Dalles, Oregon and you can bid on it below!

While the seller doesn’t have documentation verifying the mileage, they do have receipts for the work that the previous owner had done which includes the mileage at each service. At 44,365 miles, new tie rods were installed and the pitman arms were replaced. Around that time, the C-6 transmission was rebuilt and a shift kit with HD torque converter was installed. The 205 transfer case was resealed, wheel bearings were replaced, new front u-joints went in, Warn locking hubs were added, and new trunnion bearings were installed. The 38×15.50×16 Parnelli Jones tires were mounted up to special off-road wheels with removable valve stems and are said to be in great shape with lots of tread left. To provide plenty of clearance a 4″ lift kit was installed with new coil springs up front and leaf springs in the back. And to make sure you don’t end up being stranded while in the middle of nowhere the seller recently installed a new battery, starter solenoid, front brake calipers, and electric fuel pump.

Under the hood, you’ll find a healthy 460 V8 with an Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor sitting on an Edelbrock Performer aluminum intake. Exhaust gases are routed out custom headers paired to a dual Flow Master exhaust system. At 49,627 miles, the engine was given a full tune-up, that included some time on a dyno. To ensure it’s producing peak power, the ignition was recurved, the carburetor was calibrated and rejetted, plus new metering rods were installed. The engine is said to run great, with plenty of power to turn those heavy-duty wheels and tires. The seller can provide you with the dyno printout upon request.

The interior is going to need some work, but it’s definitely usable as-is. The biggest issue appears to be the seat upholstery and some surface rust on the floors. Replacing the bench seat’s upholstery is a fairly simple task and new covers will set you back about $200, or you could install a saddle blanket cover in a few minutes and hit the trail. As for the surface rust on the floors, a wire brush, some POR (or similar product), and a can of color match touch-up paint will take care of that issue.

The seller also notes that there are some rust spots in the doors that should be addressed. It’s a common issue on these trucks, so patch panels are readily available and cost about $20 per door. If you’d rather not patch them, you could either treat the rust and drive the truck as is or you can buy brand new door shells that are ready for paint. The seller’s video gives a great look at the spots and it doesn’t look too bad at this point. The rest of the truck appears to be in very solid shape and showing minimal surface rust underneath.

This Ford really is a beast and looks to be in great overall shape. It’s hard to say whether the mileage is accurate, but it’s definitely been well cared for with lots of documentation verifying all the work that’s been done to it. And as an added bonus, the seller is including a complete set of polished Weld Racing 16×8 wheels! While there’s still a little work to be done here, this one is a great find that the next owner is sure to enjoy. So, be sure to take a closer look, leave any questions for the seller in the comments, and cast your bids below!

  • Location: The Dalles, Oregon
  • Mileage: 56,557
  • Title: Clean
  • VIN: F14HRY81082



  1. David G

    Mileage is irrelevant because the 460 is not available in Ford 4x4s in this era. VIN shows it started life with a 351 engine. Great looking truck, though. New owner is getting a lot for their money.

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  2. oldman J

    Back in 1977 you could get a 460 in a half ton by special order or by dealer install. Sorry Paul but you are wrong, In those days you could get it the way you wanted it one way or the other.

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    • oldman J

      Paul is correct about the 351 in this truck. No idea when the 460 was added. Also, if you placed a special order, or did a dealer swap to the drive train you could lose any and all warranties. Just wanted to clarify my previous post.

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  3. angliagt angliagt Member

    I think it would look so much better with a
    smaller set of wheels/tires,even stock.

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    • oldman J

      Did you notice that the seller has a 5 wheel set of 16″ x 8″ polished aluminum Weld racing mag wheels that goes with sale of truck. Different look, smaller tires.

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    • David J David J

      I’m with you, angliagt. Perhaps some 33×12.5 BFG tires with wagon wheel rims…. Stock would be awesome, as well! It would be cool to see the 16×8 wheels included with the sale.

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      • Josh Mortensen Staff

        The seller sent some photos of the Weld wheels. You can check them out in the photo gallery.

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  4. Eamon Bishop

    Big engine, high-torque tranny, 1/2 ton axles, and 38” tires doesn’t sound exactly bulletproof. And strictly stating my own opinion here, is a truck with an automatic transmission really a truck?

    Nothing personal against those with different opinions, but my day darkened considerably upon hearing that some manufacturers were doing away with manual options. How will a young boy or girl in 2040 ever understand the joy of driving a pickup with a 5’ long stick and having the fun of cracking the knee of the person stuck in the middle of the bench seat?

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    • Mike

      Agreed. Three pedals all the way. And the 9″ is,…. okay, but the Dana 44 is weak. Dana 60s front and back would be a plus here. My 76 F250 highboy is basically the same as this truck, 460 with the stick, and the 60s.

    • Poppapork

      1. You should worry about kids in 2020 not 2040 because there are no trucks with manual transmission left on the market beyond a tacoma and jeep gladiator.
      2. I woulda put this on Rockwell axles for a nice beefy look and vibe. Maybe even try to keep thw pinion brakes?

  5. Jimmy

    Nice truck but if I was to buy it I would put the extra wheels back on it and lose the 460 for a 400. JMHO !!!

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  6. MBorst

    Eamon Bishop, Ford 9″ rear-end ! All the guys drag racing and tubbed out cats n trucks used these back in the day even into the 90’s. They can handle a lot !
    I had one of these, ordered brand new only with the 351M and a 4 speed stick. Lots of mud running in Allegan and deep woods parking with my babe. Fun times, fun truck !

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  7. Dave Mathers

    A buddy of mine was a pipeline welder and lost his license for six months (DUI). I ordered a 76 F350 short wheelbase cab and chassis, black XLT cab, 460, A/T, A/C and a 4.11 posi. It would flame the tires!! Sadly just after he got the welder’s body installed he came home drunk and wrapped it around a tree with less than 1,000 miles on it!! Hit the tree so hard it cracked the block and tranny case.

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  8. TimM

    Really great looking truck and everything seems done right!! You would be hard pressed to build one for the amount bid right now!! I have a 71 two wheel drive I bought here on barn find back in March!! I just put it on the road after quite a bit of work!! This is a good truck with minimal rust and to many extras to count!!

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  9. Chuck

    The 460 has a lot of low end torque, but is not much for the high RPM work. The biggest down side was its healthy appetite for fuel! I would really doubt that this truck would get much more than 8 MPG! it’s a nice truck, though. I had a ’75 F-250 4X4, 4 speed with a 428 CJ engine, and 4.10 limited slip axles! The best I could ever get out of it was 10 to 11 MPG, and that was really babying it!

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    • MBorst

      My 77 with a 351M at best for 12 mpg . Most of the time 10-11 , during the gas crunch at 58.9¢ a gal !! I had 3.54 gears and a stick. Then I got a 79 F-250 4.11’s. I put a 351 with rv cam 4° of set on crank and a Holley 450 with mechanical 4bbl. 35 inch tires and my milage went to 15mpg with that combo.

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    • Treebeardzz

      With my ’76 F250 Super Cab 460, C-6 running 373’s on 12×33/16.5’s I got 12 – 13 empty – loaded over 20,000 gvw it dropped to 8-10 depending if I was in a hurry(took it to over 95 once at 22,500 when a carload of old farts in a Caddy thought it was fun to screw with me and 2 18-wheelers on 1-75 – when we got finished boxing them, I’m sure they had to change seats to get the smell out of it).

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  10. jacko

    Why is there a fuel cap behind drivers door. Is that a older cab?

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    • oldman J

      some of these trucks had two and three tanks, depending where they were made or you could order them that way. one behind seat, one up front under bed & one in back under bed. That’s my understanding anyway.

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    • Troy s

      I don’t know about when it was new, but that’s a welcome spot for the gas cap with the 460 drunkard.

  11. oldman J

    someone didn’t read the info very well, The set of 5 Weld racing polished aluminum 16 x 8 wheels are included in sale

  12. Troy s

    Nice truck as is, leave the big tires on it and maybe only install a bigger gas tank(s). Joking aside, that’s a great combination for some offloading, no crawling though with the automatic. Running up and down trails, attack the sand dunes, don’t know about foul weather off roading, mud bogs,,,yeah baby!
    I really like these older Ford pickups set up this way, without ever being offered in cobra jet high performance form the 460 doesn’t always get the same respectful words like the 429 or earlier FE’s. Torque monster with a thirst like a binge drinker, just be prepared.

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  13. MBorst

    460 pass everything but a gas station. Had one ! Why do you think Big Foot ran them.

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    • Dave Mathers

      I had Big Foot on display on the front median at my dealership about thirty years ago before a huge Monster Truck Show at Cayuga Speedway. MAJOR traffic jams ensued!! LOL

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    • Troy s

      Drove several 460 powered trucks or borrowed., one was a dually no overdrive, the only truck I ever drove Down a long easy grade and observed the needle in the fuel gauge moving noticeably, road leveled out and the gauge reading stayed., yikes that’s a lot of gas under no load! Never forgot that. Someone told me once the only engine that sucked more gas than the 460 was the..351 Cleveland, four barrel of course. I find that hard to believe, really.

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