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There are two things to love about classic British sports cars. The first is that they are enormously enjoyable to own and drive. More importantly, the elegantly simple engineering makes them the ideal candidate for an enthusiast seeking a first or hands-on restoration project. The owner located this 1977 MGB languishing in a shop after its previous owner passed away. He has revived this gem but admits he will never get around to returning it to its former glory. Therefore, he wants it to head to a new home and an owner willing and able to do it justice. He includes an impressive collection of parts to help the winning bidder down the restoration path. This little MG is listed exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

BMC introduced the MGB for the 1963 model year, with the car remaining popular and in production until 1980. Our feature car rolled off the line in February 1977. The original owner ordered it in Tahiti Blue, a shade only available from 1975 until 1977. The paint shows its age, but the beauty of these little classics is that stripping away the existing paint to achieve a high-end finish is straightforward. The White stripes on the lower flanks are a very 1970s touch, and whether the new owner reinstates these will come down to personal preference. The owner acknowledges the MG has typical rust issues in the rear doglegs and lower driver’s side front fender. However, he includes new steel sections from British Motor Heritage to consign the problems to a distant memory. The rest of the car is rock-solid and rolls on aftermarket alloy wheels wrapped in Cooper radial tires. The MG features a factory Hardtop covered in Black vinyl that is in good order. The glass back window includes a functioning heating element. There is no soft-top, but the bows and frame are intact. The glass across the entire car is in good order, and the included tonneau adds protection and security if the winning bidder ventures forth with the Hardtop removed.

Few engines in automotive history have proved more versatile and bulletproof than BMC’s B-Series four. That is what resides under the hood of this classic, with the 1,799cc powerplant producing 62hp and 86 ft/lbs of torque off the showroom floor. The power feeds to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission with optional Overdrive. The specifications don’t hint at a high-performance motoring experience, but that was never the aim of the exercise with the MGB. The design brief was for an affordable drop-top sports car that would excel on winding roads. The vehicle achieved that aim, with 514,852 buyers handing over their cash to own one during its production life. The mechanical news with this British classic is positive. The owner revived it, and it runs and drives well. The engine is strong and doesn’t blow smoke, although it has the typical light oil leak that is a seemingly integral part of the package. The electric Overdrive doesn’t function, but the owner believes the problem may be in the electrical connections rather than the unit. The brakes feature a new dual master cylinder, front rotors, pads, rear shoes, and wheel cylinders. There is a new clutch slave cylinder, while the front suspension features new bushes and a new sway bar. A Petronix electronic ignition replaces the original Lucas unit, and the alternator and starter are rebuilt. The cooling system and radiator have been flushed, and the twin cooling fans received new motors. The seller includes a significant collection of parts to keep this classic in excellent mechanical health. These can be seen in the gallery at the end of this article.

The MG’s interior presents well for a classic of this vintage, with Tan vinyl trim and a new Black carpet. There are no rips or tears in the seats that slide easily on their runners. The door trims have a few small tears, and the previous owner added aftermarket speakers served by the functioning vintage Blaupunkt radio/cassette player. The dash cover is new, and everything works as it should except the odometer. It quit since the owner purchased the vehicle, but he confirms the speedometer and tach read accurately. There are a few practical and carefully considered modifications. The owner eliminated the cigar lighter, relocating the clock to its spot. The space previously occupied by the clock now houses a voltmeter, a sensible addition. The heater and fan work as they should, and a rocker switch on the dash operates the foglights concealed behind the grille. The owner added an electrical cutoff switch to the battery and a fire extinguisher, representing wise modifications on any vintage classic.

This 1977 MGB isn’t perfect, but it carries the hallmarks of a straightforward and rewarding restoration project. A competent enthusiast could perform most required tasks in a home workshop, minimizing the restoration costs. These British classics were popular when new, and that feeling seems to have increased each year. Owning a classic isn’t always about its potential future value but how memorable and enjoyable that experience will likely be. The MGB ticks those boxes, and this one deserves to be returned to its former glory. It could be the perfect candidate if you’ve been searching for a British Convertible. That makes it worth a closer look.

This MGB was used in a music video, which you can view above.

  • Location: Massapequa, New York
  • Mileage: 68,000 Miles
  • Engine: 1.8-liter 4-cylinder
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Manual + Overdrive
  • VIN: GHNSUH428570G
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Paul T. Root

    It isn’t just the lower fender and doglegs, the sills are gone as well. That’s a big job of welding.

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    • yachtboy

      And you know that about this particular car?
      Or you just assume?

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      • Paul Root

        There is a clear picture of the rotted rear dogleg and inside you can see the sill rusted through.

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      • Paul Root

        Image 12 to be precise. You can see the dogleg and outer sill cut away, then the rotted middle sill and a whole through the inner sill

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  2. ClassicCarFan

    Without being too pedantic….the car was launched in September 1962, and any cars sold that year would be considered “1962 MGBs”. BMC would not have described or marketed the car as the “1963 Model “. The “model year” concept where a refresh of a car for the following model year – was not really a thing for British manufacturers like it was in Detroit.

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    • Beyfon

      @ClassicCarFan – that was a sweeping statement that wasn’t quite fully accurate. Of course also British car manufacturers had model years introduced in the fall, while some of them also did running changes when ever it fit them. MG certainly didn’t shy away from such running changes. I’m sure someone here knows the details, but I think UK cars are typically sold as “Y-reg” rather than as 2014 so is that based on the first registration date instead of the manufacturing date?
      Back when I lived in Sweden it was somehow based both on what the manufacturer listed it as, but where it couldn’t be sold as a 1963 model unless it had been manufactured after a specific date (say September 1 1962) One odd thing is that Volvo wasn’t terribly focused on marketing so they kept selling the early Volvo PV as 1947 for several years avoiding the cost to have them recertified for another model year.

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        When I bought our ’62 Midget from the dealer the Midget was a ’62 for $1,800, The black MGB next to it was a ’62 for $2,800, and the Cobra next to the MGB was a ’62 for $4,600.

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  3. jim l nashwinter

    i have a 77;it is a great car;had it for 20 yrs or more;got the motor and trans out for refresh;and getting ready for new paint and interior;getting old 77 so a little slow on working;and too many cars to redo

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  4. Jeff Wire

    I have recently purchased a 1977 MGB and it needs some help but got it for cheap and want to fix it up and would be glad to send a photo of my car and become a member, thank you

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