BF AUCTION: 1977 Plymouth Volare With 20k Miles!

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You can’t get much more barn fresh than this! This Plymouth Volare is still sitting in the original owner’s barn, where it has been parked for most of its life. The seller inherited it from their Great Aunt and since they don’t have a need for it, they’ve decided to offer it right here as a Barn Finds Auction! In the past 42 years, it’s traveled just 20k miles and has remained all original. You can find it in Greenville, South Carolina and you can bid below.

It’s dusty, but it looks like this Plymouth will clean up nicely! The seller cleaned a spot off on the hood to show that the original paint still has some shine in it. Sitting on a dirt floor isn’t the best, but it appears that the barn has done its job of protecting this car from the worst of the elements. This one should prove to be fun to clean up, as it will completely transform the look of the car!

The seller remembers seeing this car parked in this barn when his family would visit his Great Aunt. The only times it moved was when she went to the bank, to work and to church, all of which was near her home. About 20 years ago, she stopped driving and the car was parked. Chances are it hasn’t been started or moved since. The seller wasn’t able to get a photo of the engine, but they did provide us with the VIN, which actually tells us a lot about the car. It’s a Premium Price class 4-door sedan with the 225 cui slant-six with the 2-barrel carburetor. While a V8 would be more exciting, the six-cylinder is an absolute beast when it comes to durability. Chances are with nothing more than a service and some fresh fuel, it will start right up and run great.

A good cleaning would do this car wonders, but since the seller lives in a different state, it’s not an easy task for them to undertake. Thankfully, they’ve set a very reasonable reserve. The ultra-low mileage is what makes this one stand out from other Volares. You really don’t find these or there Aspen cousins very often anymore, as most were driven into the ground. This one could be one of the lowest mileage examples left, and that alone makes it worth saving!

The car comes with the original title and the owner’s manual. A closer inspection might be in order. It definitely appears to have sat for most of its life and the interior would suggest that the mileage is accurate. Please leave questions in the comments section below or email us at So, if you end up winning this Mopar, will you just clean it up and drive it or turn it into the greatest sleeper ever?

  • Location: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Mileage: 20,817
  • Title: Clean
  • VIN: HP41-D7F-144568

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Sold for: $3,700
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Ended: Jul 31, 2020 1:05pm MDT
Winner: Lionel1966
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    Lionel1966 bid $3,700.00  2020-07-31 12:57:02
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    bid $3,000.00  2020-07-26 19:04:05
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    rcm11059 bid $2,650.00  2020-07-26 17:31:42
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    Hartnellcountry bid $2,100.00  2020-07-25 16:15:08
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    bid $2,000.00  2020-07-25 15:53:45
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    Hartnellcountry bid $1,500.00  2020-07-25 09:27:54
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    Cowlitz21 bid $500.00  2020-07-24 18:11:13


  1. Avatar photo Little_Cars

    Yep, that’s a great aunty car right there down to the tissue dispenser, trash can on the tranny hump and floral seat protectors to toss under you if the “old folks” tan vinyl seats get a little overheated.

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  2. Avatar photo don

    Really could be a great car , but the 1976 and 1977 Volare/Aspens had severe rust issues. I would really want to see under the hood and the sides of the car for lower fender and quarter panel rot. It could be a nice starter car for a guy in the classic car world -as long as he doesn’t live in the rust belt !

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    • Avatar photo jerry z

      I also wondered if the front fenders were replaced under the Chrysler recall.

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  3. Avatar photo Miguel

    There is a reserve on a Volare. I never thought I would see that.

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  4. Avatar photo Joey Machado

    First, vacuum at bottom of all windows. Don’t wash the dirt down into the doors as then mud and sand will grind the wheels, and window channels. Plus, continue to collect moisture later. No cracks in steering wheel or dash. No cracks top of door panels.
    Just a gofer car. Go get this and that. Most cars I find are fourdoors, in garages. Usually in almost perfect condition.
    These never interested me, but know a few that bought them new. Still they are rust free cars out here. Just no value. Too bad

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    • Avatar photo Catherine Donarumo

      Joey Machado, Still with your car enthusiasm…😀

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      • Avatar photo Joey Machado

        Since 1954. Created my first car related business

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    • Avatar photo Brent in Winnipeg

      We had a slant-six ’80 Volare in the family for 23 years; I owned it for final 10. Great car. Anvil reliability. I still regret selling it in 2003. Had only 143,000 kms after 23 years.

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  5. Avatar photo Kevin

    The seller might have better luck if they pulled it out of the garage and hosed it off before taking photos – or didn’t Auntie leave the keys?

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    • Avatar photo Ian C

      If you read the write-up, you would have noticed the seller lives in a different state from where the car is located. Depending on how far away it is, I don’t think it wold make enough difference to make a special trip just to move and clean a car.

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  6. Avatar photo John B

    Looks like it’s a Premier model with the upgraded interior, hood ornament and such. IF someone manages to clean it up and get it running, being a 4-door /6, these still don’t have any real collector value, but if someone just wants to drive around an old car, this could be an interesting choice.

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  7. Avatar photo mmoore3593 Member

    Does it run? When was it started last?

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    • Avatar photo Josh Mortensen Staff

      The seller lives in another state and didn’t attempt to start it when they were there last. Assume it doesn’t run.

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  8. Avatar photo Dan

    My parents had a brand new ’78 when they were first married. If my dad were still alive, I’m sure he’d disown me for bringing this thing home. Mom can still, to this day, tell you how much she hated that car.

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    • Avatar photo KARL

      I guess it depends what time and where the car was built – My dad also bought a new 1978 , it was a slant six powered red 4 door with a white vinyl roof . The only issue the car ever had was a blown rear end ,and that was because my cousin and I took it out and tried to do burnouts by revving it in neutral and dumping it into drive (we got about 5 done before it grenaded) After that he put over 160,000 before selling it ,and he only got rid of it because he was getting worried it might start breaking down on him . After that one he bought one of those Fox platform V6 LTD wagons – now that was a major P.O.S. !

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  9. Avatar photo Rick

    My neighbor had one. The left front fender literally fell off in the bushes. My father bought one, against my advice, and did not have it rustproofed against my advice. About a year after he bought it, the front fenders developed large holes. The dealer would do nothing.

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  10. Avatar photo Daren

    My parents bought one new in 76 it had the 225 cu inch slant six with the 2 barrel carb so it was actually called a ( Super Six ) it said super six right on the air cleaner lid it also had a 3 speed manual trans it was nice little car at the time!

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    • Avatar photo S

      It had to be a 77 then, because the Super Six was only available in the 1977 – 1979 model years.

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  11. Avatar photo Joe

    Hate to see what the frame looks like being on a dirt floor all these years.

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  12. Avatar photo Bob Mck

    I see dirt floors. Cars parked on dirt floors rust from the bottom up. Buyer better check the frame and floors of this car.

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  13. Avatar photo GregNJ2SC

    I live 15 min from greenville sc, if the owner can contact me ill go clean the car up

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    • Avatar photo Ronnie Hunt

      Greenville is one beautiful city lived there in 2008, I hated to leave but Florida and fishing was calling I shall return.

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  14. Avatar photo Don

    Motor will need a rebuild. Even if she had continued to use it, she never drove far enough to fully heat up the motor, more than likely it was condensated to death. I had a 77 wagon, and it was an indestructible beast. But just cause this in 20,000 orig miles, it is far from fresh.

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  15. Avatar photo Stevieg

    Don is right, as are Joe & Bob McK…this car is probably rougher than sandpaper underwear. I want to believe it is a cream puff, but I would have to see it in person before I would bid on it.

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  16. Avatar photo Dave

    This is 30 minutes away from me, but I don’t think this seller and I would get along all that well.

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  17. Avatar photo Jaymes

    Usually writing on a title, in this case blanking over a name probably voids it, be careful.

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    • Avatar photo Little_Cars

      @Jaymes that is probably for the purposes of the photo of the title, as often people don’t want an original owner contacted when their car is for sale. I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to take a Magic Marker and put a line through those two critical lines of the title. In any state, you would be booted out of the DMV.

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  18. Avatar photo tarpkir

    I live in Greenville, SC. I’m willing to go by and have a closer look, take some pictures underneath, if I can get an address, and if anyone is interested. Was going to bid, but it’s already past what I’d pay for it.

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  19. Avatar photo Jaker76

    The front fenders rusted from the top on these, saw several 2 year old company cars do that. We also had a couple that as turning left to get on interstates to blend with traffic they would just die! But the best was when my company car hit a modest chuck hole and broke the bolts holding on the left front lower a frame and allowed my car to come to a screeching halt! Guys at the Chrysler garage told me the bolts were rusted!!! @ year old Volare with 39,000 miles!! Worst cars ever been around and best thing is to crush it!

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  20. Avatar photo Little_Cars

    What we have here is a survivor, old lady car. Regardless of the condition of the frame, if cleaned up this is still a beige/brown/orangey 77 sedan of limited value. But I agree with most of the comments it would be dang reliable just not wrapped the most attractive package, clean or dirty. If it stays at $3000, runs and can be detailed maybe it will be well bought. Much more than that and I will be LMFAO.

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  21. Avatar photo S

    The Super Six is the engine to get on an Aspen / Volare / Diplomat / LeBaron of this time period. The 2 barrel carb really wakes up the slant 6, and it uses a lot less gas than a 318. When you got the Super six option, besides the 2 bbl carburetor, you also got a larger size exhaust pipe and a 2.94:1 rear axle ratio rather than the regular 2.76:1. All of these things combined helped the car feel like it had a V8 when it didn’t. Too bad they didn’t introduce the Super six a few years earlier, on the A body cars.

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  22. Avatar photo Todd Fitch Staff

    I learned how to drive on one of these, same color but a wagon with wood-grain and the upgraded plaid interior. Best of all my folks ordered it with the 318 and three-speed manual that had a big bent shifter with a black 8-ball style knob. I wonder how many floor-shifted Volare wagons were made? Anyway this sure brings back the memories. Good luck with the auction!

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  23. Avatar photo Mike

    I can’t believe no one has said it yet. Okay, here it goes. VOOOOOLARE…. WOOO-OH! LOL. Mom had a 77 2dr, the leaning tower of power, and a 3 on the tree. Good car. Always got in trouble, for bringing it home on empty…but I was in HS….what did I know

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  24. Avatar photo Larry

    Rented a ’76 in this color scheme in college with two friends for a one week break. No mileage charge. 6,000 miles in 8 days, Massachusetts to Grand Canyon and back. Paid for a 2-door, they gave us a four door, they tried unsuccessfully to collect the difference afterwards. Oh, and smacked a skunk on the Mass Turnpike the night before turning it in…

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