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UPDATE – The seller has added underside photos of the car, which you can find in the gallery below.

With summer in full swing, now is the ideal time to hit the road behind the wheel of a classic drop-top. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean having to compromise, which is something perfectly demonstrated by this 1995 Audi Cabriolet. It presents beautifully, with its interior offering a welcome blend of luxury and comfort. Its versatility means it could operate equally effectively as a weekend escape vehicle or a practical daily driver. The owner is ready to part with this German gem, listing it exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

The styling of some cars means they don’t necessarily “gel” in convertible form, but that isn’t an issue with this Audi. Its styling is crisp, making a bold statement in Tornado Red with a Black power top. Its presentation is impressive, with the paint shining beautifully. There are no signs of significant flaws or defects beyond the occasional minor stone-chip that proudly proclaims it is not a trailer queen. The panels are laser straight, with gaps that are as tight and consistent as you would rightly expect from a manufacturer of this caliber. There are no rust issues, which is unsurprising considering the company’s unrelenting focus on rust prevention and build quality. The top is in excellent condition, fitting tightly with no rips or splits. The plastic is free from UV and physical damage, while the glass looks flawless. The car rolls on its original alloy wheels that are stain-free and shine as winningly as the paint.

Luxury and safety equipment abounds inside this Audi, with the new owner receiving dual airbags, leather upholstery, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, cruise control, a leather-wrapped tilt wheel, acres of timber trim, and an AM/FM radio/cassette player. The interior is as it left the factory, with no aftermarket additions beyond a practical set of mats to protect the carpet. There are a couple of flaws and imperfections, but I believe the new owner should easily address these in a home workshop. The timber veneer has lifted in a couple of small areas, but a spot of glue should address that. The same is true of the leather on the door trims, but the same approach should yield positive results. However, addressing them is not an urgent need, meaning the buyer could enjoy the car immediately but have a few simple tasks to occupy their time in the dead of winter. Beyond that, this interior needs nothing. The leather seat covers are free from wear, with the outer bolster edges particularly noteworthy. The plastic is excellent, and the top boot is perfect.

If one thing helps an Audi stand out beyond mere mortals, it is the company’s range of excellent engines. This Cabriolet features a beautiful 2.8-liter V6 that sends 172hp and 184 ft/lbs of torque to the road via a four-speed automatic transmission. The ¼-mile ET of 17.2 seconds is not startling, but it doesn’t tell this classic’s full story. These are superb long-distance tourers, capable of cruising all day effortlessly with the needle pegged at 70mph. The low-end torque delivery makes them accomplished, effortless, and surprisingly economical daily drivers. Combine those factors, and there are no reasons why this Audi should be consigned solely to weekend use. It is a two-owner classic with a mere 44,000 miles on the clock. The marque’s well-earned reputation for longevity means that reading is a mere drop in the ocean, and there are no reasons why it shouldn’t still be plying our roads decades into the future. It is a turnkey proposition where the winning bidder could fly in and build a rapport with the car as they drive it home.

Classic convertibles come in all shapes and sizes, but the versatility of this 1995 Audi Cabriolet may make it irresistible. The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, and its attention to quality across its many marques is legendary. That is apparent in this car’s overall presentation, with paint finish and panel gaps that are hard to ignore. The enormity of the corporation means that spares will be available for decades, meaning the winning bidder could still be slipping behind the wheel of this gem for many decades. However, its versatility could be its greatest attribute because it would be equally comfortable on the freeway, touring quiet country roads, or coping with the cut and thrust as a daily driver. If you’re suddenly feeling sorely tempted, now could be the perfect time to admit this German drop-top into your life.

  • Location: Flint, Michigan
  • Mileage: 44,000
  • Engine: 2.8-Liter V6
  • Transmission: Four-Speed Hydramatic
  • VIN: WAUAA88G6SA002489
  • Title Status: Clean

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Ended: Jun 14, 2023 10:00am MDT
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  • djvthewriter bid $6,000.00  2023-06-14 09:38:59
  • Lar bid $5,100.00  2023-06-14 09:32:55
  • djvthewriter bid $4,850.00  2023-06-14 06:40:17
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  • Lar bid $4,600.00  2023-06-13 17:40:27
  • djvthewriter bid $4,475.00  2023-06-13 17:30:05
  • Lar bid $4,375.00  2023-06-13 13:18:07
  • djvthewriter bid $4,275.00  2023-06-13 10:52:00
  • Lar bid $4,000.00  2023-06-13 07:38:58
  • TreeNutz bid $3,900.00  2023-06-13 06:00:29
  • Lar bid $3,800.00  2023-06-12 17:54:11
  • Marc64 bid $3,700.00  2023-06-12 13:42:01
  • Lar bid $3,600.00  2023-06-11 14:11:07
  • marcsnyderman bid $3,500.00  2023-06-11 10:00:25
  • Lar bid $3,100.00  2023-06-10 21:39:07
  • papalou67 bid $3,000.00  2023-06-10 10:08:54
  • Lar bid $2,800.00  2023-06-09 11:53:58
  • papalou67 bid $2,600.00  2023-06-09 09:16:39
  • A.J Forgo
    A.J Forgo bid $2,500.00  2023-06-08 05:35:16
  • Rferri
    Rferri bid $2,000.00  2023-06-07 09:51:47
  • UncleSnuggs bid $600.00  2023-06-06 17:20:33
  • RoadTripRevival bid $500.00  2023-06-06 14:14:07


  1. PairsNPaint

    I purchased one of these off a VW dealer’s lot in 2000. Bright yellow with black top/interior. Wife called it the Bumblebee. One day (literally) after we brought it home the ignition switch broke. The dealer was reluctant to do anything until I threatened lawsuit. Had the car about three years, generally was reliable (after aforementioned incident), but with the automatic it was a dog acceleration-wise. Very comfortable for long stretches as the author states. Top raising motors went out, that’s when I got rid of it. Original window sticker MSRP was around $40K IIRC.

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  2. ML

    Worked for Audi when these 1st came out. the 2.8 wasnt very quick & if it didnt leak oil it consumed it like a 2 stroke! That would all happen while vehicle was under warranty.

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  3. charlie Member

    Have owned two Audi’s. In general repairs cost 2x as much for same repair on a Chevy, but, occur half as often. If you buy this replace the engine belt immediately (and associated water pump etc.) since although the owner’s manual says every 110,000 miles, they also age out, and it is an interference engine so if it breaks, engine is toast. It has 8 ball joints, but depending on which ones go, you can keep driving until 4 have bit the dust – labor intensive to replace. Oil leaks are not as bad as old Harley’s but worse than any car I have ever had – and that is approaching 30 including a ’39 MG.

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  4. alphasud Member

    These were good looking cars when they were sold new. I think if Audi had offered a 5-speed manual and maybe the Quattro option they would have sold in greater numbers. I’m surprised one comment stated these engines used oil. The 2.8 12 valve was used in both VW and Audi models and I never noticed oil consumption was an issue. Oil leaks were common just like any of the Audi/VW engines. Yes I would replace the timing belt ASAP if original and no the front suspensions on these do not have 8 ball joints. That came on the next generation A4/A6/A8 models.
    I don’t think you will find a nicer low mileage example for a classic German convertible and rare to boot these days.

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    • whilst

      Correct on all facts. I’ve had more than a few Audis. Still have ’99 A6q that replaced a ’92 100q, with the 2.8 12v. Leaks> Hell yes. ‘Burning’,no; consumption by leakage,of course. >> Amusing when I read of people complaing their car consumes oil between changes.
      Much simpler suspension compared to the present ‘ball joint fiesta’ on current one!

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  5. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Beautiful car someone will have loads of fun !

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  6. pixelpusher

    I had the VW cousin to this as a EOS. Never understood why AUDI went the way of the soft top and VW went to a retractable hardtop. EOS was a 4 cylinder with manual which made it fun. I’m sure this is as fun and comfortable as it was. Good luck to seller and lucky new owner!

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  7. J. Spinner

    I had one of these, a 97, same colors. It rwabean about 220k when I sold it. Best most stable FWD I ever drove, zero torque steer. These cars were all hand assembled and came with an actual signed certificate to that effect.

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  8. Ken fox

    I live 30 miles from flint whats the address the 95 audi located

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  9. djvthewriter Member

    If this car has spent its life in FLINT….wonder if the undercarriage has rust and the interior side of the wheels the same. The road department in that area uses lots of salt on roads in wintertime.

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    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      The seller has added photos of the underside and it looks good.

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  10. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Audis from this era are generally underrated, largely because the majority of the ones you see are owned by cut-rate 3rd/4th owners who put nothing into the maintenance budget. I have a ’95 S6 Avant that I purchased from the original owner than was looked after quite well and it’s an overbuilt car with very few flaws. Change the timing belt, water pump, and otherwise enjoy with the obvious awareness that it will need slightly more tending than a Lumina. Good luck with the auction!

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  11. Michael Halady

    Absolutely agreed! That applies to this 12v V6 as well. They are actually a really solid underdog motor that is almost always neglected and criticized, but rarely understood.

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