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The Blazer nameplate has been used on a variety of Chevrolet vehicles dating back to 1969. While there was a full-size Blazer at the time, there was also the S-10 Blazer from 1983 to 2005, a compact SUV that saw two generations of production. This Blazer has only had two owners until now and at one time spent 15 years in dry storage. It’s been used but well-cared for, can be found in the great State of Maine, and is available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $3,250.

General Motors rolled out the new Chevrolet S-10 Blazer and its GMC counterpart, the S-15 Jimmy, for 1983. There was also an S-10 pick-up version as well. Originally, these SUVs were available only in 2-door configurations, with 4-door models appearing beginning with 1991 along with standard four-wheel anti-lock brakes. In 1992, the engine of choice for the S-10 Blazer was the 4.3-liter, 262 cubic inch V-6. That year’s model was little change from the 1991 edition.

The seller of this 1992 S-10 Blazer indicates its only been on the road again for the past couple of years after spending a 15-year retirement inside a garage. When this resurgence occurred, the seller went through the car to ensure it was roadworthy again. This would include things such as fluid changes and brakes (we’re not sure about the tires). The vehicle has recorded 182,000 miles (while the classified says 160,000), so it wasn’t a garage queen prior to that sabbatical.

The body isn’t perfect, but the paint should react well to a coat of wax. It’s not without rust, with some present on one of the wheel-well openings and under a rocker panel. That probably should be attended to sooner rather than later. The rear hatch is going to need a new piston to hold up the glass and the front bumper looks to have been bumped. The interior is quite serviceable but showing its age. The driver’s side seat bottom has some noticeable wear and the carpeting is getting thin in places. There looks to be an aftermarket stereo in the dashboard.

This Blazer is said to be a reliable daily driver now and delivery to the buyer may be possible for expenses. These vehicles were known to be long-lasting; a friend of mine owned a ’94 Blazer and put 250,000 miles on it before having a mid-life crisis and getting a sports car instead. These SUVs are considered used cars in the open market and the seller has priced his as such.

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    I had a white ’84 S-10 Blazer, and while I liked the concept, it was the 2nd worst vehicle I owned. Of course, having a wife ( now ex) who put the gas pedal to the floor whenever she was pissed off at me, didn’t help either. She burned out 2 motors. These newer ones addressed many of the shortcomings. The 4 doors was a welcome change for families, and the 4.3 was 10 times the motor the 2.8 was, I did have a good 2.8 or 2, but none the ex drove. Considering what SUV’s go for today, you can’t go wrong here. Even if it needs a motor, they are a dime a dozen. To be honest, I wish my square body had a 4.3.

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  2. Dale

    I owned this very Blazer, color and all bought new in 1993. I got it because of the four wheel drive and my daughter needing to drive to high school in Michigan winters. My dad was a GM employee, so I bought GM products. It was the worst vehicle I ever owned. The paint was so thin, road slag would cut into the body and then it would rust through. The locks would freeze in cold weather, regardless of using lubricants on them. The engine was the real bad news. Blew a head gasket at about 15,000 miles after the top rebuild, threw a rod and needed a rebuild about 10,000 miles later. This was the depths of GMs inability to do anything well.

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  3. Dave

    Ummm…. this is a $500 parts car, at best.

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  4. RobB

    I bought a 93, brand new. It was the 3.6 V6 4 wheel drive. I bought it to tow my race car and trailer, approximately 5K pounds. Had no problems what so ever. I traded it in and bought a 2003 Chrysler (got married with child). Wish I had it back.

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    • Stevieg

      I don’t believe these had a 3.6 liter engine in 1993.
      Nice little truck. I have had nothing but great experiences with the 4.3 liter engine. Too bad this one is only 2 wheel drive. That limits the market a bit. Still a great driver!

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      • Danton

        Wasn’t it a 2.8?

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      • Stevieg

        I could be wrong, but I believe these were all 4.3 by 1992. I know the S10 pickup still had the 2.8, but not the Blazer any more. If I am wrong, please let me know. I can take it like a man lol.

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  5. Ed Nash

    Gee all this “worst vehicle I ever owned” talk breaks my heart to hear!
    I drove one for 435,000 miles with loving 2,000 mile oil changes, grease jobs(yes it came with zerk fittings from the factory)! 4.3 was a peppy engine that never ever let me down. Drove a pickup version as well and put over 400,000 miles on it with the little Isuzu 4 cyl gas engine. Same results it just would not die. Never replaced a single suspension part except shocks. And these were driven on rough country roads. For me, “best vehicle I ever owned” were the little S-trucks!

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    • Danton

      Oil changes every 2K miles?!?!? A bit excessive, no?

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      • Ed Nash

        I didn’t think so with the conventional oils at the time and the dusty country air/roads and the resulting 400,000 + miles!

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  6. Ralph Paine

    Great sturdy units. I’m in Michigan so any that are left look like the brown potato chip at the bottom of the bag.
    Son lives in Denver and has sent me 5 surprisingly nice examples. 1st gens have not yet caught the rising tide yet so $5K still buys fun & investment.

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  7. Bill

    My dad had one pretty similar to this one the only difference is his had a bench seat in the front. The best I remember the transmission slipped when it went into overdrive and the ac didn’t work. He was still making payments when he passed away so I let the CU have it back. Good riddance

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  8. Jim

    I bought a 4X4 94 S10 Blazer 15yrs ago for $2500 & drove it for almost 5yrs. When I got rid of it, it had about the mileage this one has on it now. IMO, it is WAY overpriced for age, mileage & being a 2wd. $1000 to $1500 would be a more reasonable price range.

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