BF Classifieds: 1998 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

The SN95 Ford Mustang has quietly existed between the iconic Fox bodies and the nostalgic throwback design that marked the fifth generation. Like so many other essentially good cars that get stuck between well-loved vehicles and game-changing platforms, it can be easy to forget that such a model era even existed. This 1998 GT convertible is here to show you that we shouldn’t sleep on any well-preserved Mustang, as few other options represent a better value for a reliable muscle car that looks and sounds good. Check out this clean GT convertible listed here on the Barn Finds Classifieds with under 6,000 original miles and an asking price of $19,995.

The propensity for this generation to show up as a tired secretary’s car with the anemic six-cylinder is partially to blame for why they’re not more loved by enthusiasts. If there’s anything I truly love about the new models, it’s that you don’t have to pony up to the eight-cylinder to get a car with respectable performance. The SN95s were still from the era in which the V8 was the only sensible choice if you wanted a true performance car, but then again, the Cobra was an option as well. This convertible model is in the sweet spot of being a strong performer but also an excellent cruising car, with a smooth-shifting automatic transmission and handsome leather interior.

The condition certainly supports the low mileage claim, with an interior that looks like it hasn’t seen much seat time. This is a far cry from most Mustangs of this generation, even in GT spec. The Cobras tend to be kept as time-warp cars, but most GTs by this point have long since abandoned any hope of being a summer-only driver in mint condition. The seller claims the driver’s seat shows moderate wear but the rest of the seats appear to have never been sat in, and the pictures confirm this. The automatic may not be the first choice, but most convertibles seem to have two pedals by an overwhelming majority. It should be absolutely fine for a fair-weather cruiser.

With the top up, you’re reminded of how a brand new convertible roof looks. Typically, you see these with yellowed windows and stitching coming undone. No such issues on this car, which (thankfully) retains a factory exhaust. Even low mileage Mustangs tend to have their exhaust systems swapped out without hesitation, so seeing one that remains in stock condition is truly a anomaly. The chance to own a nearly new Mustang GT that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is a rare find, and especially a generation that doesn’t often enjoy such high levels of preservation.


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Jeff, good job capturing this generation of Mustangs. They have mostly been under the radar, existing between the popular Fox Bodies and the well-respected 5th Gen cars. The Cobras are the models of choice, but beyond them it is not easy finding a stock, clean example like this. This one might be a little pricey but not much, given its mileage and condition. I can envision when (in the not-too-distant future) these start to significantly pick up in collectability and value.

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  2. ccrvtt

    Talk about loving a car, I had a ’98 Pacific Green convertible with the 3.8 V-6. I bought it when it was a year old and kept it for 10 years. I taught both children how to drive in it (Go left Sarah. No, your other left…). Fortunately most of the custom bodywork those two did was on the Neon.

    The 3.8 was not a muscle car by any stretch but it did have adequate torque and it was fun to drive. If I were able to start a collection I would definitely have another SN95. They were relatively cheap, not exceptional build quality, handled well, and looked good.

  3. art

    Just a word of caution, these were notorious for cracked manifolds due to a design flaw wherein the A/C condensation drain dripped on the hot manifolds.
    Not a cheap repair. Suggest potential buyers check online for “1998 Mustang issues”, that should pull up potential problems.
    If you hear what sounds like an exhaust leak, bingo.
    Nice car though.

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  4. MoragaPulsar

    Washington license plates, but located in California. Curious as to why – recently moved? problem found after purchase? just flipping? (which is okay, I get it but would like to know).

    • John

      Pictures were when it was first purchased from original owner that had just moved to California. Has California plated now. Bought it for my daughter but she prefers the newer car ride and feel.

  5. Philip Lepel

    We have a 2004 “new edge” v6 convertible we picked up for only $2200.with 165k. Fresh paint and a little body work and it looks like new. A set of 18 in wheels off a 2015 mustang fill the wheel wells and she holds her own parked next to my brothers $22k 2015 Miata and my BIL’s $20k 2002 Jaguar.

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