BF Exclusive: 1957 Jeep CJ-5 For $500

1957 CJ5

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From Mark – This Jeep actually belonged to my son in law. He got it a few years ago to plow snow in his driveway, but he moved to Las Vegas and didn’t need it so I inherited it. I thought about restoring it but I’d rather spend my time with my motorcycles. It’s a 1957 CJ5, original motor (oddly, an F-head 4), it runs OK, not great. It got a new clutch a couple years ago. It’s pretty much all there, but the body is very rusty. It probably needs a new tub. I have some literature, maybe a service manual. I’d like to get $500, but if someone showed up with a trailer and cash I’d certainly negotiate. I listed it in craigslist last spring. I had a couple nibbles but that’s it. It isn’t listed anywhere currently.

Rusty Body

Red Seats

This Jeep is located in Connecticut and you can email Mark here if interested!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Dbauer

    Seems a location was not added to post! Thanks in advance for correction, db

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  2. Mike H. Mike H.

    Seats are from an early Mustang? I like the colour combination of the red seats against the teal green (and rusty brown, of course!).

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    Any Jeep is always worth it, regardless of condition. A former friend had an older one with plow that was actuated with a hydraulic bottle jack to raise the plow. Things sure have changed.

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  4. Bill

    Man if it was near me I’d already be playing with it! Why are these vehicles NEVER near me…. maybe that’s a good thing….

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  5. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Seems pretty fair. Very versatile rig. Aside from plowing, haul your ice shack to the lake, deer hunting, all sorts of uses on the property. Summer fun also, load up the gang and head to the resort for fish fry. Way cooler than an old golf cart or ATV. Enjoy it! Take care, Mike.

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  6. Art M.

    Wonder where it’s located and if it has a blade? Don’t know if it’s worth restoring, but it probably has a lot of good parts. After all it’s only $500.00.

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  7. OA5599

    For $500 you can’t go wrong. Parts are plentiful for this rig. I like the look!

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  8. Jason Houston

    My father bought a dark met. blue one new in 1957, but unfortunately, ours never had the rare optional Mustang bucket seats. We only had it a short time, but it was a ton of fun while it lasted.

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  9. Mike

    Might need the tub????????
    I know you can pick up a lot of after market replacement parts for these now days, but I think the comment might need the tub is good, oh yeah did I forget it might need the fenders also. But for $500 you can’t go wrong, if nothing else it is a cheap weekend toy for me up at the off road areas of ST Joe State Park!!!!!

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  10. MountainMan

    Too bad its on the opposite side of the country from me. Im sure it wont last at $500 or even less….if it was within a days drive from me I would already be on my way to get it.

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  11. Bobby

    E-mail link is not working. I am interested in buying it and I am in Massachusetts.
    Mike e-mail me to set up a time to come look at it possibly Friday afternoon or Saturday anytime.

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  12. John

    I’m in CT. Do you have the plow? Was just talking to a friend about needed a short wheelbase plow.

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    • Mark

      Yes have the plow but I don’t want to separate them

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