BF Exclusive: 1964 Plymouth Fury Project

1964 Plymouth Fury

While we were over in Wyoming for the 4th, we made sure to followup on a few leads. My Dad had told me about a Mopar that one of his friends had stashed away in a barn. All he knew was that it had a big block, a 4-speed, and that the bodywork was supposedly all done. Well, the story was a little different when we arrived. It was a 1964 Plymouth Fury that the guy had saved from the scrapyard, but it wasn’t as good as we had hoped. Some of the bodywork had been completed, but it was going to need a lot more to look decent. The seller had parted out another Fury in an attempt to gather together all the parts needed for the restoration. Everything was nicely organized, but there was no telling what all was still missing. There was a fresh 383 sitting on the shelf along with a 4-speed. The seller’s asking price ($4,000) was more than I could justify though. So, if any of you are interested please leave a comment below and I’ll forward the seller’s contact info. What do you guys think? Should I have jumped on this one?


  1. jim s

    what is the story on the vehicle on the right in first photo? buy the fury if you are going to resell maybe, but not to work on. there is enough work just keeping the current BF project cars on the road. plus running the site. nice find.

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  2. Luke Fitzgerad

    I like the shelving – buy that instead

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  3. Rick

    $4K isn’t a bad buy for that Fury since its a 4 spd

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      It wasn’t originally one though. The guy does have the transmission tunnel ready to weld in. I suppose that if you wanted something to modify, this would be a good one.

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  4. Randy Forbes

    My first car was a ’64 Sport Fury (318/2 bbl auto & floor-shift); my dad brought it home brand new on the night of November 22, 1963__anybody remember what else happened on that day, it was BIG NEWS and has not happened again since?

    The “Bronze Chariot” would have 106,000 miles on it before it was handed down to me in 1971. But in its heyday, it took Mom, dad & me on a few epic vacations! In 1965, we drove from Detroit to San Antonio to see my brother graduate at Fort Sam Houston. Then in 1966, we went all the way to Long Beach to visit my Mother’s brother, catching Route 66 from south of Chicago. Then up to San Francisco and across the plains on I-80, back to MoTown!

    Passing through the Southwest, my Mother wanted us to drive with the windows up, so people would think we had air conditioning, lol! We didn’t of course, but it was funny at the time… ;)

    This one was gorgeous in 2-tone; Chestnut with a lighter Sandalwood top, and the same 2-tone colored interior, with bucket seats, console and factory tinted glass. It was a great looking car, even if in that base powertrain configuration, it would barely get out of its own way!

    I put another 30,000 miles on it before kicking it to the curb, in favor of a brand new ’73 MGB Tourer. My dad sold it to own of the guys he worked with, but the last time I saw it, it was still sitting at the back of their Camping Trailer and Motorhome Sales lot__where I had parked it

    I’d love to build another ’64 Plymouth “fun car” but the problem is, I’d need like six (6) of them!

    I’d have to have a correct/concours version of my original; a Max-Wedge SS/A clone Savoy in either red/red or white/blue; a 426 (or 440 look-a-like) 4-speed Sport Fury convertible in black with red & black interior.

    I’d also want a Sport Fury Coupe in 2-tone metallic blue/blue-blue interior resto-mod, with all modern running gear and amenities, and round off the collection with a Fury Station Wagon__to tow the Max Wedge to the drags, of course! Fortunately, Desoto Speedway is barely twelve (12) miles away (I can hear the cars running on nights when the wind is blowing the right way__or SEE THE SKY LIGHT UP when their running the jet exhibition cars).

    Finally, a black/black Belvedere 4-dr hdtp (or it might have to be a Fury__don’t remember if the Bvdr did a pillarless 4-dr…) with a 426 (or 440 clone) push-button auto with blackwalls and dog-dish hubcaps, sort of a throwback to the FBI cars of the era.

    However, starting out with just one ’64 Plymouth isn’t a bad thing.

    That picture is just a generic one off the ‘net, but it does show those exquisite lines to good effect!

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    • Larry cheese 64

      Hey bro, I would have bought it, without a second thought, I just bought one from the Mopar farm in Montana for 2,000, no motor and trans, stock 4 speed need work it being blasted as we speak, the cars are rare! I’m having a little problem finding parts, but I’m finding them thanks.

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  5. Ed P

    This would be a beautiful car when put back together. The 383 and 4 speed would be a lot of fun to drive. No shortage of power even with a 2bbl 383. However, there is a tremendous amount of work to do on this one. This car needs a ‘one project owner’.

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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like was said – not a factory 4 speed car….if it was I’m sure it would have been gone at that price if it was any thing and I’m sure he’s told more than your dad about it….still not bad….I wouldn’t jump on it…..but I was looking !

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    If “fresh 383” means rebuilt, wouldn’t that be worth $4000 alone?

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  8. Jerry Hubbard

    Question, is it still available? Let me know as, the only NEW car I have ever purchased was a 64 Plymouth Fury, 383 4 sd, posi, with 4 barrell carb to produce 330 hp. I was beat once by a 64 ford with a 429, 4 sp, but then we raced twice more, and I won them.
    OH, also, it was a convertible with dark blue metallic paint, dark blue carpet and blue interior. I put over 150,000 miles on it and then sold it, kick myself today for ever selling it, but the wife was pg and thought we needed a hard top so the baby wouldn’t get cold.
    Shoulda said screw the kid and kept the car….but he did turn out okay I guess.

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  9. Gary

    I need lower quarter panels, left and right From the Body molding down. Front and rear bumpers, . Gary. 1964 Fury conv

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