BF Exclusive: 1964 Plymouth Valiant Signet

1964 Plymouth Valiant Signet

The owner of this Valiant is a Toyota Master Tech and would have liked to trade it for that Toyota Dually we featured the other day, but that opportunity has passed. So, he has decided to list it with us and see if any of our readers are interested. Darren purchased the car from the original owner all the way back in 1986! Unfortunately, it has been sitting for 20 years, but the engine does run and the push button transmission shifts. This is a Signet model and it has the optional 225 engine fitted so it’s definitely worth some consideration. The car is located in Scott City, Missouri and Darren is asking $3,500. You can contact him via email here.

Signet Interior

Things look pretty crusty inside, but not beyond saving. The headliner is drooping, but the seats don’t look too bad. Those bucket seats were part of the Signet package which also included unique hubcaps and exterior trim. These cars had a sporty image with their sleek styling and lightweight slant-six engine. Earlier cars featured an aluminum block, but this one should have an iron one. Darren didn’t provide us with any photos of the engine, but he claims that it still runs. This car also features the automatic transmission which was controlled with cool push buttons on the dash.

64 Grill Design

Many small tweaks were made to the Valiant in 1964. The new grill design was one of them and I must say that it gives the car a much more muscular look. Perhaps they were just getting ready for the V8 which was coming down the pipeline. The Valiant had always been fitted with a slant six, but Plymouth eventually dropped a V8 into it. These intermediate cars were built to be everything to everyone. You could get a cheap one, a sporty one, an economical one, or even a luxurious one. This particular example looks like it fit right in between luxury and sport. Hopefully this cygnet Signet will find a good home with a Mopar enthusiast who can see what it could become someday.


  1. Ed P

    Being a 2 door hardtop makes this car interesting. Most Valiants were sedans. If there is not to much hidden rust, this would be a good project car.

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  2. Acuda4me

    A V-8 was available for 1964, the new 273!

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  3. John B

    The basis for the first Barracuda?

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  4. Mike

    I am only about 60 miles from Scott City and have to go to Cape Girardeau this weekend I might make a call and go by and look this old thing over.

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  5. james burton

    my bro has on of these with a stroker b1 6.80s 1/8 mile car that is a trill to drive. goes strait as an arrow. pics included

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  6. ROTAG999

    Luxury Valiant…………. you got’s to be kidding…………….LMAO.

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  7. Bruce

    Do a nice paint job, 340 / 4 speed, and let the smoke roll !

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  8. tompdx

    My grandma had one of these and gifted it to my sister in the 70’s. Quite the sleeper with it’s V8 – she could blow the doors of most of the guys’ “hot rods” in HS!

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  9. RoughDiamond

    Saw a ’64 once with a 273 and 4-speed, but did not know if the 4-speed was factory or not. Neat little cars. My experience with a ’64 Signet was a nightmare. Darn thing with the slant 6 vapored locked on me not once, but three times on the same day. It was during a summer heat wave and I was trying to get home during rush hour traffic on one of the busiest four lane roads that ran to and from town. If I’d had a gun, I would have unloaded it into the body, before they hauled me off in a squad car. Gave it away and never missed it a day.

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  10. R Baker

    Nice a $1000 car for $3500

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  11. Darren

    I’ve started rebuilding the brakes. I will have new tires next week and she will be driving. I guess the high price was because of Dad and I driving this one for many years. I bought from the original owner in 1986. So starts the restoration. I need help with headliner but with very little rust through, I think I can get her really nice again. Thank you guys

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