BF Exclusive: 1965 Impala Convertible

1965 Impala Convertible

Every once is a while we have the pleasure of featuring an exclusive. If you haven’t already figured it out, that means that one of our readers sends in a car that they are trying to sell. We have helped many people find new homes for their prized classics and it feels good to be a small part of the process. The owner believes this Impala could make a great father-son project and we couldn’t agree more.

Convertible Top

This particular car is special because it was purchased new by Sharon’s father in the 1965 from Nikki Chevrolet in Chicago, Illinois. It obviously needs some attention, but the engine has already been rebuilt. The 283 V8 may not have been the most powerful option available in ’65, but it should be sufficient in a cruiser like this.

Impala Interior

The automatic transmission continues the cruiser theme. The carpet and seat covers have been replaced and there’s reportedly one wear spot on the piping near the top of the driver’s side seat. It would be fun to drop the top and drive down to the local ice cream stand on warm summer nights.

Some Bodywork

Sharon mentioned that the rear left frame has been repaired, but doesn’t mention what caused the damage. Prospective buyers will want to check that out, but as long as the work was done right, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Multiple boxes of spare parts come with the car and include new rear quarter panels and a couple of grills.


A closer inspection is probably in order here, but if everything checks out, the $6,500 asking price seems reasonable. The car is located in Highland, Indiana and you can contact Sharon via email here if you’re interested.

Thanks for listing this with us Sharon. We wish you luck with the sale and hope your father’s car finds a good home!


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  1. flmkey

    …love the dash…noticed the gauges…wonder if that came with or added on…also, is that a vacuum gauge on the right hand side? Wonderful car, decent asking price…nothing like the whining sound of a 283/powerglide….

    • David Montanbeau

      Those are factory gauges and the vacuum gauge also. Mine being a 409-400 had the tach instead of the vacuum gauge.

      • David Montanbeau

        65 Impala Gauges

        Like 1
  2. David Montanbeau

    Good 409 candidate. Here was mine in 1968. I was 16 with a car that had a lot of power. 1965 Impala SS triple black drop top. 409-400 M-22. Had 20,000 miles and paid 400.00 on a payment plan. O what fun it was.

    • Joe Howell

      Nice looking car. I was 17 in 1968 with a 65 Impala 2 door hardtop, Ermine white with black interior. Mine was a 325 horse 396, Posi-traction with a 4 speed and a bench seat. Man, did I have fun too.

      • David Montanbeau

        A lot of similarities How cool, what city? All this was in Redford Township MI. Another 490 car with the drop top.

  3. Bill Hutchison

    I have an unusual car that I would like to sell with your help — I’m never going to get to it. Its a 1969 Pontiac Beaumont. If you are unfamiliar with the Beaumont, its because its a Canadian Pontiac. The body is identical to a 1969 Chevelle except for all the Pontiac Beaumont badging, unique Beaumont taillights, unique Pontiac grille and nose, and unique Beaumont dash. The car came from Montreal where winters are harsh and that means salt. It will take a LOT of work by someone with good body skills but all the repop Chevelle body panels are identical. It probably should be crushed but its priced for $1000 — hey the crusher will give $400 !! Frame is nasty, virtually every body panel needs work/replacement, no engine but does have T350, rally wheels, all the trim and complete interior. Think there is any interest out there? If so I can send pics and what is your “arrangement”??

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Hi Bill, you can submit your car for consideration here:


    • David Montanbeau

      Scrap only going for 40 a ton USA. We scrap cars all the time. Metal is way down.

  4. redwagon

    3 years old and you paid $400???!!!

    i know depreciation is a bummer but you *must* have had a sweat heart deal. no way a 3 year old car depreciates that much under normal circumstances. it was at least $3,200 new off the lot. that would mean that the residual was about 12.5% of new car price or a drop of 87.5% in 3 years. i wish that were true today we would all be driving used.

    • Joe Howell

      I think the price of my used 1965 396 powered Impala (see above) in October of 1967 (after the 68’s were out) was $1999. I think it had about 24,000 miles or so on it.

  5. redwagon

    fyi this v8 convertible coupe started at $3,051 in 1965. not trying to begrudge the seller what seems to be a reasonable fee, just saying money isnt worth what it used to be.

    • David Montanbeau

      The 20-year-old that bought it brand new from Emmert Chev on Grand River in Detroit in late 64. He was only 16 and his dad had to co-sign. In 66, he lost his DL for racing and his mom said to get the car out of the yard. I was looking 4 a 4 speed for a 63 09 car the I was fixing up. When he said 400, I started walking away, I was making a 1.00 an hour washing dishes and going to school. He called me back and ask if I could do payments? The rest is history. Sold the 63 and the 65 was my everyday car. Dates, school, work and street and drag strip car. Then in 1969-70, I bought this strip only 62 Impala 409 409 4 speed bench seat car with no drivetrain with 2000 miles for 200. Those were the days.

      • Mike H. Mike H.

        David, is that a GMC PD-3751 (Greyhound Silversides) in the background? 6-71 2-stroke diesel powered; tons of noise, smoke, and motive power?

      • David Montanbeau

        This was the engine. It was a 50s Detroit City Bus that we converted to camping.

  6. Kevin

    This identical car was my first. Bought it from a friend of my Dad’s in 1973 for $175. The only difference was mine had a black top.

  7. redwagon

    David M you said you grew up in Redford Twp, where abouts? I lived near 6 and Beech from 65-79. Faced the golf course behind the Marathon station.

    • David Montanbeau

      Email me Don’t want to jam this up. 5 and Beech

      • redwagon

        pm sent

  8. Rocco Member

    Good luck with the sale.

  9. Tyler

    Oh man if I wasn’t 6 projects deep right now, a road trip would be in order. This is my favorite year Impala, & coincidently it coincides with the year I was born. This is the car I want to cruise Route 66 in when I retire. Some may consider it sacrilege, but I would have to put a 5.3 LS & 4l60 in it. Then upgrade the suspension & brakes, & drive it everywhere.

  10. Roselandpete

    I remember that dealer from the 60’s. Nickey Chevrolet. Home of the backward K.

  11. erikj

    BOY!!! Those where the days. I have so many memory’s from the 70-80s of cars I bought or lost or seen for cheap. lucky to have had what I did . among those where the 3rd built 64 gto, 66 Shelby ford racer and a 70 440-six pack cuda with only 55k miles and it got me to love my favorite color -fz7 plum crazy (dodge), I now have a 71 duster fc7 stick buckets that I want to get done. but back in the day I had a bunch of the good stuff.

  12. marvin turner Member

    My wife & I drive team,OTR :truck driver’s, would like to schedule a visit to come up,if still available.

  13. James Turner

    In 1965 I remember my mother bought a new Chevy Impala 2 door hardtop with the 327 and automatic tranny.It was painted a greenish turquoise color with a black vinyl top. A very nice looking car but within 3 to 4 years the rear window developed a water leak and water drained into the trunk floor. that car turned into a rust bucket especially around the triple tail light areas, Also the vinyl top was lifting and rusting underneath and had to be stripped off. She then had the roof rust repaired and had it painted black rather than re- vinyl it. Its such a disappointment to by a new car and by the time its almost paid off it turns into a rust bucket. She did run the car regularly threw the car wash.

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