BF EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Buick Skylark Convertible

We’ve all been there, started a project and never gotten around to finishing it. Well, reader, Michael S started working on his 1968 Buick Skylark Convertible a while back, but just hasn’t ever gotten around to finishing it. It’s time to clean the barn out though and the Buick needs to go. Michael has a lot of parts for it, so any Buick parts found in the barn go with it. He’s asking $2,500 or best offer for everything and it’s currently located in his barn in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I’ll let him tell you a bit more about it below.

From Michael – Started as a project and never finished. Buick 350 has been rebuilt and is not in the car, but included with sale. Many parts that go with it, including a complete set of Rallye wheels. Will clean the raccoon feces off. It will need floor pan work, but the frame is solid. The gas tank is out of the car.

I believe there is both a Hydramatic 300 and a Turbo-Hydramatic 400. All Buick transmissions and engines and associated parts located in the barn are included in the sale. Or I can scrap whatever is not taken. The reason for taking it off the road was blown a rear main seal. Not parting out until the main car is sold and we see how much is left. There is more than one engine, but only one is rebuilt.

While there’s a lot of work to be done, this seems like a good deal. If you have any questions for Michael, be sure to message him via the form below. Our thanks to him for listing this Skylark with us as an Exclusive! If you have an unfinished project in your barn that needs to go, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

Asking Price – $2,500 obo
Location – Crawfordsville, Indiana
Title Status – Clean

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    If you really want to sell that car we need more pictures.

    • Michael J Stewart

      I keep trying. Not great at this.

      • Jason

        Hi Michael, do you have a contact number? I am north of you, in St John Indiana, wouldn’t mind some more info and possibly check it out. Thanks.

  2. Jack M.

    That’s mighty neighbourly of Michael to clean off those racoon feces.

  3. Michael J Stewart

    The trunk

  4. Michael J Stewart


  5. Michael J Stewart

    Contact me and tell me what you want a picture of

  6. flmikey

    …if the rest of the car is as solid as the trunk looks, this might be the bargain of the week, folks…..

  7. Gord

    is she sold… says so in the ask a ? part… be better if in the title
    if NOT sold… pix of underside, frame, body mounts, seams on doors hood trunk, sills, jambs

    • Michael J Stewart

      Still available. I will work on those pics

  8. Michael J Stewart

    Not sold yet

  9. Johnmloghry

    While the 66 is my favorite this car is a nice candidate for restoration. You have the option at this point to choose your drive train. The 350 ci is fine for this cruiser but I’d prefer a 4 speed manual trans. I wonder how much it would cost to ship everything to Houston.

    • Michael J Stewart

      Oddly enough there is already a hole in the floor (factory) that just needs the plate knocked out. I considered that route at one time, but it also has an (apparently),rare optioned tilt steering with the shift quadrant on it. If I replaced the column to remove the auto shift quadrant, I would have a did fix UK or time finding one with tilt that isn’t damaged. A conundrum to be sure. If you have it picked up for Houston, we can help with getting it loaded. May be a little more because of the parts, but maybe I could be persuaded to “set” the engine in the engine bay with trans cross member attached and reattach the hood.

  10. Johnmloghry

    Wow! I’m almost persuaded.

  11. charlie

    This was the high point of GM’s post WWII 20th Century cars, the midsize Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, and Olds if optioned right went fast, had relatively high build quality, looked good, at least to me, and if with heavy duty suspension, radial tires, and disc brakes at least in the front, handled very well. This car would be to much work to be a museum piece, there are enough of them, so make it a driver, put in new seats from some GM car of the period, whatever you can find, and whatever else it needs, worry not about numbers matching accuracy, put the top down, and drive it, and drive it some more.

  12. erikj

    I like this Buick. The trunk picture tells a lot. and the floors. Most likely a clean start. I ,like many don’t have the funds at hand but close!!!
    I wish i could have a go at this, but i,m not one to hold up a sale with not really having the funds at hand. good luck to the buyer and seller!!!!!

  13. Oliver Rojas

    Agree that this era of American Automobile Manufacturing prior to the oil embargo of 1972 and Ralph Nader emission and safety requirements is a stalwart of style, panache, and functionality. President Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency in 72′ and this coupled with the advent of high priced fuel and the controlled entry of Japanese vehicles on to American roads became a mark of the end of United States Automobile predominance.

  14. Ron

    It won’t be there long. This is a most reasonable desireable project, Wish my health were better and I were closer

  15. Michael J Stewart

    A few offers that sounded genuine, but nobody has shown up yet. More pictures to follow, it is out of the barn and cleaned up. I was wrong, the floorboard are solid except where Simone had previously cut a hole in the transmission hump to apparently instal a four speed. Other than that, the floors and frame are solid.

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