BF Exclusive: 1968 Plymouth Satellite

1968 Plymouth Satellite

Before you go and write this one off for having four doors, please hear me out. The two-door version of this car may be more visually appealing, but this could be one of the better classic Mopar bargains around. Apart from a respray in the original color, this car is claimed to be original. The engine runs great and a bunch of work has already been done to make it a good driver. Keep reading to see if we can convince you to come over to the four-door dark side…

Plymouth Dash

The interior sure is clean! Gary, the seller, claims that all the items needing repair have recently been repaired. A new AM/FM radio went in along with a new antennae. This car is equipped with an air conditioning system and, although not currently working, is said to be complete so there’s hope that it could be made to function again. Gary believes that the 79k miles showing on the odometer is correct and after looking at the interior, I wouldn’t doubt it.

318 V8

The body style may have been shared with the Road Runner, but this was no muscle car. That’s a 318 V8 in there and it’s attached to a 727 automatic transmission. That means this is a comfortable cruiser that could be perfect for someone looking for a relaxed driving experience. You wouldn’t have to sweat the small stuff for a while either because the brake hoses, power steering pump, steering gear, battery, and shocks have all been replaced recently.

Back Seat

This car’s main drawback could also be one of its most useful features. Four doors and two big bench seats mean that you can haul around a lot of stuff and people if need be. Sure, it’s not as stylish as a two-door, but I think I would rather have the added utility and the extra cash in my pocket anyway. This one is located in Camano Island, Washington and Gary is asking $7,450. You can contact him via email here if interested. Thanks for listing this one with us Gary!


If you have a clean driver like this you are thinking about selling, please consider having it featured here on Barn Finds!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Fred W.

    Who thinks it needs the Adam 12 treatment?

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    • Silvershadow773

      1-ADAM 12, 1-ADAM 12, see the man……. My thought exactly!

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  2. Kincer DaveMember

    I’d love to have this, great looking weekend cruiser!

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  3. Jim B

    Nice Mopar! Hope it goes to a great new home and gets some new Mopar rallye wheels LOL!

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    • RNR

      Agreed – when I was in High School, the head custodian had a new ’69 Satellite four door a little more gussied up than this one – metallic green with a green vinyl roof with the full bright trim treatment on the window frames and B pillar, and Road Wheels (Magnum 500’s) with white walls. Even back in the days when two doors ruled, I thought that was a really good looking car!

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  4. GeeBee

    Some of these four doors can make cool “sleepers”…..we had a four door ’68 Delta 88, with a 455 in it, when I was a kid.

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  5. youcanrunnaked

    My dad had one of those. $7,200? Sorry, no. That’s just an old car.

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  6. Matt

    My first car! only mine was green, and had the deluxe trim package including the aluminum trim piece across the trunk I suspect this one’s missing.. I loved that car.. That little 318 was no slouch either. 67-69 318s had an extra point in compression. This car, like mine was made in late ’67 as it has no headrests or shoulder belts which peppered the later cars in the run as they became standard.

    Awesome! I want it, but don’t have the cash. Gary, you want some of my cars in trade?

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    • John

      If you mean the piece that says Plymouth that goes between the tail lights. it has it. Couple small dents on it but it’s there.

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  7. Moparman ElliottMember

    A/C not working?! I’d imagine so since the car is missing the compressor! Also, the 318 was generally connected to the A904 transmission, with the 727 reserved for higher peformance applications. Nice car, but I think it priced a little high.GLWTS

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    • gary

      all of the ac stuff has been removed but it is all in the trunk and can be reinstalled. make an offer if you think it is priced too high.

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  8. Don E

    Never thought about Craigers on a 4 door …..

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  9. Ben T Spanner

    Looks just like the state of Ohio non police cars of that vintage. Beige and boring; even a station wagon would be a step up.

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  10. jaymes

    too bad its a post car (

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  11. tirefriar

    Point to the seller – having a non-op A/C in the car that has had everything else done sends a bad vibe. Doing that only magnifies perceived complexity of getting A/C going properly. I get the fact that not everyone uses A/C but even if you don’t, I would think that anyone owning an A/C equipped car would want a major component like that function properly. Especially at the price point you are asking for this car.

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  12. Joe DiCorpo

    This car does not have Air Conditioning. I do not know why the seller would state that it does and that the components are all there. Clearly it is missing all of the components you would see from the angle the engine picture is taken. I think that this misrepresentation casts significant doubt on whatever else the seller states about this car. Certainly not worth the asking price.

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  13. roger sparkman

    cant reach this guy his email is not working why

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      It should work fine. Is it coming back undeliverable?

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  14. JD

    Cool car, high price, non-functioning AC is a big problem. That does raise big questions if everything else has been addressed so carefully. I’d be surprised to see $5k for this car.

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  15. John B

    I can tell it originally had A/C by the dash controls and that sleeve still on the heater hose, but inoperable and missing are two different things!

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  16. Joe

    Good luck, Gary. But as portrayed, maybe $3200 tops. Colors are not desireable and don’t flatter this design. If complete and AC working, maybe $3700 with good luck. 4 doors, throughout automobile history, seldom have strong re-sale value. This won’t change. Buying a 4 door sedan and doing some repairs, maintenance and cosmetic improvements may quickly put you deep under water. All is fine until you want to sell. A good example of an old car “money pit”. Unless you can find an excellent, complete, highly maintained, low mile old 4 door at a very cheap price. This one is not.

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  17. Joe DiCorpo

    It will probably be $3000 or more to put A/C back in this car. Overall a very bad deal.

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  18. Art

    Who needs air conditioning anyway??It’s a 4 door with 4 windows you can roll down, plus ‘vent windows’. The car looks nice and clean,with an easy to fix, 318.Mechanical parts are cheap,and with the Cragars, and a nice set of tires,it could be a really nice first car for someone.
    And, if they wanted to swap to a big block,it’s an easy changeover.
    I know the ‘non-functioning,inoperable, air conditioning is a sticking point for a lot of buyers,but most people who have ‘older’ cars have disconnected it,or rendered it inoperable,because they don’t drive it as much as their regular car.
    So many positives with this car,so many directions a person could go with,to personalize it.It looks like a solid car bodywise,and the price seems reasonable,but not insane.It will never make a ton of money value wise,but it could be a really nice cruiser that could get a lot of looks on cruise nights,if done right.

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  19. Williewonks

    I’ve seen this car with my own eyes, It is frequently parked at the shopping plaza where I work. I can tell you that the description stated is totally spot on. I haven’t heard it run, and if it has any major fluid leaks I didn’t notice nor would it be allowed to park there with a “For Sale” sign in it. I see it around often so it must be somewhat reliable. It has been for sale for 6 months or more, give or take…I’d say it’s because of the slightly high asking price…must be a proud owner as the price listed here is reduced from an original asking that was around $1000 more than stated here. It is what it says and appears to be an honest and open list of facts. Hope this helps.

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  20. Joe

    If you want to keep it original with OEM parts and not an aftermarket systems then it gets very expensive. Very often the debate about air-conditioning depends on where you live and how far you have to drive it to take it to a show. In this particular case it looks like you’re going to need a new compressor, brackets, belts, pulley, condenser, HP and LP lines, and other parts. I would budget 2-3,000 for the job. But if you don’t care about air-conditioning so be it .

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  21. Blackta1

    I had one of those when I was working as a custodian at a local high school. Mine was green with a green vinyl roof and extra chrome trim, also had upgraded wheels. I remember this snot nosed kid always gawking at it, great car.

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  22. Joe

    Maybe $2000 with parts and labor to get that AC blowing cold. You will be seeing this car sitting in that parking lot for a long, long time if the seller asks $7450 or $8500. It’s not worth half that, and most buyers will run, not walk, away. Best for this seller to a) keep and enjoy it and not think about sunk costs or b) fix that AC well and put a reasonable price on it or c) blow it out for $3000 or less and forget it. I like some 4 doors and very practical for familes, but collector value is not there and will never be, regardless of our best wishes for Gary.

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  23. Kincer DaveMember

    I don’t know the ages of people that post replies here as it matters to some degree, I myself remember when you could get a car optioned however you wanted and back in those days for a car to have air it was a big luxury, that being said I think since this car was supposed to have air and it’s not complete the price is too high. The reason I say age kind of matters is because if you’re younger you are used to evey car having air, I don’t think you can get one without today and it’s been that way for many years now. This car at a lower price would be ideal as it sits.

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    • tirefriar

      Dave, I still remember my summer job back in 1985 working for an auto a/c installer here in los angeles. We used to pick up and drop off Mitsubishis, Nissans, Jeep Cherokees, and other cars that dealers wanted to install a/c’s on. Most of the dealers were within a 10 mile radius. Enough distance to do pretty wild test drives on the freeways!

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  24. PRA4SNW

    Back in the early 90s, my brother picked up a ’70 4 door Coronet with the 318. It must have been an old lady’s car always parked in the garage and rarely used on the salt laden roads due to the low mileage and no rust.
    What a great car to bomb around in and it was a rare site to see a 20 year old Mopar in NH.
    He paid less than 1K for it and I doubt it would be worth 7 times that now. Even though it would be fun to own.

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  25. Mike

    I think the price is a little high, but I think it would be a good buy anywhere between 5 – 6K. As for the AC I recently ordered in a compete after market unit for a buddy of mine, for his 72 Charger and we installed it and had it running in less than a day, taking time out for refreshment breaks!!!
    I ordered it through my parts company and paid 675.00 for everything it needed, including new lines.
    As for it being a 4 door, get a hold of yourself some of the guy in a car show group I belong to have a bunch of 4 doors and they have been winning prizes in their own class. 22 of us just entered into the SEMO Classic in Cape over the 4th of July weekend, and 3 of the cars took top honors in various Class awards.

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  26. John T Olney

    I now own this car. I purchased it 10-29-2018 from the man who bought it from Gary. I have the air conditioning unit, radiator, lines, and belt, that belong to the car. I don’t plan on having it installed any time soon. (we don’t get enough hot weather to make it necessary. Everett, Wa. ) and why drive around with the added weight. I love the car. I like 4 doors. (who can afford a two door when a decent one starts around 32 grand) It needs a few minor things, but for a 50 year old car, it is in great shape. I got two compliments just driving it home and parking it in my driveway. Guy drove past it, backed up and got out and started looking it over while I was in my garage. He loved it. I will have fun with it on nice days. (it’s staying in the garage otherwise )

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    • Frank H

      Congrats John. Nice car. I had one the same color but with the very plastic blue interior…the 318 is bulletproof, will run forever…the transmission – not so much. It was a ton of fun while it lasted…True story – I drove it until it would no longer go in forward gears, and then I took it work one day ( a Friday) in Reverse…on the way home from work ( maybe 9 miles) I happened to be first in line at a red light, and a local Police cruiser with a cop who was my Little League Coach some years earlier driving. Windows down in the Summer, he said, “Hey Frank, where you going?”
      “Home Kell” (it was Officer Tommy Kelly)
      “Not like that, you’re not!”
      “”It won’t go Forward Kell, just need to get it home”
      “I’ll follow you…” he said, and he followed me all the way to my house, and complimented me for being able to handle the car in Reverse all the way across town!
      Loved that car, but I had to sell it to the Transmission guy because I couldn’t afford to fix it…
      Seeing yours brings back some great memories! Enjoy the heck out of it!

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      • John B

        That must have been quite a sight, a car going down the road and sitting at a stop light…backwards.

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  27. Frank H

    yes sir, and perhaps another unique quirk about that car…without a second look, you might not be able to tell that it’s going backwards…down the road. Glad it found a good home. Peace.

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