BF Exclusive: 1993 Jeep Wrangler Renegade

Tonight, I had the chance to check out a potential motorcycle project but what I found at the seller’s house was way better than an old crotch-rocket. The owner of the bike had a gorgeous 1993 Jeep Wrangler Renegade edition featuring the exceedingly rare combination of a red Trail Cloth interior with a white exterior. Mileage is under 100,000 and aside from the need for a replacement windshield frame, this is a time-warp specimen that is among the best I’ve seen anytime recently. I told the seller I would post it up here to get it some eyeballs and I’m happy to answer any questions I can or connect you directly to the owner.

Now, I’ve always loved the Renegade edition Wranglers. This is such a 1990s truck, when fender flares on anything was standard operating procedure and chunky wheels with color-coordinated paint jobs were all the rage. The Jeep has been with the second owner since 1994, who bought it from the original owner that abruptly decided to join the PGA Tour as a caddy and needed to quickly sell his well-optioned YJ. This Jeep comes with most all of the bells and whistles you could ask for in 1993, including a rare optional speaker enclosure with additional speakers in the roll bar. The only option it doesn’t have is air conditioning, which wouldn’t have been a necessity in New England, especially in a vehicle with a removable top and doors.

I apologize for the disappointing photos, but I wasn’t expecting to perform an impromptu photo shoot today. I have only seen one other Renegade edition Wrangler in this color scheme, and white on red is one of the most sought-after combos regardless of the make and model. In the BMW world, Alpine White paint over a Cardinal Red interior is as good as it gets, and the same rules apply even to a roughneck like the Jeep Wrangler. I can tell you from my first-person encounter with the Jeep that the interior is in outstanding condition with barely any signs of wear present and no bad smells. While I didn’t have time to properly detail it, it would absolutely pop with a thorough cleaning and a professional photo shoot.

Check out the period car phone! The original owner of this Renegade edition clearly went for almost every available option he could get from the dealer. As you can see on the floor, the Jeep comes with its original factory radio and instruction manual. The seller has a small folder of service records along with a Rhode Island title in the prior owner’s name. A new soft top is included as is the factory frame that looks like it has never been used; it is my strong suspicion the first owner kept the factory hardtop on most of the time as even the hardware for the soft top and frame is in the original factory baggy with no corrosion. As mentioned, the Wrangler will need a replacement windshield frame (look for one on or you can still buy new) as it does have rust, but that is the only area of rust I spotted on the truck. The Renegade is a hard model to find, especially with this rare color combination and in bone-stock condition. Get in touch with me through the form below if you want more information or to set up a time to check this Renegade out.

  • Price: $18,500
  • Location: Riverside, Rhode Island
  • Mileage: 94,953
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Seasoned BFs contributors probably know what I’ll comment on by now, and this is no exception. Being a BFs posting, I won’t use the “Rusty Cramblings”( name adjusted to skirt CCs lawsuit) and possibly help someone thinking of this. The YJ, in my opinion, is the best Jeep. Clearly partial being the owner of one, but they still have a lot of the old CJ charm, with updates making it drive like a car. Wider, lower stance, better brakes and steering, longer leaf springs for better ride, much improved heater, I LOVE mine.
    Now, on t’other side, if the purists naysay the headlights,( which I happen to like) I imagine the combination of the flares AND the headlights may turn some off. However, it’s a nice Jeep, got the 6 ( DON’T get the 4 cyl.) and the flares shouldn’t be a deal breaker on a Jeep this nice. As a little warning, just by looking at it, mechanically, and the given mileage,( similar to mine) be prepared for many repairs, most minor, but all well worth it, because it’s just that type of vehicle. While the steam may fizzle on certain aspects of the hobby, history has shown, the Jeep buried them all.

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    • Avatar photo JustPassinThru

      The YJ was a nice Jeep…improvement on the CJ. I had one; and in spite of it being just an upgrade on the CJ-7, it transformed the thing. Road manners were excellent, especially given a solid front axle.

      By 1993 Chrysler had gotten a grip on most of the quality problems, also. Mine, abused by previous owners, and with 80k on it when I bought it, turned out to be the most-troublefree non-Toyota vehicle I’ve ever owned.

      I disagree about the four. The only reason to avoid the four, IMHO, is for resale value – that is, if the next owner is a flipper. Back in the day, the six offered a lot of torque for off-roading, but little aiding on the highway.

      The four – the AMC four, not the Iron Duke or Audi engines that preceeded home-grown AMC – it’s plenty powerful, reasonably economical (18mpg with a manual). And – the capper – with the YJ, the four-cylinder was pushed all the way back in the engine bay. Leaving a wide gap forward…and giving you a view of the front axle, forward of that four.

      That’s right, the YJ four was technically a mid-engine layout. And with the lighter four, back of the axle, gave the thing a balanced, easy, stable stance at highway speeds.

      With the over-500-pound six in there, much of that weight is forward of the axle, and – although I’ve never driven a YJ with a six – I’d expect a more-traditional Jeepish set of road manners.

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    • Avatar photo Stan

      Howard I found the next model jeep ..the TJ to be the sweetest pkg. The best combination of everything you said above. With a cushy ride on the coil springs, and the great snappy straight six.

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  2. Avatar photo Rw

    How about pulling up carpet so we can see floorplans, frame pics and a auto trans would also have been option.

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  3. Avatar photo angliagt Member


    Maybe you can answer this for me.I’ve noticed that Jeep owners
    ALWAYS have to have the brightest headlights,+ really bright driving lights
    that blind other drivers in traffic.
    Most of them seem to be the rudest drivers too.

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Ha! Well, not me, plus I don’t drive at night anymore. One issue with Jeeps, is many are lifted, or sag in the back, causing headlight glare. My best advice there, is don’t look at them. Now that I’m “one of them”, Jeep owners are an odd bunch. Many purists won’t even wave to a newer Rubicon owner, which is kind of sad, I wave to every Jeep coming at me. It really is a “Jeep Thing”.
      The TJ is probably the most refined Wrangler, if heated pedals are your thing. A friend had one, I didn’t care for it. Jeeps cater to a wide variety of people, all with varied uses. Clearly, a MB won’t be attractive to a TJ owner, and usually, vice versa. To say a YJ looks “evil”, is pure poppycock, it’s the TJ that looks goofy to me, but I still wave anyway, after all, it’s a “Jeep Thing”.

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  4. Avatar photo Comet

    Life on the east coast. That windshield frame. Those plastic flairs can hide alot of ugly. I’d look this one over closely before jumping. Underside pics would tell a more accurate story.

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  5. Avatar photo Rw

    Funny no under carpet or under vehicle pics hmm.

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  6. Avatar photo John

    I hated the looks when these were new in 93…..they never grew on me. regular yj looks ok (even with the evil rectangular headlights) loved CJ7 styling. Love TJ. Cool that this exists and is still worthy of real money, but I still hate the looks. (would still check it out at a car cruise or on the trails)

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  7. Avatar photo Andy G.

    I’m exited to see any YJ in this good of shape. Personally I’m not a fan of the appearance package, to me it looks vulnerable to damage being a jeep. I do like the step bumpers though.

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  8. Avatar photo harold daniels

    Wow. Jeep owners seem to be like Corvette, and Porsche owners, with their biases lol. Thing that turned me off, to a Wrangler, was a shipmate, having his frame, rot out, after only 2 years ( from new ), just back and forth, to work. Probably a case of neglected undercoating, but it soured me, to a potential Jeep purchase,at the time.

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