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BF Exclusive: 1995 Mercedes E320 Station Wagon


I know this isn’t our typical BF kind of find, but the seller, Peter R in Toronto, has been a long time reader. Plus, these wagons are just awesome! I test drove a newer one a few months back and had I been able to convince my wife that she likes station wagons as much as I do, she’d be daily driving one right now. Peter’s wagon is in nice shape, but it needs a few little cosmetic things and a new home. I’ll let him tell you more about it below. You can reach him via email here and the car can be found in Toronto, Canada. Prices for these seem to be all over the place, so he’s asking $7,500 or best offer.


From Peter – This is a very clean 1995 Mercedes E320 Station Wagon with only 119k original miles or 5,667 miles per year. This is the last year Mercedes made this body style. This car was in Florida until 2014 when it came to Toronto – never winter driven.


While not a barn find, they are rarely found in this condition. I recently changed the oil and had all fluids checked. My mechanic changed the left door check and replaced a broken exhaust hanger.


Since I do not have the service history from the previous owner I had the mechanic do a full inspection. He not only said it was the cleanest wagon of this vintage he had seen in many years he reported as follows: All guages work and the air-conditioning blows very cold. The following items have clearly been replaced recently and look as new: front struts, belt tensioner assembly and cooling fan, right inner C.V. boot, resonator and rear muffler, engine mounts, front stabilizer bar new and updated, a/c compressor, engine wiring harness.


He also reported that the front and rear brake pads had only about 6,000 miles use since last replaced. This vehicle is in excellent condition and has been clearly well maintained by both myself and the previous owner.


The center armrest is worn but usable, there are a few minor rust bubbles near the rear window and on top of the gas tank cover. There is a minor dent at the left rear tire opening. Otherwise the car is in remarkably original condition.


It has a few blemishes, but this is one of the cleaner E320 Wagons I’ve seen. They are great cars to drive but can get spendy to fix, so if your going to buy one, get the best one you can afford! If you’d like to see even more photos of this Benz, you can see Peter’s 60 other photos of it here on Drive.


I want to thank Peter for listing his Wagon here on Barn Finds and I hope we can find a good home for it! I know I’d enjoy daily driving it, especially with all that cargo space to haul parts, tools and lumber! If you happen to have a classic that needs a good home, we sure would love to help you out. Read more about listing your car here!


  1. Dave Wright

    Great cars but I would hold out for a 4matic

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  2. ccrvtt

    Beauty, eh?

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  3. Bingo

    $4000 tops.

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    $7500 U.S. or Canadian?

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  5. Enzo

    The front tires will probably need to be replaced sooner than later.

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  6. EU Broker

    There are a lot of other cars I’d buy for $7,500 before this one.

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  7. Peter R

    Hi everyone I’m the seller
    @AMCSTEVE – that’s USD but I’m open to a reasonable offer but certianly more than $4,000 mentioned by Bingo
    @Enzo – good observation – it will need at least front tires sooner than later
    I don’t need to sell it but I’ve got 5 other cars and it’s time to sell a few before winter.
    If you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  8. Wayne

    Has had panel damage LHF. Fender and hood don’t line up, also the panel under the headlight

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  9. Dave Wright

    These are a very good buy on the market right now, many of them available for reasonable prices here on the west coast. I looked at a one with a larger motor a couple of months ago that was very nice, under 100K miles for 4500.00

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  10. Puhnto

    1995 E300 series cars are FANTASTIC to drive . You just want to go somewhere. Comfortable, tight, good handling — just all over nice.

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  11. Dolphin Member

    I don’t see evidence of LH front damage. I would need to look the car over closer before saying there is such damage.

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  12. Hoos Member

    I think Wayne is right about the LH front fender. The photos on DRIVE show lines not meeting as on the right side. I owned a previous gen ’84 300TD, and while it would not set and speed records, it was the most solid, well engineered car I ever owned. I bought it with 119K on the clock, and the door closing on that car was more solid than on a Suburban I bought new.

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  13. Jeff V

    If it was a 4matic that asking price is not out-of-line, esp in Canada (snow).

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  14. Peter R

    Peter the seller again

    @ Wayne – I checked under the hood this morning – all original paint on all the bolts. I think that confirms what I was told when I bought it that there was no accident hisotory on this wagon. Perhaps just the picture looks a little off

    @Puhnto – I took about a 1200 mile trip this past summer on both major highways and back country two lane roads. The wagon not only rode extremely well but exceeded the speed limits in comfort and with a feeling of security. A great road car

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  15. gene

    As a former Mercedes tech, I recommend that you stay a way from anything that
    Mercedes build from 1993-1995. No matter how nice or cheap.
    Just look up bio degradable wiring. That should scare most.

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  16. Peter R

    @gene – the only problem that I know about with the 1993-95 models is the wiring harness which you mention. It is an expensive repair but has been replaced on my wagon with the now upgraded version and therefore is no longer a problem.

    Other than this probelm which I corrected, I’m not sure why you recommend staying away from this model.

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    • gene

      As far as I know the Mercedes never made an “upgraded version” of the harness.
      I replaced a bunch of them in the past and more than once on the same cars.
      Also the electronic throttle body had a bio harness in it. Which required replacing the
      throttle body.I done that a bunch of times and more than once on same cars.
      The head gasket would start to leak oil. the only solution was to replace it.
      I was doing those one every couple of days. I got to a point where I could replace
      a head gasket in 3 hours.Mercedes was paying 6 i think.The 124 cars are great but up to 1990 . The 210 cars that followed in 1996 were much better built.
      The last thing you want to do is buy a 4matic 124 car. They will make you “poor”.
      Than there are problems with the timing chain stretching and plastic guides wearing out. And I have not began talking about the transmissions or differentials or Sunroofs leaking, fuel pumps going out, flexible discs on drive shaft cracking,outlets on radiators breaking off.
      You have no idea how great this cars were for the auto repair industry.
      But good luck selling this car, it’s not like everyone knows how well they were built.

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      • Tom

        I have a 1991 300TE in this same color with 140,000 miles and a 1995 E320 in dark blue with 220,000. Both have been superb cars in every way. Yes, the wiring harness had to be replaced on the E320 – I did it myself over a weekend for about $300. Flex disks? Yep, just changed the front one in the 300TE last week. My mechanic charged me $100 for the part and $50 to put it in. I changed the E320 flex disk two years ago myself for the cost of the part at azautohause – $80 I think. No leaking sunroorfs or bad radiators or drive shaft problems. Parts can be reasonably priced if you shop around (if you don’t care about quality you can always get URO parts from China for next to nothing) and they are easy to work on. Window regulators, of course break right and left, but I replace those myself for about $50 a pop. My mechanic has a 1998 E320 (W210) and we both agree it is garbage compared to the W124s. (I’ve also had a 1989 300CE and a 1992 300E that never needed anything but gas, oil and water in the time I owned them.) Just one man’s personal experience.

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      • Mike Kiser

        Yeah I don’t think Gene is not much of a MB tech more like a MB hack … I’ve owned 2 1995 E 320 Cabs … 1 1995 E 320 Touring wagon … 1 1989 260 E … And still own 2 300 SL 1990 1991 … I owned my first E 320 Cab for 12 years …
        And I sure as hell would never let Gene touch them …

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  17. David Miraglia

    I could use the practicality of a wagon. Like the diesels, not high as a collectable ,but a good daily driver.

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  18. gene

    I guess I got all the ones that were build in October.
    Well ,,, what ever.
    I made good money working on them when I worked for M.B. dealer in WA.
    You all have a nice day now.

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  19. Cris

    I bought a 95 E320 wagon last year here in Toronto for $1400 CAD. That’s where the market is with these cars. $7500 USD is unreasonable and way over priced.

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    • audifan

      My friend in Seattle just sold a 94 E320 Wagon with miles around 70k for 8.900.– to a customer on the East Coast. He appreciated the idea of getting a completely rust free West Coast car.

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      • Cris

        Really. I bought it from the owner of a MB repair shop. There’s no way that car will sell here for that much money, you can buy W124 Benzes all day long for less than half. Case in point, this summer I bought a 92 400E for $800 CAD, rust free. Best bet is to sell it across the border, it seems anything classic is going for big money down south. I wish him luck and good fortune.

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  20. Peter R

    I’ve seen them priced from $2k to $10K USD. Never saw anything but ones with lots of needs under about $5K. I spent a lot of time looking before buying this one. If you look at my mechanics comments and the work done recently and compare it to the cheap ones, you will see a great difference in value. I’m open to offers or else I’ll just keep it. I also own my fourth convertible of this series and a coupe. I think they are great cars and just looking to reduce my fleet as I’m now 74 years old and don’t get to use some of them often. I also have a Jag XK8, an M5 sedan, an SEC, and a SUV as a daily driver. Just too many cars at this stage of life.

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  21. Peter R

    @ Chris – for some reason your latest post is listed before my earlier one??
    I’ve been driving Mercedes since 1984 and I’ve never seen clean, mechanically fit rust free relatively low mileage E series models for the prices you quoted. Are yours rust free and certified mechanically (a requirement for licencing here in Ontario)? what sort of mileage do they have? Just quoting a price is only a very small part of the total picture. In other words are we comparing an apple with an apple or….??
    BTW based on all the comments, I’ve decided to reduce my asking price from $7,500 USD to $6,900 and I’m still open to reasonable offers

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  22. Rolf Poncho 455

    Mercedes Benz; A good strong car!

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  23. Onry1

    Gene, So let me get this straight. You think the W210 is a better car than the W124? Speaking from experience, owning over 20 Mercedes from 1975-1995.
    Is CRAZY talk… The W124 is a far superior car to the W210 any day!

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