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BF Exclusive: Seven Mile Monte Carlo

7 Mile Monte Carlo

A while back we ran an exclusive for a split window Corvette that some of you thought seemed fishy. The photos weren’t the best and the story sounded too good to be true. The seller seemed legit to us though and they just sent in more photos of the other cars in their late father’s collection. All the cars are in storage so it’s difficult to get a good angle of each one. There’s a 1970 Chevelle SS454 that has been restored and a 1975 Cadillac with 33k miles on the clock. The most interesting of the bunch has got to the 7 mile Monte Carlo though! It still has the window sticker in place and could be quite the conversation piece for a Bowtie collector. Keep reading for more photos or contact Dennis through email if you are interested in purchasing any of the cars.

7 Miles On The Clock

Restored Chevelle SS

454 With 25 Miles

1975 Caddilac

Caddilac Convertible


  1. GaryMc

    The Monte Carlo looks to be one of the pace car replicas.

    • Jim

      The color scheme around the front of the 7 mile Monte Carlo tells me it the Dale Earnhardt intimidated edition….SS Supercharged.

  2. Chris in Nashville

    What a waste… I hate extremely low miles cars! Drive the damn things that is what they are made for. Sure if it’s a collectors car, maybe only a couple thousand miles a year, but anything less than that is insulting to fine automobiles. It’s like marrying a beautiful model and saying “yep, only slept with her twice!”

    • Dominic

      I couldn’t agree more

    • Mike

      Amen to that.

    • Nova Scotian

      Man, no disrespect to your dad, but these dressed up Monty Carlos didn’t do it for me or my pals…kinda like “freak parade machine” that got noticed for the wrong reasons. I wish your dad just drove the beast, and put a few dings in the paint for memories. Maybe he couldn’t drive for health reasons and just loved the style….imagine the thrill of throwing the keys to a trusted true friend to take him for a spin….it would be pretty tame considering the heft of this barge. Well, someone will likely get the keys,…hope it gets driven really, really well for the rest of its life cause a money makin’ classic it ain’t.

  3. Henry Parker

    Cadillac must be quick it has really long wheelie bars.

    • krash

      LOL….. funny, (H.P).!!

    • Notch

      Those are not wheelie bars – those are ladder bars to aid in traction when the top is down!!

  4. Big Iron

    It is a 2002 Monte Carlo SS Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition. It has a 3800 V6 and only 3333 were built.

  5. Bob

    I totally agree with you Chris. What good is a car you don’t drive.

  6. Dan

    My wife has an 85 Z28 , black on black with 8100 miles on it. We drove it some when newer and later, because we always have about 4 or 5 vehicles around to drive, it got to be a less driven car and these days it’s a pleasure ride, several times a year we get it out and go for a ride. Nothing special about it other than its a nice car, it doesn’t have to be restored to be driven, and would probably do good in a car show on a given day but that isn’t why she wanted to save it. I think it’s more a personal feeling she gets when she gets it out and gets a lot of compliments about it. I always thought not driving it was wrong because they are so mass produced and there will always be some around but now days I see that there are fewer and fewer of them…a lot you see have been trashed and thrashed and you can pick one up pretty cheap but, you have to do a lot to one to make it a nice car. I guess this guy with the 7 mile Monte Carlo had the idea that someday it would be worth a lot of money since he was a collector. But that said, if it weren’t for the collectors, there probably wouldn’t be any collector cars left, value aside, he did what he wanted to do with it. some get pleasure from driving and others by owning them. Personally, I’d have driven the wheels off of it…LOL

  7. Dan

    So here’s the car, I forgot to add the picture..

    Like 1
  8. Mike

    A good friend and customer of mine was a car collector, and had about 30 at the time of his sudden death. His Wife decided to have a car auction, and most of Charlie collection went for penny’s on a dollar so to say. I wanted to buy a couple of his trucks, but was not able to go to the auction, and when she told me about her selling them, she had already signed an agreement with the auction company so she could not sell the trucks I wanted to me, and I offered her $5,000 more for 1 of them, then she made of both. The one I wanted the most of all was his daily driver, it was a 1949 Chevrolet 5 Window Pickup, Green over Black, it was the truck that he found in a old shed on somebody’s farm, in southern Missouri, some 120 miles from where it was that day and I grew up, he drug it home, and in his small shop restored it to it original beauty, I wanted it from the first time I saw it, why because we later figured out, the guy Charlie bought it from was the 3 person to own it, the first was my Grandfather, this he did not know until some years later when he contacted me to rewire his home, and he made a comment about a truck he owned that was originally owned by a man with my same last name, but from Wyatt, Missouri, I told him that my Dad was from Wyatt, and that there was not many people with the same last name around there then, and at the time my Dad would have been 9 years old, so Charlie went and found the paperwork, and when he showed me the paperwork, there it was my Grandfathers name. I called my Grandfather that night we talked about the truck, and Grandpa came up the following weekend to look at it and even brought up some old black and white pictures of the truck, the paperwork where he bought it from the Chevy Dealer in Charleston, Missouri, the payment book, (my Grandparents never threw anything away), Charlie even let Grandpa take the truck for a spin. It was fun to figure out thru the paperwork Charlie had, and the paperwork Grandpa and Grandma had kept to follow the trail of the truck. Grandpa bought it in late 49, sold it in 59 to a neighbor on the next farm over, they traded it in sometime later and one of the men at the dealership bought it and drove it up for a few years than parked it in a barn. Charlie found out about it after that man had died, and he went to the estate sale, where he bought the truck for $500.00, Charlie worked on it for about 5 years, and repainted back to the Green over Black, redid the boards in the bed. The only major change he did was convert it to 12 volt from 6 volt.. I offered his Wife Pearl $15,000 for it and a $10,000 for 37 Ford Pickup that he also restored, after the auction was over, Pearl got a little over $10,000 for both. Man I Loved that truck, Like I said Charlie drove it all the time, you would even see him at the local landfill in it dropping off their recyclables about once a week. Man I wish I had been able to buy that truck, or at least try and find it.

  9. Bill

    That is a 2002 Monte Carlo SS Dale Earnhardt Edition 1 of 3333. It has a 3800 V6 NON SUPERCHARGED. GM did make an Intimidator SS in 2004 it was a 3800 supercharged all black with chrome wheels on the 1/4 panel the emblems read Intimidator SS the head rest on the front seat had the Dale holding his hands up. Pace cars came non supercharged in black 00 blue in 01 yellow in 02 and red in 03. Also in 04 the Dale Jr supercharged SS came out and in 05 the Tony Stewart supercharged SS came out. In 2003 the Jeff Gordan SS came out too but that was non supercharged with ghost flames on the front end.

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