BF Exclusive: Upgraded 1963 Corvette

1963 Corvette

From Dennis G. – Hello Guy’s, my Dad passed away and he had several cars that I need to sell for my mother who will turn 94 in September. This car is a 1963 Corvette with big brakes, a 36 1/2 gallon gas tank, and a set of Kelsey Hayes two bar knock off wheels.  The car is basically a garage find as it has been in storage since around 1992. My father also had a complete set of NOS Z06 brake drums, complete set of NOS Z06 brake shoes, and two NOS Z06 vented back plates. I will sell the car and the parts with the best offer on each. Thank you! Click here to email Dennis if you’re interested.



Split Window


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  1. Rick

    Ohh…. want. Can’t afford…

  2. David Frank David Member

    Freshly waxed and detailed? Beautiful, an incredable find in any case. Where do you suppose he’ll advertise it?

  3. Texas Tea

    Good grief……………….

    and p.s. it’s a fuel injected split window. It will be some nice money on this one.

    My bills are all due and my baby needs shoes, and I’m busted. Cotton is down a quarter a pound, and I’m…………..

  4. Bob

    What would be a reasonable offer for a car this awesome?

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  5. Howard A Member

    Hi Dennis, sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my dad last year (now I’m an orphan) and while we weren’t close, it sure slaps you around. Pardon me, but you DO know what you have there, I hope. This, aside from the early ones, is probably one of the rarest, most sought after Corvettes made, and it’s in beautiful condition. I strongly urge you to reconsider, and keep it, ( better return than any IRA) not just for the memory of your dad, but the escalating prices of these fuel-injected “split-window” Corvettes.( many in 6 digits now)( I know, thanks a lot, Howard) Just hope you were aware of that. Take care.

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  6. joeinthousandoaks

    Thanks a lot guys…I had a deal in the works for $5,000 till he saw your posts. lol

  7. Fred


    No offense to the founders, but this is not Barn Finds material. It’s Barrett Jackson or R & M auctions material. They will get you the money this deserves. And the commission will be worth every cent.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      How is this not Barn Finds material Fred? Well over 10,000 people visit the site everyday now, so I think it is safe to assume that more people will see it here on the site than they would at an auction.

  8. Dolphin Member

    I think Howard A is right. Research the value of your car and also get some advice from pros (more than one pro) who know these cars. If your mother needs the money you might not have the option of keeping it, but do not give this car away cheap just because someone steps up and offers you a wad of cash that you have to decide on within a short time or the offer will disappear. Let the offer expire or you might end up taking significantly less than its worth and then regretting it. The value of these is going UP, not down, so if time goes by it will not be worth less than it’s worth now. B-J or RM Sothebys will be able to tell you what it’s worth because they know these cars. Get as much information together about the car as you can, especially about the special equipment and features, because that’s where a lot of the value is.

    There WILL BE a lot of people interested in this car because it’s a special car—a split window ’63, and a special split window too. Get some good advice from someone who doesn’t want to steal the car from you for less than it’s worth, and then make a careful decision. There are some sharks out there……we see them flogging lesser—-way lesser—-cars than your split window all the time.


    Great advice….BTW where is this and the others he mentioned that have to be sold & what are they….

  10. KO

    Love the honesty here. Well done gentlemen!

  11. Mark

    I see in the one photo what looks like a 70-72 red chevelle . Might that car be for sale also?

    • Dennis

      yes that Chevelle is for sale also. That was my Dad’s favorite car. My dad took it to all the area shows and loved all the talks about it with younger fans of those cars. my dad won lots of trophies with it. He bought it because he said it was like the one he owned back then. He never owned one before,and I never told him anything different. The car he was talking about was an Impala with a 427,425 HP engine. He went to buy a Cadillac and came home with the Impala and my mother said better go and get the car you were supposed to. We had the car for about two months.

  12. sir mike

    you had better listen to the experts…this is one RARE and SPECIAL corvette..

  13. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Have one of these still in the family, a tanker with the brake option.

    Surprised the crap out of me because I would have guessed the brake option meant discs. Even more surprised when we took the drums off and saw these strange shoes. The shoes did not have a continuous piece of arched lining! Instead there were multiple “pucks” of what apparently was an early version of semi-metallic braking material. Would’ve loved to see how the dealerships were explaining this option to prospective buyers who were expecting the new disc brakes that were winning races in Europe.

  14. Brad

    OMG, got shivers as soon as I rolled up the interior shot showing the split window. VERY RARE VERY BEAUTIFUL vehicle, get it checked out by the experts.

    • Tom Member

      As Frank from “everybody loves Raymond” would say best, HOLY CRAP! Brad, the split window is known and awesome, it was the picture of the fuel injection unit that rocked me !!!! Big Brake, Tanker, Knock offs, Resale Red….if it is an automatic I would be momentarily disappointed. Again, just momentarily.

      DENNIS…… please make sure you follow these great suggestions. Be careful of “corvette brokers” and if you are going to auction (if you MUST sell) be sure and get in one that #1, sells muscle cars…you don’t want this rolling over the block in a auction filled with European and Italian imports…..those crowds often are not really in the mood for a car like this. Get on a big stage, in a big market (not some obsure thing somewhere like RM Auction in Schaumburg Illinois…GO BIG this car is AMAZING. I how I wish I could buy it. This is definitely a 6 figure car, potentially a couple times over….even in this market. the big auctions as well will IMPORTANTLY have multiple interested bidders running each other up. As they say in a auction, you just really need 2 people who really want your car and people will want this one. WHAT ARE THE OTHER CARS? I AM DYING TO KNOW!

      • Randy

        Rare Car very interested in car would you consider 150,000. As IS. Let me know Thanks. Sorry about Your Dad.

  15. bowtiecarguy

    According to Hagerty’s price guide (available online) average price of this vehicle is
    (straightening bowtie) $390,000

    Sorry about your dad

    • Dennis

      yes that Chevelle is for sale also. That was my Dad’s favorite car. My dad took it to all the area shows and loved all the talks about it with younger fans of those cars. my dad won lots of trophies with it. He bought it because he said it was like the one he owned back then. He never owned one before,and I never told him anything different. The car he was talking about was an Impala with a 427,425 HP engine. He went to buy a Cadillac and came home with the Impala and my mother said better go and get the car you were supposed to. We had the car for about two months.

    • Dennis

      Thank you so much as it is a far cry from the 30 and 60 thousand that I’ve been offered over the phone so far.

  16. Richard Prokopchuk


  17. RoughDiamond

    Dennis G.,

    I am sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. Let say from personal experience that over time your grief and sadness will wane and be replaced with precious memories of your Dad that no one can ever take away.

    No one on this site is going to steer you wrong. Your Dad had great taste in cars. Please listen carefully to the advice already been given. I can promise you that the sharks are already circling. I’m sure you’ve seen the show on TV where the fella shoves a wad of cash under someone’s nose which can cause their reasoning to go right out the window. I think what is also worth considering is if you don’t keep it (which I hope you do keep it), you will want the car to go to the “right” Corvette person that would have met with your Dad’s approval.

    Best of luck to you!

  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    is it April already ?

    • MountainMan

      No doubt

  19. Fogline

    Sorry for your loss.
    Sounds like I am not the only one that has the big reveal as scrolling down the page. Crazy find.

    Wondering what else is in that barn you are selling. Maybe something a bit more in range.

    I do hope you get top money for this treasure.

  20. randy

    Keep it, sell something else!! PLEASE!!!

  21. Big Eddie

    Any body have any luck with the email? Sorry but I smell something a little fishy , I hope I am wrong but just too nice and to rare to be true. Prove me wrong it wont hurt my feelings.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Big Eddie, I too am the world’s biggest skeptic. I’m a firm believer in “if it sounds too good to be true, is usually isn’t true”. I haven’t tried the email, as it opens up a can of worms sometimes on my computer. I would be very disappointed if they used the ” my dad died, come get his cars” ploy, but what IS cool, is there are good people in our hobby ( as evidenced here) and these things DO happen. Some people may not know the value of an item. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • Dennis

        My Dad did pass away unexpectedly from a massive stroke while doing what he loved washing his truck. I had to sell the truck as my mother and sister couldn’t stand to look at it. The neighbors also said it looked eerie in the driveway because he was always seen cleaning it. As old as I am I will never be able to put it past me.

        Believe me I appreciate all the kind comments,advice,phone conversations and all the interest. There are stories about each and every one of the cars that he had left and that is all I have are the memories. Thanks again!

      • Howard A Member

        Again, thanks for the update, and I apologize for the skepticism, but there are so many shysters out there. The old car hobby is full of less than honest people, and there’s no way to tell. We call them “flippers”. They buy from unsuspecting people, in exactly your situation, and turn around and sell it at a profit, sometimes without even seeing the car. Best of luck to you.

    • Toast54

      Doesn’t ring true, does it.

  22. Charles

    Sweet 63! This is going to make some collector with deep pockets very happy.

  23. joeinthousandoaks

    Sitting since ’92 yet the dome light works? If anyone verifies it’s existence please let us know.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Why would the dome light not work? I’ve pulled cars out that were sitting for much longer and all the lights worked fine.

    • Dennis

      Sorry, but I think that must be the garage light shinning through the window not the dome light. The battery is completely shot.

  24. Big Eddie

    Hay Howard you are absolutely right there are a lot of good people out there and then there are a few that like to play and tug on the heart strings of the good people with to good to be true postings like this one and make fools of them. I ask myself why in the world would anybody post a six figure car like this on barn finds? The email goes nowhere and there is no other contact info that I seen. So until this person comes on here and does so I think it just BS. AND THATS ASHAME.

    • Howard A Member

      Thanks Big Eddie, maybe they blew his email out with 6,000 reply’s. :)

  25. Big Eddie

    Thanks Howard, I would think its safe to say sense nobody on here has confirmed contact it is what we think it is. And all the nice comments left for this person was just for his/ her jollies and a good laugh and that’s just sad. Like I said before I would have no problem with somebody proving me wrong. Karma is a bitch, God bless.

  26. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    I just heard back from the seller and he said that the response has been huge. He is working through emails, but I’ll recommend that he reply to the comments too. He claims that there are a couple of guys interested in buying the whole lot. @Big Eddie – that’s why someone would post a “six figure car like this on barn finds”. Believe it or not, a lot of collectors follow the site.

  27. Big Eddie

    Thanks Jesse! I had no luck at all trying to get thru to Dennis. Very happy to be proven wrong and my apologies to Dennis and i wish him all the best as I went thru the same thing with my dad.

  28. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    From Dennis:

    I can assure you that the listing is not fake. I have talked to a lot of people and just got off the phone with an interested party that talked to me for 2 and a half hours. Several people are actually making plans to come with a trailer to see the car make a deal and take the car with them. I will try to answer any and all people that expressed an interest.

    The response is overwhelming with all the e-mails and conversations and so much so that I might have to hire a Secretary ( Just kidding sort of ) ha ha to help me handle them all. I will get back to you with any legitimate offers that a buyer and myself are happy with.

    Some of these folks are also interested in the parts and other cars that my Dad had. So I will have to see where all this plays out. I would also like to feature the other cars and I could send you some pictures of each. They are all in garages and angles for real good pictures is a hazard as with the Corvette because I couldn’t pull them out. One car hasn’t moved at all and has only 7 miles on it and others are low mileage as well.

    Lots of e-mails and many serious buyers. I feel confident that someone will buy and enjoy the cars for years to come.

    Thanks again Jesse for all that you do. I’m not forgetting you and will keep in touch.


  29. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice to hear.

  30. Angelo

    Dennis; I have been trying to see / buy this car since it was listed and you told me that you would be sending me the photos and info that i requested, but have yet to receive anything! I have no idea what the problem is, but would surely like to find out. Why you would not explore all possible buyers is beyond me. Maybe the car is a fake? Maybe you really do not wish to sell it? i just don’t understand……if the car is sold than this ad should be removed!

  31. Kevin Reid

    A ’63 fuelie tanker? Can you say RARE AS A ZL-1 boys and girls? (I dont know as a fact).This guy selling would be better off going to a big auction house with a reserve to get the $$$ this is worth,

  32. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    So, does anyone know of the outcome?

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