Bidding Gone Wild! 1963 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

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It wasn’t too many years ago when a car like this would have been scrapped or sold as parts for a couple of hundred dollars. This 1963 Chevrolet Impala convertible has obviously been neglected for years and doesn’t appear to be much more than a parts car. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $6,500! Located in Northford, Connecticut, I’m not sure what is driving the bidding, but perhaps a 2-door convertible is too cool to pass up? Take a closer look at this one and let us know if you think it is worth the price.

The interior obviously needs a full restoration. I don’t even know if anything besides a few trim pieces and the seat frames are usable. The top is gone exposing the upholstery to years of weather and critters. There are some aftermarket sources for interior bits, but a full project like this one will be expensive.

The seller doesn’t say what the engine is. If it was the famous 409, you can bet this car would be worth the money, but clearly, it isn’t. You can also tell the engine has been stripped of some accessories. The buyer had better plan on a complete drivetrain swap.

Obviously, the driver’s fender is toast. The driver’s door doesn’t look too bad, but it’s pretty clear the quarter panel needs some help. Overall, this looks like a project that is too far gone. I guess there are some redeeming qualities that I must be missing on this one. Let us know what the best parts of this car are.

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  1. BlondeUXBMember

    Is there $7,000.00 in the glove box ?

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    • Kevin Kendall

      What glovebox?🤔

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  2. Scott Williams

    Looks like the shill bidders got a little carried away.

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    • Milt

      Bidding history sure looks suspect. Just 2 bidders going at it with one having zero feedback.

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      • Milt C

        Looks like I’m not the only Milt on this site doesn’t look like something id post. There’s a52 olds 88 in my hood someone bought I wish that person all the luck in the world restoring her

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    • Al

      Kind of reminds me of that old religious tune,

      “Shill we make to the Auction”

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  3. Ryan

    Please tell me reserve has been met 6499 ago

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  4. Milt

    Bidding history sure looks suspect. Just 2 bidders going at it with one having zero feedback.

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  5. Skorzeny

    Is this a Mopar and it just look like a Chevy?

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  6. Alexander

    Anyone who knows the syndicated comic strip “Baldo” (by Hector D. Cantú and Carlos Castellanos), whose title character constantly fantasizes about a future 1963 Chevy Impala but so far only has a hood ornament and a hubcap, has to be wondering about his bank account as we watch…….

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  7. Chris Webster

    How’d they get it out without breaking it in half? Teleported it? Part it out, too far gone.

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  8. Jcs

    Bidding is far beyond the apparent parts value as she sits. I’d say it’s one of two things…

    1. All of the prior comments are correct and there is shill bidding going on.


    2. The seller is including something of great value that is only found out by contacting them.

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    • terry Brundage

      Shill bidding rampant on ebay. I complained constantly years ago when buying cars because the shill bidders then were mostly from the same town as seller & rebid again when car re-listed after having been “sold” to same bidder! They then hid bidders identities, but I still see problems because these days I
      sell cars on ebay & always get shill bidders, most are employees or relatives of employees, driving up revenue. I constantly complain because they are mostly from california (their headquarters).

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

        Fleecebay isn’t going to police this problem, the more $ the auction brings, the more $ the company makes. They don’t want to hear about problems, that’s the primary reason they closed the 800 customer service department, not the excuse of Covid19. [Yeah, you can’t contact a live person anymore!]

        Anyone who sells on Fleecebay knows that the company always makes mistakes that benefit the company, not the sellers or buyers.

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    • Terry EarwoodMember

      Must be a Z11 in trunk!!

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  9. HoA Howard AMember

    Bottom of the barrel,,,

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    • Dave

      So clever,,,

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  10. Pat

    Looking at the sellers other items, junk, broken watches, etc. the bank account numbers from a Nigerian prince must be in the glove box.

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  11. dryheat45

    Totally roached. Too bad to salvage, destined for the crusher.

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    • local_sheriff

      I’d normally say that too, however some people are going to great effort to ride an X-frame ‘vert. I’m following this fella (RJ Tickler) on YT in his work on converting a ’64 4door into a drop-top

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  12. Jerry

    Gotta admit it fits perfectly with the double wide and the other piece of junk sitting under the tree. Only thing missing is the cement blocks but the rims make a fine substitute.

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  13. Terri

    We will see it listed again and the seller will say the buyer backed out.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Or sobered up!

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  14. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster 55chevy

    Looks pretty rough, but I have been keeping an eye out for a 58 to 64 Impala convertible, a local guy is looking for one. While I have browsed a large area of SE US in CL and FB ads, I have not seen one yet under $35,000, what’s up with that?
    In other news, I did finally find/buy a 1969 Super Bee, for $8k! Trying to resist a 72 440AT Cuda, may hafta sell something.

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  15. Kenn

    Jerry, it’s more likely a single wide, from the picture. But, so what? I”ve lived in both, still in a double-wide, but have also been very wealthy a time or two.
    With the truly junk cars I see here with some degree of regularity, I imagine your apparent snobbishness really gets a workout. Unless you’re spending your time buying vehicles at the the high-dollar auctions, in which case why are you here anyway, I think a more tolerant attitude would be appropriate.

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    • Jerry

      Yet I’ll bet you love the Country Music and the regional comedians who say similar things. Well, so do I. While in the military I lived in a trailer for a period of time and my fellow ‘trailorites’ made many jokes and unkind references to our plight. More specifically, if you are offended perhaps it’s time for you to take a look in the mirror.

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      • Skorzeny

        In this country, or at least it used to be the case, we are free to be snobbish, or racist, or rich, or poor. We can also choose to be offended, or not. I hope that at least the last thing we retain, as this country changes, is freedom of thought. That may go away as well.

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  16. E. S. GRIESEL

    Just a guess, but in a situation like this it may be an emotional driver, since paying for a car in this condition would usually not be worth $250. He might have learned to drive on his father’s 1963 Chevrolet Impala convertible and he has great memories from those days. It could be worse, his father could have driven a Yugo.

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  17. RPOL80

    OMG, what the f—. Well i`ve always said,” A fool and his money, soon part.”

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  18. Steve Clinton

    What’s not to like? Some carnauba wax, engine degreaser, upholstery cleaner, and a large umbrella for when it rains and it’ll be good as new!

    PHONY, PHONY, PHONY auction!

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  19. cmarvMember

    I’d be scared to hook a bridle to it to haul it to the salvage yard if it was free , it would break in half and scar my aluminum bed and the rust flying off could cause serious injury . If that ain’t shill bidding I’ll eat my hat . Just look at the junk sitting around . What a pile .

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  20. RPOL80

    @ Kenn, Thank you.

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  21. skibum2

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA….yeah , right $6500 .. enjoy the paperwork..

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  22. CCFisher

    This is what happens when your shills don’t realize that they’re bidding against each other.

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  23. Richard Isenberg

    Wow. I think it would look good in one of two places. Mother in laws driveway or in the crusher. Wouldn’t give them 79cents

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  24. Mark P

    For the VIN probably.

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  25. norton rider

    Man! I had NO idea boat anchors were this expensive.

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  26. bucky66

    According to E-Bay the car sold for $6,500. I don’t believe it.

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    • Steve Clinton

      I bet it will be relisted.

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  27. Bruce Hargabus

    Just sold for $6,500! That’s nuts!

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  28. ADM

    I remember our minister had a beautiful ’63 convertible, black, with a red interior. He lived in the parsonage, next to the church. To the right of the Chevy, when it was parked in the driveway, was a huge oak tree. We then had a huge windstorm, that took down the tree, and took out the Chevy. It was flattened, right to the ground.

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  29. fran

    One word
    non payer
    OK 2.
    See you in re-list-ville.

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    • cyclemikey

      C’mon, guys. All it needs is every single body panel, new floors, a replacement frame, new suspension, a complete interior, a top, and running gear. Oh, and a clean title. What’s not to like? I think this is what they call an “easy resto”.

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    The proverbial “Ran when parked” or, “That’ll buff out” Sheesh lol I agree, must have $7 large in the glovebox…but it’s rusted shut

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    • Steve Clinton

      Some of the useless and overused descriptions used on sale and auction sites…
      all original
      ran when parked
      very little rust
      as new
      mostly solid
      low mileage
      solid performing
      no expense spared
      show car quality
      starts and runs

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      • Steve Clinton

        I’m sure there are dozens more!

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember


        Thanks for the list!

        But you forgot my #1 worst statement: XX,XXX Original miles!

        The original mileage is 00000.0

        Substitute: “Actual miles”, or “Miles showing”.

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  31. BONE

    As a lifelong CT. resident and a long time New England junkyard searcher, I can assure you the floors are long gone on this car, and the frame has had it as well .It already looks like the suspension has collapsed in the rear. Cars generally had a 10 year lifespan on the road here, and even by then they were rusting out. Figure on this car sitting in a backyard with water leaking inside for 40 years and sitting for months with snow in it, and you’ll see what I’ve seen hundreds of times over the years. I’m sure even the seat frames are rotted away by now ..At best, and that’s IF there a few pieces of trim that you cant find anywhere else and you have a means to haul it out , its worth around $500.00 .

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  32. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    Let’s see…

    Why did this bring $6,500?

    Is it the 409 V8? NO.
    Is it a Hi-Po SBC V8? NO.
    Is it because of all the rare options like A/C? NO.
    Is it because of it’s great overall condition? NO.

    Is it because there are 2 idiots with money who wanted it? Possibly, not probably.

    Perhaps it is because the title [as listed] is “Rebuilt, reconditioned, restored”? Not likely.

    Is it because there are 2 shill bidders? You betcha!

    Will it be relisted? Possibly, but now that the owner realizes no one wanted the car except for his 2 shill bidding friends, he [hopefully] now knows how much his car is NOT worth, so he won’t bother to spend the money on another ebay listing.

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    • Steve Clinton

      He’ll buy a can of primer, spray the body, repost it and say it’s close to being restored.

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  33. John S Dressler

    A $200 parts car – maybe!

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  34. WhynotMember

    I don’t know what to say . Impalas are cool I’ve had a 64,63 and now have a 62 all hardtop SS. They are one of those cars that even look better topless . Even if this guy has the numbers matching 409 , 4sp Muncie under a tarp somewhere. They are just not that rare to start from this platform. Someone nailed it saying it’s a mopar just made to look like a Chevy. I figured that had to be it to keep from having a rush turn riot. If you look close you can see lines of a Alfa Romeo buried in the dirt below mystery solved! Now that I said my piece I hope for the Impala someone does the unthinkable and brings it back to life.

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  35. Derek

    Looks like the rear spring hangers have rotted away. Never mind a trailer, bring a brush.

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    • local_sheriff

      No hangers here,these ‘palas sit on coils so something else is broken. Good thing is it already has lowered suspension!

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  36. Richard Isenberg

    Ok seriously guys. Other than some great comments and some chuckles. Why is this on barn finds. Drag it to the next monster truck competition and let big foot make a pancake.

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  37. HCMember

    Bogus ebay bidders. Youd need a Tetnus shot just to go look at it or hook it up to haul away to the scrap yard.

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  38. JIM

    When you have the money and you do not know how much things will cost,you bid silly prices for junk!

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