Big Bad Survivor: 1969 AMC AMX

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The American Motor Company was known for doing things a little differently than everyone else. When AMC decided to jump on the Pony car bandwagon, they went about building something that was a little different than everything else on the market. The Javelin and the AMX were their answer to the Mustang and the Camaro, but they were a different breed of pony. This 1969 AMC AMX is still sporting its original Big Bad Green paint and is a true survivor. It can be found here on eBay.

The AMX was built off of the Javelin, but was meant to be more of a sports car. The AMX was actually the first steel-bodied American sports car since Ford ended production of the 1957 Thunderbird. It was often compared to the only other American sports car on the market at the time, the Corvette. It was a confusing car for car enthusiasts, as it was both a sports car and a muscle car. Not only could it smoke the tires, but it could actually make a turn at high speeds.

One could order their AMX with a variety of V8 engines, ranging in size from 290 cui all the way up to 390 cui. This car was optioned with the Big Bad Green paint, but the smallest of the V8 engines. The 290 V8 was good for 225 hp, but was considerably lighter than the range topping 390. Automotive journalists were extremely impressed with its handling and acceleration when it was released in ’68. It also garnered a lot of attention for its advanced engineering and many new safety features.

The seller’s photos don’t show much detail of the interior, but from what we can see it looks good. The odometer currently shows 53,510 miles and given how nice the car looks, we believe it. We are glad to see this car came with the four speed transmission, instead of the slushbox. Even though it doesn’t have a 420 hp engine, we imagine it would still be a blast to drive.

The value of the AMX has really dropped in recent years, which most would see as a negative, but we think it’s a huge plus. AMC only built 619 of these in ’69 and very few came in this bright green paint, making this not only a great value, but also a rare collectable. We have no doubt this will be a very sought after car someday, especially if it’s kept original. While we wish this car had the Go Package, we love the Big Bad Green paint and we would like to have it.

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  1. paul

    Too clean to be a barn find. Looks more like a museum piece.

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    • stanley stalvey

      Good eye.! I like the lime green color and these cars were excellent at the drag strip…

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  2. scot c

    ~ wrong color, but rather have 10 six cylinder Americans for less money.

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  3. Dave Jacobus

    Actually the Javelin was built from the AMX. And the 390 was lighter than the 290/343 they were physicly the same big/small block stuff.

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  4. WareWolf

    i never realized that these were two seater..always loved the look though..

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  5. Europa TC

    these look real naughty if lowered…………I have always liked them but never enough to own one.

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  6. Larry

    My dad ordered a new 1968 AMX early 1968, Red with a go package, 4speed and 343 engine, white strips with a tan interior. What a great car, I was 18 years old and he would let me use it , what memories, had alot of fun with that car. I would love to get one. but it would have to be like the one my dad had. Very hard to find a good one, this one looks pretty good. As for the prices coming down on these i would have to disagree, I’ve seen the prices go up not down.
    If anyone should happen to have a red 1968 4speed AMX let me know.

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    • 1998redwagon

      isnt that that wrong hood for a ram air option?

      if not, can someone explain how the air would be inducted into the carb?

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    I have a 68 AMX and need to clarify a few comment. The Javelins came out first about six months ahead of the AMXs which were a mid year offering in 1968.
    Although some parts are interchangeable such as the window glass, door, bumpers and trunk hood, the AMX is on a different platform and is a two seater with the 96″ wheel base 12″ shorter then the Javelins that have a rear seat. The front Hood and Grill are totally different.
    The Motors available were the 290ci, 343ci @ 285hp and 390ci @315HP but all three were made from the same AMC Block and weighed close to the same as the difference was in the Bore and Stroke. All this being said the one your looking at is an excellent example in what appears to be a pure original condition. The prices are up on these, NADA estimate is $30’s to $58K last time I looked.

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  8. Mike Kavanaugh

    The rebel, seats laid down two! Let me know if anyone finds a 70 rebel machine,

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