Big Block 4-Speed: 1966 Chevelle SS

Sure, it’s not original. Neither color nor equipment are as they left the factory, but you have to admit it’s a fun combination! This 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle was stored in a barn since the early 1980’s and recently made streetworthy again. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Dumont, New Jersey. The starting bid is a steep $17,500, though. Or maybe I just don’t recognize the value of one of these cars?

The seller tells us the car was originally Marina blue with a black vinyl roof. While I can wholeheartedly agree with whomever removed the vinyl roof way back when this was just a car, I know to the true collector putting it back would be a priority. The ad also states that this is an original big block, four speed Super Sport car, and this VIN decoder page agrees. And with an low NADA retail of $26,260 and a high of $90,385 maybe it is that special.

Getting back to the car itself, we’re told it has a dent in the roof, the current paint is “tired” and the front lip of the hood has some rust. The floor has been previously patched and the trunk floor is a little soft in the center but still intact.

The inside looks surprisingly nice in this picture, but we’re told the seats will need recovering, the headliner is torn but the dash pad is good. I’m afraid this is looking more and more to me like a car to be restored. Honestly, I’d rather just drive the heck out of it pretty much as-is!

As it stands, the car runs and drives well, and the engine features upgrades such as an aftermarket cam, aluminum intake, Holley carburetor, aftermarket ignition and a set of headers. The original positraction rear end remains with the car, and that’s a Hurst shifter attached to the Muncie transmission. Would you, like me, drive it as it sits, at least for a while?

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  1. F.A.G.

    I owned a ’66 390 horse with a Muncie In HS back in 1985. All I can say is…sideways going into 2nd baby!

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  2. jw454

    It appears this car came with buckets but, at some point, they were swapped out for a pair from a GTO/Lemans. When new, this was one nice car.
    My questions is, who would have taken a Marina blue SS and paint it this awful color? Factory big block 4 speed car but, $17.5 K is a pretty high place to start an auction for one in this condition.
    And, No, I wouldn’t drive it in this condition for a few years. As rough a life as this one has been through It deserves to be completely restored.

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  3. Jim Reinhardt

    JV454 your forgetting guy’s did thing’s like that in the 80’s however you are right it is a buttugly color but i think i would drive it as is for a while at least for the rest of summer

  4. Marvin

    I love this car…I had an ’66 SS396 beater around 1977…was actually ‘gold’. Great car.

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  5. Oil Slick

    Drive the wheels off it.

  6. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Where do you see the motor and transmission on a GM car data plate ? ‘Bout all you can amass is it’s a SS car….or a Goat car – PHS does a lot of good for Pontiacs…

  7. Copbait73

    Maybe it was a taxi at some stage.

  8. C Carl

    $17.5k is top dollar but it is way cooler than a 5.0 mustang. Tighten all the bolts, tune and service the drivetrain. Spend your cash on fuel, tires and traffic tickets. Sell. Repeat.

  9. Dave Member

    Although Holleys are ok, I’m a big fan of a good Quadrajet. When those secondaries flop over, you’d best be near a gas station.
    And I don’t mind the paint, I’d just pop the Quad back on it and drive the hell out of it.

  10. Warren Brown

    I owned this type of car for just over a year. I was JUST about to pour some money into the motor, when, to my shock (or stupidity) I had it up on a hoist, doing an oil change, when a mechanic looked at it, and said, “hey, why all of the “shark-plates” welded onto the frame”? I took it to have the front end aligned and here’s where I had my shock! The front end was “out” severely, and had been “jury-rigged” enough to get it past a safety check. I only drove it for short trips, so excess tire-wear didn’t show up! I sold it AS-IS to another dude who must have spent a fortune trying to correct the frame??

  11. Gary Reiter

    Had a 1966 SS 396 in 1966! It was my daily driver and yes, i did drag race it. It was a beast and ran a 13.70 @ 105 mph on street tires. With a little tweaking, headers, and slicks in ran low 13’s. That was in 1967. At Lions Drag Strip! Went in Air Force in 1969 and my Dad sold it. That was 1969 in Woodland Hills California. It was a light yellow and had lic # SUY 611. If anyone knows anout this car or has seen it please contact me at I have a lot of great memories with my first car…Thank You. I will post a photo of said Chevelle.

  12. Gary Reiter

    My chevelle

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