Big Block 4-Speed: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

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On paper, this 1966 Corvette coupe looks like a great project — with one “rat” in the way. It’s listed for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of $38,500 but the seller is suggesting that you make an offer below that figure. Thanks to Patrick S. for sending in this sporty find! The iconic sports car is located in Yankton, South Dakota.

The astute Corvette fans among our readers will have noticed the big-block hood, side pipes, and other features and can be excused for getting excited that they are looking at a big-block Corvette. Not only that but when I tell you that the car features an AZ-code 3.55:1 limited-slip differential that was only available with the 427 cubic-inch engine and a manual transmission I’m sure you are salivating. But there’s that one problem I mentioned earlier.

Sure, you’ll have to refurbish the body — the seller was expecting to do that but their plans have changed. That’s not the problem. And the seller has the missing front bumpers and is including those in the auction.

Even the underside looks pretty good for a project car. But there’s a hint here. Can you figure it out?

Yes, I’m dragging this out as long as I can, humor me! The interior doesn’t look bad for a driver, at least for a while.

And here it is. This is not a 427 big-block engine, it is a small-block engine. Sigh. So the question is – what to do at this point? Finding the numbers-matching engine, or even one that is close by date code will be very difficult. On the other hand, if you want a small-block 1966 Corvette, it would probably make sense to start with another car. So what say you, readers? What would you do with this deserving car?

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  1. JerryDeeWrench

    Buy it right LS3 and a 6 speed. Make it shine and drive it. Much fun.

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  2. dsafianMember

    Restomod it, and enjoy it.

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  3. ruxvette

    No leather, no teak, a wonky gas cap, but…it is priced OK to get it running, clean it up and drive it. The candy apple red paint was beautiful…50 years ago. Wash it with cleanser and a scotchbright pad.
    Bonus would be if it had the M22.

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  4. George Mattar

    Has 3 tailamps. Not a simple fix, but not hard either. At least no one cut the fenders. At this point with C2s not bringing stupid money, I agree, LS and six speed and drive it.

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    • WIKD GTO

      As the owner of an 04 Mildy improved LS gto 6 spd. Definitely the way to go

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    • gaspumpchas

      “” all The Jag could see were my six taillights…..”

      Happy thanksgiving
      stay safe and good luck

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    • Billy

      Changing the rear tail light panel is not a problem. In the 70s It was the first panel (a used panel) I ever changed. and it came out awesome.

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  5. pwtiger

    Spend 10K…572 CID Big Block Chevy Crate Engine

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  6. Tim Wasson

    Roush Performance 588 R CRATE ENGINE would be perfect ! Just cause !

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  7. Dins74Member

    I agree with all the prior comments. The gas cap has to go, the body and interior look to be in tach. I think the paint will need more than just a good cleaning and buff out though.

    Any 427 from a rebuilt one to nice new GM Performance crate engine with a Tremec 5 or 6 speed and this car would fly.

    But is $38.500 too much for that project.

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  8. Martin Garvey

    Who cares? C2 cars are bringing more money as restomods anyway. Clean it up, add whatever power source you like, and drive the wheels off it.

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  9. Carnut

    Anyone else notice .. So. Dakota.. highest number of Covid in the World.. I think I will pass on this one..

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    • JC

      Oh good grief… they have the “highest rates” because there are less than 850k people in the entire state… as my statistics teacher once told me, you can make the numbers mean anything you want… and this country as a whole has fallen for it.

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      • DocMember

        No the population is not the covid cause. It was the motorcycle rally that had basically no one wearing masks or distancing. They are paying for it now.

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    • MarkMember

      Wow, are you serious?

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      • hsche426

        Yep, we saw that coming.

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  10. JC

    Oh good grief… they have the “highest rates” because there are less than 850k people in the entire state… as my statistics teacher once told me, you can make the numbers mean anything you want… and this country as a whole has fallen for it.

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  11. kevin

    its not a historically relevant if engine missing can assume alot of original parts gone too..not a money making investment at that price..counterpoint point is if you dont buy this one what are chances of getting another..personally I would psss..15 year ago would be a buy

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  12. Billy

    The AZ differential code (3.55:1) was only available with the 425/450 HP 427.
    The 390 HP was available in 3.08, 3.36 and 3.70. If the redline on the tack is 6500 rpm then it is most likely the L72 425/450.

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  13. 7chaparral

    A/S vintage racer with dry sump BBC. The chassis and interior are shot so it would cost close the same to go with race car stuff. Think Grand Sport replica.😎

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  14. George Barnhouse

    If it were a little closer to me I would make a serious offer and put a crate engine refurbish the body and repaint and have a blast my last vette was a 63 split window fuel injected OH how I wish I still had it !!

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  15. JoeBob396

    Looks like I’d be in the minority but I think I’d fix the gas filler, fix the heater, maybe paint it and fix anything else that it needs and drive it. Decide on a powerplant later, but small block powered C2 is a competent driver. Considering the overall condition, and the ‘make an offer’, I could even learn to like the six tail lights.

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    • moosie moosie

      Not mine, but I wish it was,,,,,,,, 6 tail lights ‘n all

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      • Bill Voss

        Dead man’s curve, Jan & Dean

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  16. dogwater

    Looks like a great project price is right restore it back to stock have fun

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  17. Frank

    Hood alignment is a big problem. In the past I worked on several 63 – 67 Corvettes that had the problem with the front of the hood alignment after a front end collision. Hood hinges are mounted to the radiator support. Radiator support is not adjustable to go down – just up with shims. Back yard body men would replace the fenders without the hood in place. Then when they mounted the hood they found out they had to break loose the fenders to raise the fenders to get the front of the hood aligned. Not an easy job.

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  18. Scott

    I’m not trying to discredit the car in any way. But, not until 1967 were you able to tell if it was a real big block. People will do anything they can to fake these. Chevrolet did not keep track of the actual numbers until 67.

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  19. Lowell Peterson

    Lets leave the pandemic and its politics out of the totally unrelated koolest car site on the internet. Just bid, brag, reminisce, did I say bid? And ease up on the criticisms and predatory lame ‘investment potential’ assessments. I think we all know what the fun yo money ratio is on ALL of these cars.

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