LS5 Big Block 4-Speed: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette

I may be getting soft but there are more and more things that make my gut wrench with disappointment. Here is a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette with an LS5 454 cubic inch V8 engine and 4-speed transmission that has been left to deteriorate. The car is located in Trumbull, Connecticut, and can be seen here on eBay with 9 days left in the auction. Despite being in a deteriorating state of disrepair, the seller has a Buy It Now price of $37,000.

Let’s start with the good things about this Corvette.  First thing, it is a one-owner car and is stated to never have been registered. The car is equipped with a 365 horsepower LS5 454 cubic inch V8 engine and 4-speed transmission. The car is said to have been stored but the condition of the car begs to differ. The odometer reading is 30,565. What is stunning is the seller states that the car was driven sparingly and never beat on. Well, I guess he is not considering the weather beating on it but storing on open ground. He suggests the car could be freshened up and driven. However later in the description, the seller states that the car needs serious restoration but has a lot of potential.

The saddle interior does not look too bad. The car has the tilt/telescopic steering column, the original radio, and air conditioning. Approximately 1,200 Corvettes were produced in 1971 in Sunflower Yellow. The car comes with its original paperwork. The trim and bumpers were removed when the restoration was started and stalled 16 months ago. The undercarriage is said to show surface rust and the one picture in the ad of the suspension does not look encouraging.

The LS5 big-block was said to be the most driveable 454 cubic inch engine in 1971 and the only one that could be ordered with a 4 speed. The LS6 454 cubic inch V8 engine was the other big-block option and delivered 425 horsepower. So what do you think it would take to save this car or is it too far gone?


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Hard for me to believe the sellers backstory after seeing the condition of this Stingray. Too bad, once a killer ride. I hope all my BF brothers and sisters are hanging in there during this tough time. Special thanks to the staff for keeping this site alive, helping me keep my sanity. Take care all, Mike.

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    • Drew BROWN

      Well, finally negotiated and brought this Corvette Home to my shop. Took 4 months, here is the story, yea, pictures and story was a bit off. But this Vette was only 30 min from me, so went back in May with tools, jack, gas spray bottle etc. Once we pushed out of grass, yes brakes are good, we went over everything, rock solid frame, ball joints, rear bearings, floor boxes, surface rust, we where shocked. Engine fired with spray bottle, purred like it should. Tank has rust so that was not pursued. Bought car today, dropped tank, tank sticker in place,little beat but there was pretty much what we all hope for. It does show in many places that its a 30K original car. Title from Chevy dealer to seller, dated 6-23-1971, sweet. So now its dry and safe and will be on the road soon. Sometimes you just got to jump in, but, match # eng,drive systems, Tank sticker and title from dealership, a good day.

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      • Raymond W Hurst Member

        Congratulations. Should make a nice car. Seriously. Keep it, don’t be a flipper.

  2. sparkster

    I have a friend with a 64′ Impala 409 with factory a/c , quite rare to say the least. It’s been sitting out in his field for 40 years.

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  3. Chuckster

    30 thousand miles but never registered ? How does that work ?

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    • Dave

      1/4 mile at a time…?

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    • Kralik

      Dealer plates (from the eBay listing).

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      • Claudio

        Just another redneck on drugs …

  4. Gaspumpchas

    I feel your pain, as most of us do, Bruce, sad to see in this condition. Flat tires sunk in the dirt, and the guy couldn’t bother cutting down the bush that’s hiding the nose. BIN for 37 large. Light restoration started. Birdcage and frame. the one pic of the half shaft shows a bleak picture of the underbelly. Better look it over good. Stay safe and good luck

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  5. Steve R

    The sellers story doesn’t make sense.

    It’s convenient that he’s selling it for a friend. His name won’t appear on the transaction and won’t be there to help if things go south for the new owner when they register the car.

    Even in good times this car is overpriced, right now, it’s laughable especially when you factor in the story.

    Steve R

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    • Weasel


      I’m with you on the selling for a friend thing (or an in-law). I’ve never took the bait on one of those. This corvettes story is pure Hollywood.

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    • ThisGuy

      If things go south?

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      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        Colloquial phrase, meaning: If the buyer has difficulties after the purchase (due to dishonesty on the part of the seller).

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  6. ace10

    Very nice of the seller to do a minute or two of work weedwhacking around this poor thing. $37K. lolllllllll

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  7. Nick P

    What’s on the passenger seat? Looks like this one had a visit from Dirty Mike and the boys.

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    • Weasel

      “The other guys”. Great reference.

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  8. Craig

    That’s a serious case of Barrett Jackson syndrome right there.

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  9. Mark C

    I wouldn’t say it was too far gone (just judging from the limited photos) were it substantially cheaper. But at $37k you can buy a lot of ‘Vette that doesn’t need more bucks sunk into the restoration than the initial cost of purchase.

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  10. gbvette62

    There’s a lot to doubt about the seller’s story. It may be the original paint, but they aren’t the original rivets on the trim tag, so it’s been removed at some point. When I see a Corvette trim tag that’s been played with, I get real suspicious about claims of original paint, and any other claims made by the seller.

    $7K maybe, but $37K, I don’t think so. There are plenty of restored 71’s out there at that price. The seller’s been watching to many auctions on TV.

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  11. theagent39

    Where in the world do you start with this “lightly driven” corvette?
    1. 37K is beyond a pipe dream! (the 19k currently bid is to much)
    2. Light body work for “stress cracks”, this car has been hit it appears in several places (no hard but HIT)
    3. Garage stored? With the very limited frame photo, this car has a lot of rust for the alleged original 30k miles and garage stored
    4. There is ZERO way to verify if this car is really 30k or 130K since never being registered (from the story) or was poorly stored in a very wet environment. From the body damage, rust and fishy story; I think the car really has 130k

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  12. b-rad jeepster

    the digits don’t line up a good sign that it is over 100k

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  13. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Have to laugh at the “NO RESERVE” baloney…

    If that were true, the auction listing would start at $100 and let it fly. This one has a reserve of $19K, too high to find someone willing to take a chance.

    As cranky as he comes off, I’d rather find a way to pick up Bill’s car than this one if I wanted a BB Vette.

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  14. mjf

    I think he meant parked next to a garage and not in it.. Looks like a lot of work and many hidden issues..

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  15. johnu

    Nothing worse then parking on grass!!!! The things a wreck at a restored price.

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  16. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    The comments directed about the seller refer to as “him” does anyone know this person name “Jan”? Here’s a theory, it’s possible but more importantly it’s not impossible!
    Seller admits that owner is a senior friend,but omits the part about the owner of car being a very friendly man whom they met 20+ years ago, became friends,quickly turning into the girl and the sugar daddy type friendship. Time went by,owner of car needed help,seller moves in,owner unknowingly,buys seller new foreign super suv,the pool boy is instructed to take ole yeller outside. Years later owner is mentally not able to make rational decisions,or likewise. Seller knows very little at best,as told by the description given to her by the pool boy, then potential buyers clearly seeing pictures.Something is fishy,………..I sincerely hope that above scenario is not the case at all for the sake of the man who owns it. On another note, if the mileage was accurate,and description fit the car, Wayne would have bought it long ago.

  17. Boney pandapoo

    I was offered one of these 70’s vettes for under a grand . The floor was rusted out from water leaks . The floor pans are available .. Luckily someone bought it first.

  18. Stilbo

    Whadda crock of BS.
    On two counts.
    1: “Stored” in the weeds and dirt..
    2: It’s a $2800.00 parts car..

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  19. Karl

    Corvettes sinking into the ground would cause me great concern from the corrosion standpoint! Like was said how do you put on these miles and it’s never been registered? Way to many things NOT adding up on a already questionable vehicle. And it’s already way overpriced for all the questions!

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  20. Gerry Avitable

    Sitting in the grass will eat the frame.Dew and condensation never gets dried off.
    Lost a good pickup truck that way

  21. Les

    The front fender side vents look they are from a 73

  22. Jeff F Member

    Are you saying you could not get get a 4 speed LS6. That’s not true at all.

  23. Jeff F Member

    You say a could not get a 4 speed wit LS6. Not true.

  24. Bennie C Davis Jr

    After looking at the pictures, this car has been wrecked. The so called seller said that the body was straight, well looks like the back of the car was hit a couple of times. The trim tag sure does look like it was tampered with also. Those pop rivets look to new. The underside has more rust than any car with just 30K on it. The original owner should have left it in the garage and not park it out in the wet grass like that. The price he’s asking is way too high, you can get a really nice one for that price. Good luck to the next owner.

  25. Raymond Hurst Member

    Calm down, guys. May be a misprint, and meant to be $3,700.00. Current bid, $1,900.00 ?

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