Big Block Dream: 1967 Corvette Coupe 427

67 vette 1

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A big block powered Corvette is something that many of us dream about! This 1967 example has a 3×2 427 with a 4 speed transmission. It has clearly been restored, but it is a low mileage car having crossed less than 37,000 miles. For many, this is a dream come true. It is being offered at $140,000 or trade for another Corvette, or a condo in Panama Beach City. Find it here on craigslist out of Cedartown, Georgia.

67 vette 4

We can only imagine the wonderful sounds this 427 must produce through the 3, 2 barrel carbs and the factory side pipes. It might not make the car faster, but the air conditioning would make it much nicer to drive in hot weather. What will make it go faster is the factory “off road exhaust system”! Being nicely optioned really adds to the appeal of this car. Who wouldn’t want air conditioning and factory side pipes? The seller claims this to be a numbers matching low mileage car.

67 vette 3

The cockpit of this Corvette is fantastic. The symmetrical layout of the dash, the nicely oriented gauges, and the ever so nice steering wheel. The 4 speed shift lever is what makes the interior of this Vette, letting you know you are in for an inordinate amount of fun. This interior looks clean and the fit and finish of the carpet, and upholstery look spot on.

67 vette 5

Look at that paint. Smooth, with a fantastic luster. The exterior of this corvette is wonderful. Many may not be a fan of the Goodwood Green, but we love it. It’s a really interesting color that varies on the quality of light that shines upon it. The chrome and the ever so pleasing side pipes look great giving just enough contrast between the bright bits and the darker color. In 1967 only 8,504 coupes were produced. When you start narrowing down the options of this 427 Vette you start to realize how rare of a car this really is. The seller has mentioned that it has lived indoors since 1972, and that it is 1 of 200 427 400 horsepower cars built for 1967.

67 vette 2

What we wouldn’t do to have such a car. This Corvette has so many factors that make it desirable. Being a 427 4 speed means it will be a thrill to drive. We only wish we could experience it! We even like the Goodwood green. What would be your dream Corvette? What color and options would you pick if you could buy the Corvette of your dreams?

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  1. Wayne

    Fantastic colour, especially in the sunlight.

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  2. Chris

    What a beautiful car! I wish I could afford this fine machine. Just imagine sitting in that cockpit listening to that 427 as you run through the gears… Maybe I should sell my house.

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  3. Rick

    Why would you spend all that money on a frame off restore on a 36,000 orig mileage car stored inside since ’72? Sounds mighty fishy to me.

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    • grant

      I’m wondering the same thing. I’m assuming the car deteriorated due to sitting so long.

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  4. Van

    I’ll still never understand
    If old vetts were so good, why do so many have low mileage.
    How about the rich guy, doesn’t need money, buys super car, doesn’t drive it because it’s worth more without mileage.
    I’m sorry, I’m not leaving cars in my will with no mileage to relatives who don’t care about cars. If the several million in assets isn’t enough they don’t deserve my ford GT with 200 miles on the clock.
    When they open my garage the Ferrari’s will have balled tires and need a major service.

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  5. JW

    Love the color and the car but like others with only 33K miles it shouldn’t have needed much restoring unless it was beat to hell in that time it was drivin.

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  6. brian crowe

    The green interior is nice too. You don’t see that to often.

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    • moosie Craig

      At one time I owned a sweet Seafoam Green 1966 Two top Corvette Convertible, It had a Dark Green interior that I thought was Black until the weather got warm enough to drive topless & I found a Dark Green interior.

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  7. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Killer car! With a matching stepladder to boot. And to think I just sold my condo in Panama Beach City last week.

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  8. MH

    Why is it called a 327 and a 427? What one is it?

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    • gorzor

      I went back to check for it being called a 327. Didn’t see it anywhere. Mixing up 3×2 (carbs) for cubic inches?

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  9. Jeff V

    Personally, as an avid muscle/sports-car fan I would lean to this over the low-mileage ’70 LS6 Chevelle being offered at Mecum soon, and they say there looking for abt 250-300K$ on it! And I would DRIVE the vette, the money saved in buying this over the Chevelle would go to servicing it and using it as a “daily-driver”, older empty-nester who is finally divorced here! lol

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  10. Mr. Bond

    @MH. I’m a bit lost, definitely a big block in the car, and 427 is specified in the ad. Where did you see 327?

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  11. DRV

    The bonding strips show badly if it hadn’t been restored, no matter how many miles. Also cars continues to age whether or not it has miles. Cars, like us, are deteriorating constantly.
    It’s rare to find an original of either any more!

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  12. RandyS

    @Van, Today it is commonplace for a car to last 200,000 or more miles. Back in the 60’s and into the 70’s it was more common that a car started to fall apart in the 50k mile range. I have no knowledge of this car but it wouldn’t surprise me if this car was parked when the engine started to get down on power or smoking, plus the paint was probably cracking about then also.

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  13. Moe

    I have a blk ’63 swc with 84K miles & it runs like a bat out of hell,
    These cars did fall apart if you mistreated them but otherwise they held together well if you took care of them.
    The ’64 thru ’67 coupes did have one issue with stress fractures occurring in the lower corners of the rear windows do to the amount of weight put on the fiber glass by the single piece glass rear window. This is a well optioned car, especially the air conditioning. I remember the 60’s & driving a non air conditioned car in OK., must have been my youth that allowed me to do so. Today I must have my creature comforts.

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  14. chris

    Not sure if I couldnt find an L88 for that kind of money.. I mean, if you got that much laying around,, why not go for the baddest one made?

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  15. Steve

    It has AC?! I’m sold!

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    Just sold my 3X NCRS, Duntov award, Bloomington Gold award 1964 327/365 coupe with factory AC. I like this car. Two things you need to watch on these big block cars. One, there are more big blocks out there than Chevy ever made. So be damn sure to have an NCRS judge look at it. It takes a forensic expert to certify these things today. Last, I personally don’t like the big block cars for a few reasons. Mainly that even with AC, in 15 minutes it gets very hot in the car. That engine throws off a lot of heat. And its not quiet. Just ask your neighbor’s how much they like it when you start it a 7AM.

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    Sorry, about it being upside down!!

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  18. John.H from CT

    Michael is spot on. My ’63 SWC is a 327/ 340HP and it is pleasureably loud. But I have a friend with a ’67 427 with side pipes and says that the noise actually becomes fatiguing after only 15 minutes of driving at road speeds.

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  19. Loco Mikado

    Having driven one back in the day that belonged to a good friend of mine, I was best man at his wedding. I became the designated driver on nights out and got to drive it a lot. It was a fast car and you had to be on your toes driving it. It was geared for road rather than drags as I used to wind it out to130 in third and shift into fourth. It was a blast to drive in those days, nowadays I would rather have something like a ’48-52 Studebaker Commander.

    As far as cars not lasting I drove many a ’60’s car way over 100,000. miles. Sure cars last more miles, buy why are you putting so many miles on cars today? If to go to work I rarely had more than a one way 10 mile commute to work, often a lot less. I only had one commute that was a 60 mile round trip and it was only for 6 months at a wage that equaled a normal years wages.

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  20. Van

    I’m so confused?
    I thought driving great cars was the point.
    It’s like a fifty year old toy in a perfect box.
    Did mommy dearest take it away and not let JR play with it.
    If I’m 85 and dying I just want to know my car is restorable. But I will drive the beans out of it until alzheimer’s stops telling me how to drive.

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    • Van

      Sombody explain? ??

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  21. David Montanbeau

    Bought mine in 1975 for 1800.00 from Tracys Corvettes in Roseville MI. He still in action today.

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  22. TomMember

    I recently sold (unfortunately a victim of the recession) a 67 Firebird 400 convertible that I purchased in 1985 from the original Pontiac dealership in this same area of Georgia. It was invoiced and owned by the dealership owner. It was put into storage in 1972 with a cracked block. I needed to do a frame up restoration on the car due to dry rot. All hoses, gaskets and grommets, tires were dried out including the threads in the perfect convertible top, they were like dust. Perfect seats, but the threads were like dust in them too. Even the paint was dried out. It matters how you store things in these hot dry climates.

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