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Big Block Drop Top! 1970 Corvette 454 Four-Speed

The third generation Corvette aka “C3” models (1969 1968 – 1982) don’t always move the needle when it comes to big-dollar collectible cars. However, if this 1970 Chevrolet Corvette 454 four-speed convertible in Florida doesn’t get your blood pumping, seek medical attention immediately! Wearing Monza Red over black, with a big block and side pipes, and looking clean and well cared-for, this running and driving classic can be yours for $27,900. No wonder the C3 has been called a top five “Attainable Dream Car.” Check out the listing at where dozens of pictures show many key details of this sweet red ride. Thanks to reader Pat L. for his suggestion to feature this Sunshine State drop-top.

In the world of GM engines during the classic muscle car years, 1970 is known as the pinnacle of horsepower and the year the mighty 454 cid (7.4L) V8 entered the mix. By model year 1971 performance began to decline as American automakers struggled to make power while meeting new emissions standards. Still, Chevy’s 454 earns a spot on the Top Ten Engines of all time. Though not the fire-breathing LS6, this 454 will make more power than most people need in a manually-shifted two-seater.

The Corvette cockpit offers full instrumentation and looks race-ready. Plenty of pictures in the excellent listing show minimal rust and few visible concerns of any kind.

Chrome bumpers vanished after ’72, visibly marking the earlier C3s like this one with a more classic look. Oversized Chevy-style Rallye wheels in 18 inches would make a classy upgrade more suitable to the car’s original mission. Nobody ordered a 454 and a four-speed to cruise around aimlessly. This car’s manual brakes and steering suggest it aimed to take down anyone who felt lucky. Where would you cruise this bright red Stingray?


  1. Embrace the change

    I do love me some dianasors. Nice, I like it. But, being a dianasor myself, hope someone else can enjoy this. 59 years old, sold my 67 Camaro. Looking for a small, electricity challenged British car. Don’t think I have to look too hard.

  2. 8banger David Mika Member

    “Little Red Corvette, Baby You’re Much Too Fast…”

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  3. CCFisher

    That list of the “top ten engines of all time” is a joke. Surely, there are some international engines worthy of inclusion. Mercedes-Benz? BMW? Honda? Toyota? The content isn’t all that surprising given that the list was sponsored by Summit Racing, but it’s embarrassing, nonetheless.

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  4. Dave

    Not to nitpick, but aren’t the 68 Vettes in there too? Hey, the 8 and 9 are next to each other, so…

    This car was pretty much poison on the street. Bias ply tires made hooking up problematic while all that engine mass made familiarity with Newton’s laws of motion necessary before attempting to change direction while at speed.

    But if you knew how to make it hook up, a lot of lesser cars (and most motorcycles of the era) were going to be looking at tail lights.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Hi Dave. ’68 of course. Fixed. Thanks for that!

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  5. joeinthousandoaks

    Great car. It will need a pretty much full restoration but a great start. Having recently owned and sold a red 454 4 speed convertible Vette, this is a great find.

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    • nycbjr Member

      Really? Looks pretty good!

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      • TimM

        What more could you ask for a big block 4 speed convertible!!!! It’s worth every penny!! I don’t mind the bigger rims I think they look good on this car!!!

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    • Richard F

      Joeinthousandoaks – was that car you had red w/ black painted trim and fairly low miles? Just curious – I think I remember seeing that car and talking to you about it a while back. If its the same one I’m thinking of?

      • joeinthousandoaks

        Yes, 29,000 miles

    • Richard F

      Ahh…I thought the location and features sounded remotely familiar. I talked to you briefly about it a year ago or so. Just curious again…where did the car end up going? Did it stay out west by chance??

      • joeinthousandoaks

        It did. In fact it went back to Santa Barbara.

  6. Richard F

    Great package for someone looking for a 68-72 Corvette. Not exactly an easy car to find with many original pieces still with it…engine, trans, etc. It even still has the (one year only) front grills, fairly uncommon in this day and age. BUT – get rid of those hideous ridiculous looking 15×7 rally wheels! Yikes, the correct 8 inch rally wheels are hardly rare and too difficult to find…GM made more than just a few sets. Put old mags on it even…just ditch those Monte Carlo, Laguna wagon wheels – please!

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    • Tom

      This should have 8″ Rally Wheels, I believe, to be correct. Pretty sure Corvettes of this year ONLY came with 8″, That one inch gives it a whole different look. LOVE the GM rally wheels BUT>>>> I really don’t like the look of the 7″ version.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I agree Richard. 18 inch rally wheels? LOL!

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    • joeinthousandoaks

      Richard F, I agree. The jury is out on that steering wheel too. I don’t think the wood wheel was still available in 1970.

      • Richard F

        I saw that too…definitely not correct for the year as well. ’68 was the last year for the wood wheel…probably one of the best features and few redeeming qualities of the 68s…other than the engine options. LOL! Oops…did I say that out loud?

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  7. Todd Fitch Staff

    Here’s the oversized stock-looking wheels. Maybe blasphemy to some, but to my eye they look reasonably classic and certainly Chevy would have used bigger ones in ’70 if they were available.

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    • Richard F

      That’s not a bad look either…anything would be an improvement over those puny looking 7″s. Some old 15×8.5 Torque Thrust, Daisy or even slots would really match up with the chrome Hooker pipes and give it a whole 70s period correct look.

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  8. Steve S

    I bet the car sounds good with them side pipes on it and it would be fun to drive also.

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  9. George Mattar

    Steering wheel incorrect. In 1970, the Rally wheel was 15×8. The 70 454 was rated 390 hp. I owned a 71 454 coupe many years ago. It was rated 365 hp unless you ordered the LS6 at 425 hp. I miss that car. I own a 73 coupe now. Runs perfect in today’s gas. Where I live we can but ethanol free.


    Not a fan of convertibles so I really like the one in Todd’s link pur sidepipes on that one. 70 454 LS 6 was rated around 450 H.P. LS 5 was rated around 365
    An acquaintance had a 70 Chevrolet SS 454 LS 6 with headers an purple horney. headers mufflers that turned down to the street what an awesome sound.
    Any Corvette is a favorite of mine. But C2 and early C3 are my personal favs. Of course A 68 -70 AMX with 390 and 4speed would still get preference

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