Big Block Merc: 1977 Mercury Marquis Colony Park

The 1970’s brought about a change in style, a change in performance due to the gas crisis, and station wagons were still the preferred family hauler of choice. In very nice survivor grade condition, this ’77 Marquis Colony Park wagon is a great start to 5,000 pound wagon project. Packing a 460 V8 with air conditioning and a lovely two tone interior, this wagon is offered for $3,600. Check it out here on craigslist out of Yucaipa, California. This hefty find was forwarded to us by reader Pat L.! Thanks Pat!

This wagon is a bit odd as it would seem to have been well stored in its past, but it would seem that more recently that it has spent some time outdoors. The engine compartment appears quite clean other than the thin layer of dust or dirt. Described as a runner, this wagon appears to be ready to drive, but there are a few things this wagon could use. For instance, the air conditioning compressor apparently needs to be replaced, as do the tires, and a window roller mechanism. Despite these needs, they seem reasonable for the condition of this Mercury.

Inside the lovely two tone green leather interior looks to have aged well with only wrinkles in the leather to really gripe about. Also the dash and steering wheel look remarkably nice as well. We all have laundry lists of things we need to get completed, but it would seem that there is a laundry list of things to do above the glove box. The seller has been a bit vague about the window issue, but I am guessing a window regulator is needed as it would seem that the driver side door panel has been removed and placed in the back seat. The carpet is a little dirty, but still appears to be a bit “fluffy” where it could be cleaned and vacuumed to give a great appearance.

The remainder of the interior looks to be in grand condition as well, even the far back fold out facing seats. A lot of times with wagons like this the plastics can be in rough shape, while the upholstery isn’t too bad off. Thankfully the plastics look to be in great condition with no obvious sign of damage.

Appearing like a dream come true in the photos, I can’t help but raise an eyebrow to the fact that the seller hosed down this wagon with water to create a false illusion of the paint being shiny. The seller has openly admitted that the paint is faded, but it would have been nice to have witnessed the actual condition of the paint. With that being said, this wagon does look quite nice, and even if the paint is faded, it’s still a great project. All of the bright work is accounted for, and in nice shape. The only issue with the wood applique that I can see is the applique on the tailgate is a bit faded and has split in several places from sun or heat exposure. With a little work, you could be cruising in comfort and style in this great looking late model big block station wagon. Would you cruise around in this 5,000 pound machine?


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  1. Phil

    You could carry that yellow Vega in the back for the inevitable gas station run for when this won’t make it !

    • redsresto

      Or you could carry a spare gas station in the back…

  2. Maestro1 Member

    What are the two guages on the lower left hand panel next to the steering wheel? They aren’t stock and they are interesting.

    • Royal Ricci

      I blew up the image and the top appears to be a temp gauge and the bottom one looks like an AMP Gauge. Being this is when Detroit tried to economize by ditching gauges for lights, my guess is one of the owners wanted to know exactly what was going on with the vehicle. You are right though they sort of look cool. I was thinking of adding gauges like this to my LeBaron Convertible being it has one of those annoying digital dash displays that really doesn’t tell you anything.

  3. KO

    Hells yes I would!!

  4. Miguel

    I love the leather interior in this.

  5. Classic Steel

    Nice RV where’s the performance car? 😜
    This car never passes a gas station as it’s driven 🤑

  6. Royal Ricci

    Forget the wagon, I am more interested in learning about the Volvo Amazon Parked in the driveway in the background of the first photo.

  7. Dovi65

    Tho the 2-tone green interior is a bit much, I love this beast! Hope she goes to a good home that will let her enjoy her retirement

  8. Bruno M

    The interior is awesome!

  9. Rock On

    Fair price. Wonder if the hidden headlights could be brought back to life?

  10. Rex Kahrs Member

    Yucaipa Heap!

    • Chebby Staff

      I see what you did there…..

      “Easy Drivin!”

      • Rex Kahrs Member

        I was recalling the words of the foundry, er, founder of Morescience High.

  11. Jesper

    Very nice car, for 3600$ thats almost a joke, unless there are something wrong with it.
    The seats fits that color realy good.
    But 7,4 liter. What is the price for a galon benzz?

  12. PatrickM

    What a boat!! Not a bad asking price. Some details need to be addressed. After that, can you say, “Road Trip!?”

  13. SSPBill

    Except for gold on brown combo, I did my time in an identical one. If I can recall, three round trips to St Petersburg from Buffalo, NY. Five kids with Mom, Dad and provisions for more then a week and this barge gets pretty small around Maryland.

    I could tell me Dad liked the car. Whenever it was snowy he would slide it thru corners (posi?) and my brothers and I would yell out “AJ Slideways!” Any dirt track enthusiasts from the northeast may get the reference.

  14. RickyRover

    My Dad had the same wagon, same color, third rear facing seats and all. He always had Ford Country Squires before that. The Merc was a step up to me…..nice land yacht!! I am more interested in the Volvo Amazon 122s in the background of photo #1……

  15. 68custom

    it looks to be in decent shape but the 460 that year is badly emission strangled they have no power! but I am sure if you take it out of Cali it could be uncorked to run well.

  16. CanuckCarGuy

    Dream car, no question about it…a little spit and polish and it’s perfect.

  17. Wrong Way

    I would not only like to own this wagon, I would put it back together service everything and cruise the heck out of it! I plan on a trip around the nation coming up soon this would be perfect for me and Izzy!

  18. KSwheatfarmer

    Dad special ordered one like this only in white from our small town dealer. After about 6 weeks it was delivered. I spotted it coming off the truck,it was beautiful, and told dad it was in. He went in the next day at noon to pick it up and was not happy when told that it was sold that morning and they could order another one. He never stepped foot thru their door again and went out of town and bought an LTD.

    • Mr. TKD

      What?!? How?!?

  19. Geof

    I am definitely diggin this Merc Wagon! If I had the means I’d snap it up in a heartbeat!
    And the Volvo does look pretty cool. I’d resto-mod that bad boy. But I just couldn’t help but notice one more.
    Is that a 58 Cadillac beside the building?! Another dream ride! Hey I have 2 great kids for rent! Ant takers?! Lol!

  20. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Love the green color (of course green is my favorite color) had a couple Ford wagons back in the 70s, then went straight to a Lincoln MK IV. But I love this big Mercury. The price seems alright, but I’d have to go to L.A. yuck, but you’d have to do a personal inspection.

  21. KevinR

    I learned how to drive (and had many teenage adventures) in a ’76 Colony Park, white with brown and tan two tone interior. A few things I learned: the car won’t even start if you don’t have at least 2 gallons of gas in the tank; if you take off from a stop with the gas pedal on the floor, you can watch the speedometer needle move to the right while simultaneously watching the gas gauge needle move to the left.

    My family had ours from 1976 to 1981 and put 97,000 miles on it. In that time we replaced the u-joints 4 times and rebuilt the carburetor 3 times (guilty, as charged…). Great memories!

  22. Rex Kahrs Member

    I have a question about emission equipment. Back in the 80s and 90s, everyone was so afraid to remove the stuff, for fear that the government would come cracking down on anyone sawing off a catalytic converter. Actually, now that I think of it, just 4 years ago, a muffler shop would not straight-pipe my 91 F-150 beater pickup, and sent me to a shop on the South side of town, that did the deed with the bay door closed.

    So here’s my question: Are there any muffler shop guys out there who can comment on what the rules were in those days (and still are?), and what are/were the penalties, and is there currently any government enforcement of these regulations, as it pertains to local shops, or even large chain auto repair stores?

    As usual, I only have questions…

    • KKW

      It was illegal then, and it’s still illegal today. But, like anything illegal, you’re only in trouble if you get caught. The thing about vehicles now days, is if you remove any emission related component, including the cat converter, the vehicle won’t even function properly. And if you live in a state that requires an emission inspection, the vehicle won’t pass inspection, and I believe most states won’t issue license plates without passing the test.

  23. David Miraglia

    Good old Station Wagon land barge. This car is a must if I only had the money or a place too keep it here in Brooklyn.

  24. chad

    like the down sized waggy nxt gen better – fox bodied ’83-’86 LTD or Marquis. Just lost 1 to Burt Reynolds being a lill quicker than me.

    • KKW

      Actually those were 79 thru 91.

  25. Ryan Shanahan

    The picture of the nose with the hood open offers a good idea of how the pint looks when dry.

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