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Big Block Survivor: 1967 Mustang Fastback


The combination of an early Mustang and a fastback is rare enough, but now take that and add a big block and factory air conditioning and you have a truly desirable car! This 1967 model is centrally located in Franklin, Indiana and is listed for sale here on eBay where bidding has not yet met the reserve.


Apart from the really ugly accessory bumper guards on the back, I really like this profile shot. While the car is well equipped according to the Marti report the owner requested, it wasn’t for speed or racing purposes. In addition to the factory wire wheel covers you see here, the car also was optioned with power disc brakes, power steering, a C6 automatic and air conditioning.


I’m not sure what the primer spot on the driver’s side front fender is about. The car was originally red with a parchment interior. I’m sure this isn’t the original paint as you can spot over spray in some pictures, but I’m hoping it is at least the original color-I think it looks nice, although I’m wondering if narrow whitewall tires would work better with the wire wheel covers.


Thankfully, the underside looks really solid (although you can see a muffler that you’re going to be replacing here on the right).


The worst rust bubbles I can see are here in the trunk lid.


This looks to be the original parchment interior. I’d have to do something to recolor/restore the steering wheel to get it back matching the rest of the interior. I spent a lot of time in the passenger seat of a ’67 notchback growing up, so this is well familiar to me except for the cool console on this car. I like the pockets for the inner seat belts; I wish some other classics I own had that feature so I wasn’t digging for the female end between the seat and the tunnel every time.


That’s a lot of engine in this little compartment! The 390 cubic inch V8 with a four barrel carburetor runs, but because of a lack of brakes the seller has not driven the car. The seller tells us that they purchased the car from someone that had owned the car since 1980; that’s the same date as the last inspection sticker on the windshield (from Florida, the state the car was originally delivered to as well). Just think, if you purchased this big-block pony car, you could be the first person to drive it in 36 years! How about it?


  1. 68 custom

    nice Mustang, must be pretty rare being a 390 model but not a GTA? FE guys, are the 390 4 barrel heads the same as 390 GT heads?
    bet it will fetch pretty good money, hope it does not become a GTA!

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    • z28th1s

      It is an ‘S’ Code car so it is the exact motor that was in the 390 GT and GTA’s.

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    • BillB

      Torque box separating from the rocker, otherwise pretty solid. I love the ’67-’68 fastbacks, but so does everyone else. $23K now. I’d pay that for a restored version, but you’ll never find one for that on ebay.

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  2. Frankie

    Nice car, there is a thesaurus and dictionary available both online for free and usually on whatever computer your using,

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    • grant

      Not sure what you’re complaining about. Did someone mention need of a dictionary or thesaurus?

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    • Paul

      Please read the forum rules Frankie, no personal attacks allowed, this forum is for comments on the featured cars/trucks/bikes/ reindeer sleighs etc only….

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      No need to get upset guys. I don’t think Frankie was trying to insult anyone. If he was, he would have proofread his comment first…

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      • MikeK

        Yes he was, and no he didn’t.

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  3. Rick

    These really smoked the tires when they were new back in the day, even with an automatic, too bad its not a 4 speed

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  4. Ronald H Willetts

    I think the heads are the same. 390 GT heads were poor flowing, which is why they were relative dogs. Today, if I owned it, I would install edelbrock aluminum heads and intake, a bigger stick , and a 750cfm holley. Would really wake it up and would look stock to boot. Love to own this one!!!!

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  5. Charles

    Not a bad looking pony. The first things to go would be the bumper guards and the phony wire hubcaps! Detail the engine, repair the rust bubbles on the trunk, replace the steering wheel, install a new exhaust system, repair whatever the problem is with the paint of the drivers side fender, hopefully it was not rust, change the fluids, check the radiator for leaks, replace hoses, TLC…..

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  6. JW

    If I didn’t already have a Mustang and just purchased a 2016 f-150 quad cab eco-boost 4×4 I might have made a bid. Nice find.

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  7. Neil

    No radiator cap…. no sale !

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  8. Charles

    Just took a look at the pictures of this car on eBay; heater has been bypassed which probably means the heater core is leaking, battery tray needs replaced as well as the battery cables, nothing was stated about the condition of the A/C, transmission, rear
    axle, brakes, etc. Overall, the pony needs work, TLC more than anything else…..

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  9. Rick L

    I remember passing on a GTA 390 in high school in much better shape because at $1500 I thought the guy was nuts. 1984.

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  10. stillrunners

    Among the stangs I helped my dad drag home was a loaded 67 non GT convert with the 390/auto combo – it had the rare dealer add on cruise on the tilt and the rear tail light cove panel among some options…..the bro and I knew some day it would be one of ours….alas it was gone in the great sale off…..

    Oh and my 2+2 sold with 14″ magnums and a rare 67 GT 390 air cleaner….should have kept that…..

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  11. Mark 'cuda man

    In the mid 70’s I found a ’67 GTA vert, dark green with black top and interior for sale for $700.00 in the “Car Trader” magazine. I told my dad that the factory wheels were worth a couple hundred alone. I remember seeing that black plastic panel on the tail end and thought that was really sharp. He was and “antique car” guy and never wanted to deal with muscle. He wouldn’t consider even looking at this car. The next day while working in our shop on one of his three 1947 Jaguar Drop Heads I saw a car trailer go by with that same car on it. The neighbor bought it. Made me sick!

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  12. Ron

    If I recall correctly, this era mustangs rusted through on the tops of the fenders where the primer is on this one..just sayin’..

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  13. Joe Howell

    Friend got a new one in 67 with a 4 speed. Tire smoking neck snapper for sure but the engine was a tight fit. Changing the plugs was challenge, the one closest to the master cylinder was damn near impossible. Putting headers on it was a nightmare too due to the tight fit..

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    • moosie Craig

      When I was a kid I’d barter work for parts & machine work to my drag racing ’66 Satellite with a good friend who ran a “Speed Shop” sort of garage, roughest job I ever did there was Hooker Headers on a ’67 390 GTA Mustang Fastback,,, pipes from left bank crossed over to the right bank & vice versa. It really woke the car up.

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  14. Alan (Michigan)

    Dark green, please.
    And, with a 4-speed.
    And, Keystone 5-spoke mags, with dark centers.
    And, with thoughts of Steve McQueen, every time the key is turned.


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    • Dolphin Member

      Bullitt drove a Highland green ’68 with the 390, but I know exactly what you mean.

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  15. Mike Williams

    The seller wants over 25k, then you’ll put another 20k into it. will it be worth it?

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  16. Jeff V

    Had the duplicate of this in hs (color etc), was my very first car. The motorhead guy I bought it from (500$ in ’75) had installed a 390 block from a mid 60’s T-Bird. I was in auto-shop and installed chrome straight pipes and messed with the carburation. The only faster car was a senior with a 70 1/2 Z28 LT1, ah memories!

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  17. Peter Tyndall

    If I remember correctly, the 390GT engine had the same heads as my 428SCJ Mustang had. Easily identified by 4 bolt holes around each exhaust port and adjustable rockers with 1.76(??)ratio…

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  18. Car Guy

    When I was a kid my father purchased a new 67 Galaxie 500 XL fastback coupe with a 390 automatic. Not sure which 390 it had but my mother could not leave an intersection without spinning the tires. I thought it was great!

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