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Big Block Pony: 1969 Mustang Mach 1

This Mach 1 Mustang has a killer look to it, but once you start to really investigate it, you start to notice just how much rust there is. When I first saw this tip from Pugsy, I honestly wasn’t sure why the seller was asking $20,000 (CDN?) for a project that clearly has lots of serious issues, but then I took a look at the underhood photos and realized this car is packing the 390 V8! The seller’s ad is rather difficult to read, but if you’ve been on the hunt for an S-Code Mustang you can have a look at it for yourself here on Kijiji in Bolton, Ontario Canada. Special thanks to Pugsy for this tip!

Being a ’69 it’s, in my opinion, one of the best looking cars ever built. It’s just too bad this one was left to rust away. The S-Code 390 V8 is a beast and was rated at 320 hp. It actually wasn’t the most powerful engine available in the Mach 1, that honor goes to the 428 Super Cobra Jet, which cranked out 360 hp. It’s still a great engine and is quite desirable, with top condition cars fetching big numbers these days. Unfortunately, the rust issues on this one are going to get expensive to fix.

The seller states that this car is highly complete and it does appear to be, well minus the metal that’s rusted away. The interior actually looks to be in decent shape, all things considered. All the major components are present and in ok shape. You’ll also notice that this car is an automatic. It’s a C6 and is paired to a 9-inch Posi rear end.

Saying this car needs a complete restoration is an understatement, it’s going to need a ton of rust repair and all the work that comes along with it. If you don’t mind welding and have been hunting for a big block Mach 1 to restore, this one might just be worth taking on. So, what do you think, is this a project that you’d want to tackle?


  1. Boatman Member

    Bolt on shock towers? Is that factory? I had a ’69 S-code Mach and I don’t recall it having bolt on towers. A little help?

    • DaveK

      The shock towers are welded in. The spring/shock covers under the fenders are bolted on.

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  2. Rock On

    Time for the seller to change the water in his bong. Even in Canuck bucks that asking price is pure fantasy.

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    • Gnrdude

      yeah works out to about 14.8K$ USD That’s a Good 5-10Grand more than the Car is worth as it Sits..

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  3. don

    Well its WAY overpriced, but at least its complete , unlike that junk ’70 Boss 302 which needed everything that was posted earlier .

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    • Donnie

      A $20K motor.

  4. Angel Member

    IDK guys. Ill be the optimist. I do think he has something here. I have one, in a bit better shape, also an S code c6 car so maaaybe a bit biased here. Perhaps i would have pitched it as unmolsted rather than complete. Its numbers matching (I think) and while a 390 of that vintage may be rated at a mere 320hp, a matching numbers big block fastback mach 1 will have interest despite its condition. Ive seen M code shells, needing at least some work, selling for near 10k at auction. Yes its rusty, but this is no oddball and sheetmetal is readily available for it. Idk what 20k Canadian is in USC. Im ballparking 17k (dont quote me) and given the popularity of this bodystyle I can see it selling for that figure. At the end of the day, its worth what theyll pay for it. As for what Id do with it, i’d absolutely bring it back….but it’ll have to wait in line with the new kitchen, new appliances, laundry room, all inclusive to Venice, number bed lifetime spa membership and the 5 carat upgrades, ….in that order.

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  5. JOHN Member

    Definitely a Rustang.

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  6. Superdessucke

    20k? You know that buys a super low mileage euro-spec Canadian E36 M3 don’t you?

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  7. Jamie

    The seller has a ton of classic car “projects”. I think that they’ve smoked, snorted, and drank way too much BJ (Barrett Jackson).
    Every single vehicle they have is rotted all to $hit, and they’re asking ridiculous prices. I think they’re buying up parts cars and trying to turn a dollar by selling them as project cars. Take a look at their kijiji ad and the other listings they have. A ’69 Camaro RS, rotted, for $10k. A dynacorn body would be a cheaper start, same with the mustang. They’ve had them on kijiji forever, and I think they’ll stay stay there.

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Complete minus the parts that have rusted away?? LMAO! Just By looking at the front fenders and the inner fenders where the fender flange bolts on, I can only imagine what the underpinnings look like. IMHO this guy should take the best offer he can get and run, Forrest, Run. Even if this was a 4 speed complete, still isn’t worth the coin. I don’t need to say this Rustang would need a comprehensive inspection. Good luck to the new owner!!

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  9. Troy s

    The 428 cobra jet was a serious contender in the super car wars, especially in the shorter wheel base Mustang, despite having a laughingly underrated 335 horsepower. I’m talking stock as delivered.
    When I think of how strong many of the super cars were running by 1969 this 390 seems tame in comparison. Figure that was the market, pony cars running 396 big blocks or ram air 400’s. This is a neat car and all, like that green color especially if it lost the yellow stripe, but the 390 doesn’t get my blood up, especially bone stock…

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