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Big Block Ragtop: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible

The sharp-edged third-generation Ford Galaxie was a galaxy apart from the previous softer-styled cars. The sharp-edged 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible seen here can be found here on craigslist in the Pemberton, Minnesota area and the seller is asking $4,900 or offer.

It’s 3 degrees below zero straight temperature and 23-below wind chill where I am right now as I write this, but who doesn’t love a convertible? Especially one with a big-block V8 and one for less than five-grand! This car needs to be restored according to the seller, but it’s hard to tell what’s wrong with it from the photos.

It looks like the rear bumper needs work but it’s hard to tell what condition the body is in. Things look nice and straight, hopefully it won’t be a huge project to make this car fit for summer duty. Safety was a big concern in this era and the ’67 Galaxie had a new dual brake reservoir master cylinder along with a few interior features such as recessed controls on the dash and an energy-absorbing steering column.

I’m not sure if the windows don’t go down all the way or why some of them are either all the way up or half the way up, I’m assuming that there isn’t a problem. The interior looks pretty good otherwise, but the steering wheel doesn’t have the safety padded hub portion. Ford slightly redesigned the Galaxie for 1967 and as we’ve heard for years: when a car’s top goes down, its price goes up. Hagerty is at $9,800 for a #4 fair condition ’67 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible with a 390 V8.

Speaking of a 390 cubic-inch V8, here it is. Ford offered more than one 390 in the Galaxie in 1967 and I’m not sure what the horsepower rating would be, somewhere between 265 and 320 hp. The seller says that it runs and drives which is a good sign. This looks like a very doable project car for really not much money. I mean, it’s a Galaxie convertible with a running 390 V8 for $4,900 or offer, that sounds like a winner to me. Thoughts?


  1. Little_Cars

    That steering wheel, straight pipes and lousy Pep Boys wheels makes me think this may have been owned by a Larry The Cable Guy sorta person. Knowing what steering wheel came with the 67’s, my guess is the horn doesn’t work either. The high profile of those tires, I bet they rub the inner fenders when making a tight turn. Rear bumpers on these cars started flaking from birth and rusting…our new 1967 began to rust in 2-3 years! Minnesota car…must get under it to inspect. Good luck to the buyer, this is well priced.

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    • Chris M.

      Great points. It certainly has that “low standards” feel to it.

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  2. KSwheatfarmer

    I find it hard to believe that nobody sees this is a XL ? Bucket seats,floor shift,console,up graded steering wheel,exterior trim,emblems, Yes not a perfect example but could be improved over time with a little effort.

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    • JOHN Member

      Also looks to have an AM/FM stereo radio with the rear speakers. Not the bets photo’s or description, but if it’s solid, seems like a decent price, but this really needs to be looked over well.

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    • Larry McGaw

      VIN reveals this is definitely a Galaxie 500 XL

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  3. Little_Cars

    “Upgraded steering wheel” is off the shelf of the auto parts store or JC Whitney. You are correct there was an upgraded three spoke wheel in 1967, but this isn’t one of them.

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Yes there are things to do, but if there is not a rust issue, this one has potential to me. Can the steering wheel and rims to start. get a proper exhaust bent up then clean the heck out of it. At that mileage, I expect the mechanicals should run for years before they need attention. The asking price seems decent too especially compared to some I’ve seen.
    I would look it over well though, kind of looks like the front end may have been hit at some time, so just be aware.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Little cars is correct. The frames on these rusted out really fast and this is the first thing to look at, of course the rest of the underbelly also. Nice car otherwise and that 390 will haul some serious butt. Looker over good and good luck to the new owner. If the frame is shot could be one reason why the price is so good. Caveat Emptor. Guy says it needs resto but doesn’t elaborate or show the underside.

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  6. BillB

    H-Code 390 2 bbl, 265 hp.

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  7. art

    Always love the 1967 Full size Fords, especially the convertibles. The lines were sleek for such a large vehicle. Yes, they had what was affectionately called “May West” steering wheel hubs, the early safety attempt to soften impact with the center of the steering wheel. As a kid I got to drive a new one with a 390…spun the tires endlessly, even when not really trying. Fun car.
    This one being from the rust belt “looks” okay but as several have suggested, an inspection is necessary. Price is good.

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  8. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    A desirable drop top at a good price depending on how the underside is. If you’re looking at a rusted frame then you have to decide if you want to take that on. If everything below decks is relatively solid, this could be a good buy. Overall, it’s pretty well worn but probably a worthy project if you have the talent to do a lot of the restoration yourself.

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  9. upchucked

    I don’t think Larry the Cable Guy would have done this to what started out life as a decent car. Too many unknowns and too many ‘needs to be repaired’ for me. I’m glad the owner says it runs and drives, but …. really? “I’m not sure if the windows don’t go down all the way or why some of them are either all the way up or half the way up, I’m assuming that there isn’t a problem”, WOW, that’s some assumption but when you were out driving it, didn’t you notice the wind noise?

    If the seller isn’t a used car salesman, he should be! Just saying.

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    • grant

      The quote about the windows was from the writer of this article, not the seller of the car.

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  10. scottymac

    I’d be willing to bet the mileage is 153,000, and seems like I remember Fords from this era needing a valve job at 70-80,000 miles. The old girl here looks like ridden hard and put away wet, so I wouldn’t guess how many more miles the 390 would give you. This car also has the integrated safety convenience panel at the front of the console. Believe the ’67s had a door ajar and low fuel warning lights there, not sure what else; ’65 and ’66s had those plus the four way flasher switch and vacuum power door lock switch in a free standing console under the dash. There was only one rear speaker in ’67 verts, in ’68 Ford finally cast up a left side so riders could enjoy four speakers with the 8 track player. That AM/FM radio and those speaker grills bring a pretty penny to ’66 – ’68 convertible restorers.

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  11. TimM

    Nice car!! Big block would make it super fun!!! I own a 65 with a small block and it’s an extremely fun and comfortable car to drive!!! I think with a little care and knock off the ugly to create a good car!!!

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  12. David Adamson

    it has had a hard life. the rails and torque boxes will need a look over and or are already repaired. if you have the time and covered storage perhaps pick away at it. these look great with magnum 500’s

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