Big Block Survivor: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427

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Where some cars in their final year of production barely see any changes, the outgoing 1967 C2 Corvette saw a number of improvements, most notably a trio of available 427 cid (7.0L) engines. This 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe in Cincinnati, Ohio retains its original 390 HP 427, and a host of other original features including mostly-original paint and interior. While bountiful power and torque cure most of the shortcomings of an automatic transmission, this car’s four-speed manual gearbox puts you fully in control of the beastly engine up front. The listing here on eBay comes with an $89,000 Buy It Now price plus the option to Make Offer. Thanks to reader Patrick S. for spotting this highly original and tantalizing two-door.

Though not as fancy as the “triple 2-barrel” 427s, this 390 HP L88 made more torque, and reaches peak horsepower earlier as well, making it arguably the better choice for driving anywhere except a race track. The 3.70 cogged rear differential probably renders first gear necessary only when that Turbocharged Whatzit beside you flexes its pop off valve to get your attention. Thanks to corvsport for some details.

Proper wheels and tires suit the car’s mostly-survivor status. Some may prefer the single-year ’63 split-window coupe from this angle, but I’ll take that Mark IV big block (unavailable in ’63) any day. While the listing makes no mention of the car’s running or driving condition, it *seems* like a car that can move itself from place to place. Anyone pledging nearly $90,000 will certain verify this and a long list of other checkpoints.

Chevrolet also changed the Corvette to the European-style center console emergency brake for 1967, though it would be some decades later when the WRC made “E-brake Turns” a must-try item for high school gear-heads. Though certainly a capable performance machine, this well-preserved three-owner ‘Vette deserves a modicum of care and tenderness to preserve it for future decades. This sweet survivor deserves better that to become the plaything of a trust-fund failure who wants “an old Corvette.” Will you smash your piggy bank to bid on this sweet survivor?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    I’ve always lusted after one of these, but their pricing has elevated itself well beyond my budget! Oh, well! I can still drool, uh, I mean dream, LOL!!
    GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. Big_FunMember

    I didn’t know that you could get the big block “Stinger” hood minus the constrasting stripe!
    This is the 390HP RPO L36 engine, the L88 specs are in the column directly below the L36 on the link page…
    Very neat car…

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    • gbvette62

      If you look at the head on shot of the car in the listing, you will see that the stinger stripe is there. It’s very faint, but it’s there. The Elkhart Blue exterior with a teal interior interior, came with a teal stripe. Elkhart with a black interior came with a black stripe.

      All 67 427’s came standard with the stinger stripe. GM specified the stripe color based on the interior color, the customer could not pick the stripe color, and the stripe could not be deleted.

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      • Big_FunMember

        Thank you for clearing that up…I do see it now. I actually like the subtle contrast. Probably more visible in person.

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  3. George Mattar

    Wow. Worth every penny and more. It is so true Most of these were blown up 40 years ago. No stupid side exhaust. Believe me I had a 67 Goodwood Green 427 convertible in 1976. After 15 miles of driving, the noise was unbearable. And I was 20 years old. I No longer have that car, but have another Corvette now and it has under chassis exhaust. Nice and quiet. I just bought a second home so money is tight. I would kill to own this car. The new owner will be one lucky person.

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  4. John Oliveri

    Still cheaper than a new one, the question is, like any Vette, it’s not an everyday car, do you desire the smell and feeling of that 427, along w the rattles, and no a/c compared to a new faster better handling better stopping and faster new one, it’s a hard call

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  5. David Buswell

    I have a 67 vette
    BB that had cyclone headers and side pipes which was very loud.I put on a set of Hookers It’s almost quiet.You still watch it when getting out.They are hot.

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  6. 1-MAC

    A beauty. Better than a new one by far. If you want the new one which is quite a car go ahead. It could be made any where,by anyone, Japanese,German etc. The 67 is 100% all American and a different car from a different era. And no it is not a daily driver.

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  7. matt

    What is the name of the color on this Vette ?

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  8. Michael Wier

    So a Marlboro red air Vette under 50k miles sold for 71k a month ago. How can this one, no air be above/

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  9. john dupont

    My experience, with Big Block coupes, is they need
    air-conditioning to drive, in the summer!

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  10. Brian S

    I had a chance to see this car in person this weekend. Very even patina, but the paint is super thin everywhere, didn’t look as good in person as in these photos. Chrome all looked really good, as did the interior. I didn’t ask to hear it run, as I felt the price was too high for the condition and mileage. The owner/seller seems like a good honest guy and has Corvettes everywhere in various stages of restoration.

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