Big Block Wagon: 1969 Chevrolet Kingswood


Big blocks and wagons are a great combo for those that need practicality, and need to satisfy their need for some power. This 1969 Chevrolet Kingswood wagon packs a 335 horsepower Chevrolet 427. With loads of room and power, this Kingwood is a sharp wagon. Needing some final work to be a reliable driver yet again, this Chevy is solid with some minor rust issues. With $12,500 price tag, we’re sure someone may not be able to live without this two owner wagon. Find it here on craigslist out of Puyallop, Washington. Thanks to Allan H for the submission!


After twelve years of storage the current owner picked up this Kingswood to revive. With success, this Chevy is up for sale, but is still in need of some work. The 427 is original and does run well according to the seller. There are some drawbacks about the 427, there are some leaky freeze plugs inhibiting this wagon from being a road goer again. The seller has mentioned that the 427 smokes sometimes, but he believes it to be valve stem seals. Certainly a possibility after 12 years of storage. Upon acquiring the Kingswood, the 427 had its carb rebuilt and received a tune up. The fuel pump, lines and filter were also replaced in the process.


The inside of the Kingswood is decent. The interior is complete, but there is some obvious wear on this old family hauler. The door panels have some elbow rub wear, and the front bench has some splitting issues. Someone along the way duct taped the seat to hinder the seat from becoming worse. The dash has some minor cracking, but overall this interior is not bad off. It could certainly use a fine detailing and work over. Though the front needs a little attention, the back seats and storage area are very nice. The back seat is nice and clean as are the rear door panels.  The interior carpet of this wagon is there and doesn’t look to bad either. There is some minor fading, and the seller has described the carpet as brittle. We have seen some brittle or should we say crunchy carpet before. Although there are some imperfections, this interior is pretty reasonable. A little tlc would do wonders.


The body of this Kingswood is pretty solid. Wearing what is likely factory paint, and chrome, rust is at a minimum with this Chevy.  The seller mentions some rust forming in the lower part of the front fenders, and that there is also some rust developing around the lower edge of the rear side windows. Neither of those seem to be that noticeable, so perhaps this one could be maintained for a little while before undergoing a restoration. There is also evidence of some minor rust developing along the body trim on the front passenger fender. After getting past that, this Kingswood is solid. The floors are solid, as is the trunk floor and spare tire well.


Overall this 1969 Chevrolet Kingswood is solid, and could be preserved as is for a long time. Its originality is cool, and the rust appears to be at a minimum. The paint isn’t too bad off either. Address the freeze plug and valve stem issues, perform some tlc, and this big block wagon is ready to do thy hauling. Whether it be family, friends, a camper, a boat, you name it. What would you do with this big block wagon?



  1. Jeffro

    Ok. I figured out how to get this with the wife’s approval. Anybody know a affordable hypnotist? I’m going to make her think it was her idea to buy it! Should of thought of this year’s ago!
    Seriously though, this car pushes all the right buttons for me.

  2. roselandpete

    Does anybody else think $12.5k is a little on the high side?

    • al8apex

      Yes, me too

    • Curtis

      That Oldsmobile wagon on here about a week ago was the wagon to buy this one here a tad high and not as good looking….

    • Dovi65

      Yep; even tho this is a K-wood with a big V8, $12.5k is over priced. Negotiations should settle this down to a more realistic sub $10k.

      I remember when these wagons could be had for a few hundred dollars, no matter how well equipped they were. Ahhh .. the good old days of cheap used cars

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      • DW

        The good ol’ days of cheap used cars is still here. You just gotta stock up on Cavaliers and wait 30 years :)

        Like 2
    • Paul

      With the issues revealed, yes, I do.

    • Phelps

      Ain’t worth that unless it was perfect worth about 5000.00

      • Carl

        Could spend that just for the drive train maybe the real rust that’s hiding

    • waynard

      Yep. Should be half of that, or less.

  3. Glen

    I’m just glad nobody took the motor out for some other project. I wonder, how many with this engine were made?

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  4. DRV

    This kind of money would be for a better example in a Kingswood estate. These were such poorly assembled cars in ’69 , it’s a wonder it’s still in one piece. The 327s were held in the engine compartment by chains through recalls in case the motor mounts seperated.

  5. Alan (Michigan)

    I can smell the tire smoke from here!

  6. bizfinguy

    How come it has a 327 emblem on the front fender? (I still have mine from my Impala four-door hardtop). And these were not poorly assembled cars — one of my motor mounts broke and I was still able to drive it to the shop.

    • thatguy

      Not sure where you see 327… If you look at the ad, one of the pictures clearly shows the badges say 427.

  7. bizfinguy

    Sorry — my bad middle-aged eyes!

  8. 68 custom

    when I see a 69 or 70 Kingswood it make me want to cry. I had a very nice 70 Kingswood in fathom blue and no roof rack, till an old dude ran a red light and T-boned me. I settled for 4500$, and a few years later wagons became the cool car. I would love to have this one it would be pretty easy to wake up that 427 and make it a street terror!

  9. Car Guy

    This would be much more fun than a Traverse……….

  10. Jay M

    Big block wagons get a lot of attention at car shows.

    • Brian Cody

      Very clean, I had a 72 Kingswood and miss it to this day.

  11. Loco Mikado

    At least this seller cleaned it up well, got it running and staged it well with clear pictures. One hell of a lot better than a lot of sellers with a dirty rat trap, fuzzy pictures and a lot of fluff and promises like will clean up nicely, should run, it ran when parked and I don’t know jack s**t about what I am selling but it is worth a lot of money. This sellers ad is like a breath of fresh air to me in comparison to 90% of the ads I have read here in the last year. Not perfect mind you(I wish there were pictures of the underside)but better than 90% of the competition. IMHO this is the way to present any car not just barn finds, Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is mine.

  12. Ck

    I love it .but not for that kind of money .Although this car does look pretty solid,it still has a few issues. If you can get this jewel for around 8 or 9K, It would be a pretty good deal. These old Impala /Kingswood wagons are good looking cars for sure. Hey Jay M your car is Bad Ace , love the hidden headlights and the simulated wood grain siding, its a sweet ride.

  13. Rolf Poncho 455

    Yip price to HIGH

  14. mike d

    while I would prefer the 70, this would be a good second! I know a guy who has a restoration business , but, alas, wrong coast, and no $$ being from the North East, this would be a rare bird . yes, rebuild the engine, freshen up the suspension, and interior ..park it next to a Camaro at a Chevy show, and see which gets the most attention :)

  15. Rustytech Member

    Drop a 350 in here, sell it to recover some of the cost, then find a nice Camaro, Chevelle, or Vette for the big block. Now you have something!

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