Big Blue Boat: 1966 Olds Dynamic 88 Convertible

This beautiful old drop is said to be completely original but you have to wonder if the speedometer has been around once and if there are layers of Bondo under the paint. Usually, you would expect to find badly patched floors like any other old convertible.  However, this old 88 actually appears to be a real survivor with a complete history and might actually have only 51,000 miles on it. It was owned by the seller’s mother in law and then his wife. It’s listed on eBay for, well, $35,000 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The seller had it appraised for $30,000, which would typically be higher than actual retail but the seller adds $5,000 on top of that figure. That’s not a price just anyone would be willing to pay, but perhaps there’s a collector out there with deep pockets and a love for grand old convertibles. It has a few split seams in the upholstery and a few small dents and light scrapes, but it does appear very nice overall.

The interior really does look wonderful. Up close, it has a few flaws, which the seller is kind enough to point out in pictures. There is a split in the driver’s seat, for example.

The top appears to be in great condition. Even the back window is clear.

Here’s the engine described in the ad and on the air cleaner as the “super hight compression” Super Rocket 88 with 10.25:1 compression and 360 hp. The seller seems a bit reticent to show us what’s under the hood, but from what we can see it looks clean, complete and original. It doesn’t have AC, but it does have power steering and power brakes.

This grand old sled looks like it just drove out of a time machine, straight from 1966, and is ready for a cruise. The fit was not great in 1960s cars, but could the trunk really have been built that badly? It looks like it might leak, but the pictures of the trunk don’t show any signs of a leak. Could the poor fit be due to an accident? For the right price, this Olds could be a great driver, or perhaps even a show car with some work if it’s as nice as it is presented.


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    When males were gentlemen and females were ladies and cars had class. I can see this one in a family photo with the family dressed up for Easter Sunday before going to church.
    “Gee our old LaSalle ran great….those were the days !”

  2. Rx7turboII

    $35,000?!?! I may not know a lot about American cars, but I know there’s no chance in hell this is worth $35,000. I won’t bash it and say anything bad about it but let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea and $35,000 seems very steep, no let me be clear… very very very steep for this car. Am I wrong?

    • Greg Member

      You are not wrong, that’s for sure! I love big American convertibles, have owned several, all GM (mostly Pontiac) products. And this is a beautiful car in great condition. But $35,000 is a pipe dream!

  3. Rustytech Member

    Nice car, If it’s as clean as it looks, maybe $25,000.

  4. ACZ

    Overpriced, but I am in love. Let me know when the price comes into some level of sanity. Too bad it’s not a 4 speed. Those were rare.

  5. Hans F Selander

    is that Canadian dollars?

  6. DJS

    I say 25,000 as well it is real nice but you its a lot of Car good luck on the price, please post what they sold it for.

  7. jdjonesdr

    Friend had a 98 convertible. Fantastic car. You could steer it with your pinkie.

  8. flmikey

    Can’t blame the guy for trying to get top dollar…he won’t, but nice try…I would do the exact same thing…let the market set the price…love this car…my Mom had the exact same car except with A/C…did my first burnout out in it…

  9. Tom Member

    Back in the 80’s a friend of mine had a 4 door dynamic 88 with the 425ci. He got it from an old relative that passed away. It was the ultimate sleeper. We would go our local cruising strip called deer park ave. Regularly beat mid 80s Camaros, mustangs, Monte carlos etc. the car look d like it came out of your grandmas garage, but it had plenty of get up and go.

  10. William

    It doesn’t matter Cdn or American dollars ,boats are cheap maybe 20 grand

  11. Duane Hayes Member

    Remember, this engine requires 95 octane leaded premium. Good luck finding it.

  12. elad Member

    what world is this person living in, thinking they can get 24,000. Dollars more than it’s worth!!

  13. Joe Haska

    The only constant in this automotive culture, is the owner always thinks his car is worth more than the market will support!

  14. JimmyJ

    Wanna see something hilarious?
    Hit vancouver bc craigslist cars and trucks
    Type a-1 in seach
    Enjoy you’ll know it when u see it!

  15. Greg Member

    I followed your instructions exactly and just saw a long list of used cars built year 2000 and newer?

  16. JimmyJ

    By owner its an 84 sedan deville for $12995

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