Big Blue Survivor! 1971 Chrysler New Yorker

Here’s a big blue cruiser that’s very original and its being offered at no reserve with a very low opening bid of only $1,000. It’s located in Happy Valley, Oregon (I would have sworn that was in Pennsylvania, especially with a blue and white car…) and looks really nice, with only 89,109 miles on the odometer (and I can’t see it being 189,109 based on the condition). The auction for this 1971 Chrysler New Yorker four door hardtop is here on eBay.

Okay, where’s the rust. I can’t find any. Although the auction doesn’t specifically say “no rust,” it does state that the body is “nice and shiny,” and certainly looks the part in the video the seller has included. By the way, in case you are wondering, the “hardtop” designation is due to the there not being a pillar between the windshield and the rear pillar.

Very clean lines in the rear, and somehow the one American flag decal seems very appropriate. Even the shut lines look pretty good, especially for a 1970’s car out of Detroit. I wonder if that’s the original dealer license plate frame. Alexander Chrysler is no more, and neither is Timberline Dodge that purchased them.

What a brocade interior! With no visible tears or issues, this car must have been taken care of very well from the time it was purchased. We don’t know exactly what options it came with, but the phrase “all the power options” is in the ad, and supposedly they all work as well! Power steering, power brakes and power windows are all mentioned, so you know it has those.

Under the hood we have a 440 cubic inch V8, complete with air conditioning (if that’s a power option, I guess it works as well, but I wouldn’t count on it). The seller mentions that they are only 15 miles from the Portland airport. I think an ideal vacation would be to allow a couple of weeks to drive the car back to North Carolina and see some sights along the way–what do you think?


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  1. Angrymike

    In my early 20’s a friend had one of these, in almost this good of shape. We charged the air, and I swear you could see your breath on a long trip, kinda like my father’s 69 Road Runner, say what you want about Chrysler, but they sure knew how to make air conditioning that worked back then ! The 440 was quite the dog getting moving, but once you were on your way, the thing just kept going. I think he told me he hit 125 once, but he was quite the bull**iter. I would bet these beasts would run really good on the open road though. It’s definitely a sweet car and brings memories back of a dearly departed friend……😓

  2. CCFisher

    Needs a different exhaust. A 1971 New Yorker deserves a deep, quiet, dignified growl, not a sound like a diesel pickup.

    My family had a ’73 Brougham – brown, with a tan vinyl top and a black interior. Odd color combo, but the interior looked very rich in black. I see a few options that aren’t on, or weren’t available on, this one – cornering lamps, styled “road wheels,” leather upholstery with split bench, and power vent windows.

    The power window switches on our ’73 were rocker-style switches integrated into the armrests. Our dog learned to operate them.

    Mom once got it wedged in the entry of a parking garage – front bumper firmly against the right-side guard rail, left guard rail notched into the (damaged) cut line between the front and rear doors.

    Great memories – great car! Good choice, BF!

  3. Wagon master Member

    Biiiig boat

  4. Jeff V

    Mom had one with the 383 in it, same year. Mom was lucky I had my own ride during hs days, it had a bit of get-up & go! Boat-anchor category though!

  5. RicK

    My experience w/ big block Chrysler products of this vintage (owned several back then, two Imperials, Town & Country wagon and others) anyhow they got 8-10 mpg around town, and back in the 70s and early 80s when gas was $$$ you could buy cars like these that were just a few years old and in great condition like today’s feature car super cheap, like a hundred bucks. Saw lots of them in the scrap yard.

  6. Mark Hoffman

    I would love to have this. Too far away from me though.

    I had a 73 NY Brougham just like this in 1980. Same color blue. And mine had the Rally wheels. Great riding car.

    • Marc Hesse

      now it`s mine. And I love it.
      Now I´m searching for a rh mirror.
      Greetings from good old Germany.


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      • Terry J

        Congratulations Marc. It’s magnificent! :-) Terry J

  7. grant

    Don’t come now, we’re under a foot of snow and ice…

  8. John

    In Vermont in the early 80s I had a 69 New Yorker with the 440. I wasn’t sure of it could hit 100mph before it ran out of has.

    I am 5’4″ tall. I could lay down literally flat in the front seat and you could shut both doors and I only had to crunch up a bit.

    It was my ‘winter beater’.

  9. John

    Look how ugly the 77 New Yorker, 2 ads down, looks compared to this one.

  10. Bruce Fischer

    I still have mine even though shes a 73.Has the 360 in it. She will get up and go. Still a winner at the local car shows here. Bruce.

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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    What a plush looking interior!
    I’m thinking that the original owner must have had plastic covers on the seats from new. The condition of the fabric is extraordinary. The tires though… Put all of the sidewall shine on them you want, it won’t make them safe. They just have to be a couple of decades old. Would never trust them above 40 mph.

    Bidding is now at $4350, not surprising at all.

  12. G 1

    Can’t believe it doesn’t have cruise.

  13. Rustytech Member

    WOW! What a beast, and I don’t mean in a bad way. Take a land yacht, throw 2 of grandma’s sofa’s in it, top it off with plenty of power and some creature comforts and this is what you get. You could drive this from coast to coast and back, and never know you left the living room. I love it!

  14. John B

    Nothing quite like riding to and from swim meets with a few nubile nymphs four-wide in that back seat. Been there…no further details needed.

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  15. Ed P

    What a way to cruise in style.

  16. Woodie Man

    The second to last car my Dad had…though a vinyl interior (black) dark green exterior and a 1970. Essentially the exact same car. Like a couch on skates.

  17. Loco Mikado

    I had a ’70 Sport Fury up until 3 years ago. It was basically the same car as this although even new was nowhere as nice as this Chrysler. The Sport Fury had a 318 and 98,000 miles on it when I sold it for $1,2000.00 and it would have cost double or triple the $5,900.00 that it is bid at now to make it approach the condition this car is in. I have a soft spot for the ’65-’72 big Mopars as this car is also basically the same car as my ’65 Newport which I would say was the best handling car of all the 65-72 big Mopars.

  18. junkman Member

    Didn’t Chrysler have a commercial where they had one of these on a test track with an announcer standing beside it while they did R_D reverse to drive and bragged about how tough the drive train was as the tires went up in smoke? I loved that commercial.

  19. Terry J

    In the post about the ’71 Fury, I talked about my old ’41 Dodge pickup that I built using the front frame section of such a Fury…..well the drivetrain is from a 1971 Chrysler New Yorker. 440 w/727 auto. 1971 was the last year with most US cars before the smog rules took hold in 1972 and horsepower dropped like a rock due to reduced compression, cam changes and a different way of rating h.p. My 440 is the 330 h.p. version ( I think the other was 375 h.p. if I remember correctly) and it has a forged steel crank and very good heads. Strong engines. Terry J

  20. Chebby

    That exhaust system sounds as old and crumbly as the tires. Too bad a cheapo dealer got hold of it to flip. It would be so nice to buy this from the original owner.

    I’ve always wanted a Chrysler land yacht. In 1989 or so I had the chance to buy a 1972 Imperial in mint condition, blue leather interior with six cigarette lighters and brand new Michelins all around. Well-cared for by the family and the ask was $1,800. I was 18 and that was all the money in the world even before filling the gas tank. My dad talked me out of it. The car was probably better off for it, but man it was cool.

    Lower this one an inch or two on Chrysler rallies and add some nice quiet dual pipes.

  21. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Sold for $7,001!

  22. Dan

    I expect to see Marcus Welty behind the wheel.

    • Dan

      I meant to say Marcus Welby

  23. Marc Hesse

    Hello. Now this one is mine and I’m searching for a rh mirror. Please offer all or give a Link for a new one. Thx

    • Marc Hesse

      More new Pics

  24. Marc Hesse


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