Big Players At Small Town Car Show!

Dads Caddy

The other day we ran a story about our 4th of July adventure. In Josh’s article, he mentioned our small hometown and the little car show that is held there every year. We have been attending this event since we were kids and it could be one of the reasons we have both became such big gear heads. Participation has grown so much over the years that the city now closes down main street and lets the local car club take over. There were quite a few cars in attendance and I just wanted to share just a few of my personal favorites. Obviously, Dad’s recently rescued Cadillac was my top pick, but there were a few other cars worth a mention too.

Road Runner

How about a bright orange Road Runner to kick things off? This thing has a 440 Six Pack under the hood and a 4-speed on the floor! This muscle car was so well detailed that it looked like it was ready for a concours or something. Hey, I thought this was just a casual gathering…

Lots of patina

There were plenty of cars with that “barn find” look. This car had nice patina and there were a couple of trucks that looked like they had just been pulled out of barns. An International Scout was showing some nice burn-through on the top, but someone had clear coated the whole thing to make it shiny. It even had a ranch’s logo on the door! I wish I’d taken more photos, but you get the idea.

Olds 442

This Olds 442 was one of my favorites. It looked subtle, but when you got closer it quickly became apparent that this was a serious performer. It has the optional Tri-Power equipped 400 and a 4-speed manual transmission. Most people walked right past this one not knowing what this sleeper was capable of!

Mercury Cougar

This Mercury Cougar may not seem as special as some of the other cars, but this beautiful example is actually owned by the same guy who drove me to school everyday. His name is Stan and this car shares stable space with a handful of other classics, including a mint DeLorean. I think it’s safe to say that I had the coolest bus driver ever!


Most of the cars were pre-72, but there were a few newer automobiles on display too. This brand new 707 horsepower Hellcat is equipped with a manual transmission and is reportedly driven on a regular basis by its female owner! There were a lot of other great vehicles, but I think this was a good overview. So, what do you think of our hometown’s little car show?


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  1. randy

    Great pics and story, thanks for the follow up. Is the lady with the Hellcat married?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Good question Randy.

  2. alanjnc

    LOVE the ’67 (?) 442 with the poverty dog dish hubcaps!!!

  3. Randy

    That black Olds is incredible. …

  4. Ryan f

    Thanks for sharing the memories of you guys growing up this is definately a nice showing of classics I wish you had a picture of the Delorean though I’m a pretty big fan those I gotta say I would give up my vette any day to own one of those babies !

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Stan’s DeLorean was tucked in safe at home for this one Ryan. He did tell us that another DeLorean has been seen running around town. He was bothered though because it is sort of ratty and people thought it was his. He keeps his things very nice as you can probably tell from the Mercury.

  5. Mark E

    Jesse, there’s cool car shows in small towns every weekend in nearly every state of this wonderful country. God bless the car-lovin’ USA!! ^_^

  6. Jason

    Black Olds is badass.

  7. RoughDiamond

    Best year ever IMO for the early Olds 442s was the ’66 pictured with the optional one year only L69 Tri-Power making 10 extra horsepower according to GM ha ha. Talk about rare!

  8. jim s

    looking at the photos i see a lot of interesting car. your dads car looks like it fits in. will the hellcat be a collector car in 25 years and in what price range?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The Cadillac did fit in and yet received varied responses from the people who saw it. Many people loved that fact that it was still dusty while others seemed irritated by the dirt. That made it more of a conversation piece than it would have been cleaned up though.

      Hellcats will most definitely be collector cars in 25 years! I’m not sure if they will be worth as much as older Mopars though because Dodge will probably build a ton. I wont want to attempt to start one that has been sitting in a barn for a couple of decades though…

  9. glenn

    you MENTION the Scout, but then you don’t SHOW it !?!

    OH, the huMANities !!! ~:-(

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I will see if we can dig one up for you Glenn.

  10. Tirefriar

    That black Olds is a beaut. Thanks for sharing

  11. George

    It would have been nice had the photographer had concentrated on cars for sale

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      There were only a handful for sale George. Well, and as you can see, I’m not exactly a photographer. Josh was busy hanging out with the car so we didn’t take as many as we should have.

  12. Rex Kahrs Member

    Personally I get annoyed at modern cars in classic car shows. Anyone can drive a brand new car off the dealer’s lot and into a car show, but where’s the “hobby” in that?

    Did they restore the interior, or pull the engine for a rebuild, or overhaul the brakes and suspension? Doubtful you’d see the PT Cruiser crowd doing any of that. Hell, most of those cars probably aren’t even paid off yet. It’s an insult to the people who work on their cars maintaining or restoring them. There. I’ve said it.

    • Jason

      Agreed, Rex.

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