Big & Tall! 1959 Chevrolet NAPCO 4X4


I promise I didn’t alter the proportions of these pictures–this 1959 Chevrolet NAPCO pickup really is this tall (height) and short (length)! It’s available here on eBay and is currently located at a specialist dealership in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Heavy bidding has the price up to almost $14,000 as I write, but the reserve has not yet been met. Thanks to Josh for this great find!h2

1959 was the last year you could get a NAPCO (Northwestern Auto Parts COmpany) truck directly from General Motors (note, I found one source that stated it was 1958, so caveat emptor). There were other 4×4 conversions available from non-OEM manufacturers, but as far as I can tell NAPCO was the only factory available conversion setup (please let me know if I’m wrong!)


That’s quite an imposing view, don’t you think? I’m guessing the bumper would be all I’d see if this thing pulled up behind me in my Spitfire. The body shell as a whole looks pretty solid, although unless you like the multi-colored look, plan on a repaint, hopefully to the original light blue.


While the interior looks well-used, that’s what you would expect from a working truck like this. It does not look abused by any means.


The power plant is the venerable inline six, in this case a 235 cubic inch model. I think it’s a pretty darn cool truck, but I’m not sure about the price (unless these converted 4×4 trucks are especially appealing to you). I’m guessing some of our readers have experience with this sort of conversion–perhaps some of you will chime in and let us benefit from your experiences? Anyone actually using this type of truck still for what it was intended for (wouldn’t that be great to hear about?) Let us know in the comments below!




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  1. Bingo

    Being a farm boy (man) from central Minnesota I can lust after this vehicle. I love these oddball NAPCO conversions, but at $15,000 I can buy a nice farm truck. This thing will most likely never go into 4 wheel drive again. Too bad.

    • Schwag

      This one would look right at home in Richmond or Sauk Centre.

      • Bingo

        What about Melrose?

      • Glen

        It would look right at home in my driveway!

  2. Alan Brase

    Might be a 261. The truck could use same extra torque getting all that cast iron moving. Did FORD use NAPCO conversions? I think Dodge already marketed its Power Wagon after WWII, so they had no need to use a subcontractor. I remember seeing a few of these around way back in the 60’s. Seemed stupid to me then, but I wasn’t a farmer or hunter. We certainly have the places to drive them. They say Iowa was 60% marshland before the Europeans came and put clay tile under most of it. I’m sure all the upper midwest was that way.

  3. guggie

    spent many hours plowing in one of these ,with my uncle . My job was to angle the plow when needed . loved that old truck . He bought it new in 1958 used it until 1967 and traded it for a Jeep Gladaitor .

  4. Todd Zuercher

    Well, it won’t be going cheap from Mastodon. I have a soft spot for these and Marmon Herrington Fords.

  5. 68custom

    These are so cool but I would not want to use it after spending all that cash.and what good is it if you don’t use it?

  6. Oingo

    Big $$ bidding probably Johnathan over at icon.

  7. Mark Toomey

    Reading the listing, I wonder: is this truck VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY rare?


  8. John

    The 1955 Suburban NAPCO they have on eBay is nice….

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    1959 would’ve been the last year for the NAPCO conversion. Starting 1960 GM was building its own 4x4s. I love this truck. If I had the resources, it would be heading to my place. Very few of these around. I do remember the odd one when I was a kid but mostly 3/4 ton versions.

  10. Mike

    To purchase this truck at its current price some would think you were crazy, but to me I LOVE it, there is something about this body style that I have always loved, I have a 59 Apache1/2 ton that I bought from a scrap yard about 10 years ago, somebody had brought it in for the scrap price, I just happened to see it sitting there and asked if it was for sell and the yard owner said yeah I guess, I paid 1500.00 it and trailered it home, lucky enough I had the trailer I was also hauling off scrap. The body had some dents here and there, but was pretty solid. It took me about 5 years to restore it and I still drive it today, the only major change I had to make was the old 235 block was cracked so I put another one in it, and replace gas tank, and overhaul the tranny and replaced the bed boards with new red oak planks. My Wife calls it Baby because she says I baby the truck more than I do her!!!

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  11. Tyler

    I absolutely love these old NAPCO trucks, would really love to have this one.

  12. Dan Thompson

    Is this truck for sale, I’m very interested. I see it didn’t make the bid amount so what is your bottom line price. Thank you Dan

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